Family, friends, and sometimes even troops themselves send I-Report salutes nearly every day to U.S. military serving their country away from home. Take a look below as family and friends share stories of the troops they love.
Thursday, January 31, 2008
'He is my best friend'

Happy Anniversary/Happy Valentine's Day to my wonderful husband, Maj. Eric Lanham, who is currently serving in Iraq with the 82nd Airborne Div 1-504th. I would just like to say that I am truly proud of my husband and can't wait for him to come home on leave in March. He is my best friend and it will be our 6th wedding anniversary on Feb 13th. We have only spent one anniversary together, which was last year.

-- Sherry Lanham of Fayetteville, North Carolina
Awaiting homecoming

My husband is currently serving in Iraq. He is Cpl. Michael Nelson of the United States Marine Corp. He left in Aug 2007 and will be coming home sometime March 2008!

-- Sarah Nelson of Sallisaw, Oklahoma
Wednesday, January 30, 2008
'He is an amazing young man'

This is my son, now Pvt. First Class Jonathon C. Dunk, soon after his graduation from basic training with his grandparents. He volunteered not only to join the National Guard but also to deploy to Iraq on the first deployment for his troop after his completion of basic training.

My son is a graduate of Southside Bee Branch High School in Bee Branch, Arkansas. He comes from a long line of dairy farmers and worked his senior year milking cows on a friends dairy farm! He is an amazing young man looking to live his life to the fullest. Although his father and I have been divorce since his was young, JC is close to his father, 3 sisters and 1 little brother that worships the ground his big brother walks on! We are so proud of his courage to volunteer willingly and eagerly to fight for his country. It is a inspiration to all that are close to him. He is an amazing young man that we are so proud of and pray every day for his safe return! As we do for all the men and women who fight for our country all over the world!

-- Sheri Mitchell of Galveston, Texas
Thursday, January 24, 2008
'We love you and miss you!'

I would like to salute my husband Michael Cirullo Jr. for making me and his son, Connor, so proud of him for serving our country. We love you and miss you! This picture was taken at his deploment ceremony back in May for the Mass. National Guard 1-181 Army Infantry Division.

-- Ashley Cirullo of North Adams, Massachusetts
Wednesday, January 23, 2008
New Year's reunion

This is a picture of my sons, Sgt. Jeremy Frank and Sgt. Jason Frank. They are both on their second tours in Iraq. They had not seen each other in years and somehow their Commanding Officers arranged for them to spend New Year's Eve together. My Jeremy e-mailed me the pictures. Needless to say this is one Mom who got to start the New Year with a big smile and a full heart. So I salute their COs and thank them with all my heart. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL THE TROOPS!

-- Mary Frank of Rochester, New York
Monday, January 21, 2008
Happy birthday homecoming

Our daughter Amanda (on the far right) serves on the USS Wasp, stationed in Norfolk, VA. She is a 3rd Class Petty Officer and works as an Information Systems Tech aboard the Wasp. She and all of her fellow troops just returned from Bahrain from a seven month deployment. January 22nd is her 21st birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, we love you and welcome home! Mom (Susan), Dad (Randy) and Emma (little sister) Prasse.

-- Susan Prasse of Racine, WI
'I cannot wait ... to start our married life together'

I would like to honor my husband, SPC Peter Ricketts, serving in Iraq. We were just married in Sept 21, 2007, after being friends for over 20yrs. Peter re-enlisted in July, 2007. In October, he went to Ft. Lewis, WA from Ft. Lee, VA. In November, he was deployed. So, we haven't started our new life together as we were living in Miami and he is stationed in Ft. Lewis, WA. I cannot wait for him to come back home so we can start our married life together. Please keep him and all the troops and their families in your prayers. Thanks for opening your hearts and minds to all those affected by the war.

-- Angela Nottage-Ricketts of North Miami Beach, Florida
Friday, January 18, 2008
'I miss him terribly'

I'd like to send my love to my husband, SSG Aundra Stephenson of the 461st AG BN, who is serving in Taji, Iraq. He is currently serving his second tour and has been there since August. Our prayers are with him daily and I am hoping he will be back home in my arms safe and sound ASAP! I want him to know everything is okay at home. I miss him terribly. I'd like to say thank you to not only my husband but all those serving and that have served in the war. We never forget you are over there and what you are sacrificing for all of us back home. We love you and God bless all of you and America, the home of the brave!

-- Angela Stephenson of Meridian, Mississippi
Daddy doll salute

Kylie Bickers gives a special salute to her daddy, SGT. Will Bickers, who is currently serving in Iraq.
Thursday, January 17, 2008
'The life of any gathering'

I would like to salute my fiance, SSgt Tony Player, who is on his third tour in Iraq. He is a Vehicle Operator in the United States Air Force. He unfortunately missed his daughter Ja'Mirea's 3rd birthday. She is pictured with him in this photo. This photo was taken in Killeen,TX on August 14, 2007, (which was his birthday) before his departure to Iraq. Ja'Mirea has been under the assumption that her father is in school because she doesn't understand the situation her father deals with. Tony is the life of any gathering and we all miss you sweetheart. Tony, your family is very proud of you, and we are awaiting your arrival to come home. Love, Jessica, Ja'Mirea and the entire Player family

-- Jessica Jones-Player of Bossier City, Louisiana
Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Snow message

I want to tell my boyfriend, Army SPC. Robert Hall, that I love him and miss him and how proud I am of him. He is serving in Balad, Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division. He woke up to find snow and wrote me this note to let me know he was thinking of me! He is on his third tour in Iraq and not a day goes by that I don't think of him and pray for his safe return.. I love you babe!

-- Kristen Storlie of Farmington, Minnesota
Monday, January 14, 2008
'I can't wait to see you in a few months!'

This is my husband, SGT Jesse Edall, currently serving a 15 month deployment in Ramadi, Iraq. This is his second deployment away from me and our 14 month old son, Landon. I love you and miss you so much baby and I can't wait to see you in a few months!

-- Tara Edall of Hinesville, Georgia
'All his family loves him deeply'

Sonia Harrell of Woodbine, Georgia, salutes her son, Sgt. Raoul Montalvo, serving in Iraq.

Hi, my name is Sonia Harrell. Mother of three boys, my two older sons are serving in the military. Danny is a sergeant in the U.S. Navy and for now he is safe, but my older son is a U.S. Marine. Sgt. Montalvo is serving in Iraq for the last 6 months, and we are so worried about him. Sometimes I cannot sleep waiting for a bad news, waiting for that knock on my door. This is his second trip to Iraq, I just want to let him know that all his family loves him deeply and we want him and the whole troops to be safe, please be careful and come home soon.
Saturday, January 12, 2008
Wishes for 2008

Hi, my name is Sonia Harrell, mother of three boys. My two older sons are serving in the military. Danny is a sergeant in the US Navy, but for now he is safe. My oldest son (pictured), US Marine Sergeant Raul Geovanni Montalvo, has served in Iraq for the last 6 months, and we are so worried about him. This is his second trip to Iraq, I just want to let him know that all his family loves him deeply and we want him and all the troops to be safe, please be careful and come home soon.

-- Sonia Harrell of Woodbine, Georgia
Friday, January 11, 2008
'Thanks for all that you do'

I would like to send a salute to my son, Brandon and the crew of the USS Hopper. We're very proud of you! Thanks for all that you do and pray for your safe return back home! We love and miss you very much son!

Editor's note: Soliders from left to right are Michael Dye, Omar Paniagua, Antonio Morgan, Brandon Waters, Ryan Blakemore

-- Nancy Alden of Cocoa, Florida
'Your family is soooooo very proud of you'

My son, Lance Corporal Joshua Peterson, is on his second tour in Iraq and turned 21 there this time. He unfortunately missed his son Landon's 1st birthday. He is deployed to Hit, Iraq and has just been promoted to the motor platoon after serving the past four months of his tour as squad leader. Josh, your family is soooooo very proud of you, you are truly our hero!

-- Kandi Manke of Hopkins, Michigan
Thursday, January 10, 2008
Three's company

I would like to salute my husband John Boudreaux who is a C130 engine mechanic serving in Iraq. This picture is of John with our babies, Prissy (poodle) and Yoda (cat), taken the day he left for Iraq. He is so missed by us all and we are very anxious for him to be safely home again. Thanks Robin & Co. for your support to our troops.

-- Darlene Boudreaux of Elmendorf AFB, Alaska
Wednesday, January 9, 2008
'We love him with all our hearts'

This is a picture of my husband, PFC Logan Spachtholz, flying into Iraq. He is serving with the 384th Military Police Battalion. He is set to return home in May. We miss him very much and pray for his safe return. We love him with all our hearts. He is our hero!! Also thanks to all the troops for everything they do.
Love, Kristy & Baby Anthony

-- Kristy Spachtholz of Columbus, Indiana
A selfless son

This photo of my son Lt. Blake Bradford USAF and me was taken in June 2005 at our home in DeSoto, Texas, after Blake received his commission in the USAF.

When my son Lt. Blake Bradford USAF was a senior in high school one of his sisters was a freshman in high school. He worked as a cashier at a local grocery store. She wanted a $150 coat for Xmas which we couldn't afford. We told her to find something in the $70-$75 range to which she told us that she didn't want to spend money just to spend money. She would do without. When Blake heard about this he gave my wife $75 from what he had saved from work at the grocery store and told us to add that to the $75 we could afford and get his little sister Lindsey the coat that she wanted. He has demonstrated this kind of selflessness his whole life. He is a great example of the quality of men and women we have serving in our armed forces.

-- Stan Bradford of DeSoto, Texas
In a wife's own words

Kristin Sansone wishes a happy New Year to her husband, Thomas, currently serving in Iraq.
Monday, January 7, 2008
Salute to a sailor

'Morning Express' viewer Kelly Inzaina sends a special salute to her boyfriend.
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