Family, friends, and sometimes even troops themselves send I-Report salutes nearly every day to U.S. military serving their country away from home. Take a look below as family and friends share stories of the troops they love.
Tuesday, July 31, 2007
'Fourth tour in Iraq'

My husband SSgt Rohan Auld, with the United States Air Force is serving in Iraq with the 820th Security Forces Group from Moody AFB, Valdosta, GA. This makes his fourth tour in Iraq. I would like to wish him a HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY. The 820th is expecting to return home in Nov and Rohan is expecting his first baby in Nov. Hopefully, he makes it home in time for the birth. Rohan, I am so proud of you. I love you. Nicole

-- Nicole Auld of Tampa, Florida
'The greatest smile in the world'

My sister, Staff Sergeant Corey Fink, just celebrated her 30th birthday in Iraq. She is due home in February 2008 after her 15 month long tour of duty is done. She's been in the Army for 6 years, has her MBA, and has the greatest smile in the world. She is my hero. I hope she knows that.

-- Kristen Bauer of Charlotte, North Carolina
'The Regulators'

Hello Robin, first I would like to say thank you for what you do for those of us in the military. I watch you in the morning and was very touched when you did the special series from Ft. Bragg. I am a former member of the 82nd airborne division and served with them in Iraq in Fallujah where I earned my purple heart.

The picture I am sending is one of "The Regulators" from the 855 Military Police Co. prior to a mission. After this pic was taken we were hit by an IED outside Ramadi,then again the next day in Fallujah. Thank you for your service.

-- Sgt. Allan Lee of Sierra Vista, Arizona
Just saw son # 2

My son, LCpl Tristan Adams, stationed with the Marines in Iraq. Just got to see his second son who was born 2 weeks after he deployed.

-- Bill Adams of Ridgeley, West Virginia
'Honey, come back home safe'

My husband, PFC. Jung-Hak Oh, serving in Iraq, from Fort Hood, Texas. He has been there for 10 months now. I just want to tell him... "Honey, come back home safe, I love you I and miss you!"

-- Judy Oh of Killeen, Texas
Tuesday, July 24, 2007
'Expecting our first child'

This is a picture of my husband, 1Lt Brian McGraw, who is currently serving in Afghanistan with the 82nd Airborne. We are all very proud of him! Brian and I are currently expecting our first child. I am so excited for his arrival home in March 2008 (hopefully in time for the birth).

-- Ashley McGraw of Fayetteville, North Carolina
Friday, July 20, 2007
This is why I'm hot

Here is a picture of Senior Airman Karvelisse Gayles from Eglin AFB, FL. She is a laboratory technician with the 96th Medical Squadron currently stationed in Kuwait.

-- Cherrie Richard of Eglin AFB, Florida
Medics in country

Air Force medical team assigned to eastern Afghanistan in support of Army ground operations. Capt Bott, SSgt Barr, SSgt Roberts, and SSgt Walters are pictured here atop a mountain overlooking our area of operations. In country dates from July 2006 to February 2007.

-- Paul Bott of Dayton, Ohio
'Serving at Camp Liberty'

Salute to Troops. Picture of my brother SPC Kevin Palmgreen in Iraq, he is serving at Camp Liberty at the Baghdad international airport with the 2nd infantry division as a communications specialist.

-- Michael Palmgreen of Lexington, Kentucky
'We love him and miss him terribly'

My husband, SGT Daniel Bourgeois of the NH Army National Guard, is serving a year long tour of duty in Baghdad, Iraq with the 3643d Security Force. Dan has been in the Guard for 15 yrs. His civilian job is the Production Manager at Meadowbrook Musical Arts Center in Gilford, NH. We have 3 children, Jasmine 10, Maccoy 8, and Chloe 7. Dan's unit will be home in Sept of this year. We are so proud of him! We love him and miss him terribly, he really is our hero.

-- Mary Bourgeois of Gilford, New Hampshire
Thursday, July 19, 2007
'So proud of that little girl'

This is my niece, PFC, Brandi Covington. She joined the army in November of 2006 and she has been in Iraq since June. She is 19 and she is my family's hero! My family is so proud of that little girl. The cat is that it is a stray that hangs out there and she has named the cat "Spotswood" and she plays with the cat and feeds it, which Brandi would do with any stray cat she has ever found!

-- Pam Freer of Union City, California
Tuesday, July 17, 2007
'My big brother'

My Brother, Scott E. Smith, is working with the team that is responsible for that 5 million dollar budget. I'm not exactly sure what it is that he does other than budget/money/accounting for the Air Force. Anyhow, he left for Iraq 6/5/07 and on 7/9/07 he became a Grandpa. My big brother, a Grandpa. (Not to mention, make our young parents Great Grandparents). Thanks to the internet, like others with memories to share, pictures were able to be sent so that he could enjoy the moment the best he could. We all miss him and love him. Thanks for everything.

-- Tracy Smith of Eagle, Idaho
'Dedication to service'

My brother-in-law, Master Sgt. Jay Timm, of the 183rd Illinois Air National Guard, (part time), is currently in Kyrgyzstan with the 376th Air Expeditionary Wing. He left June 9th, on his 4th tour overseas since the war in Iraq began. His trip was arranged months before his sister, (my wife), was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She was in the hospital when he left, fully aware that they would not see each other again. She is near death at this time, and he is not due back until Aug 19th. Thankfully she had been alert enough to talk to him on the phone a couple of times after he left. I just thought he deserved to be recognized for his dedication to service, in the face of personal tragedy.

This is Jay at his base in Kyrgyzstan just after they had installed a new fuel storage bladder.

-- Dennis Danner of Sherman, Illinois
Friday, July 13, 2007
Sealed with a kiss

This is a photo of my husband, CPT James Mitchell, our 2-year-old daughter Sarah, and myself when he returned home from Iraq after a 16 month deployment with 4th Battalion, 11th Field Artillery of the 172d Stryker Brigade Combat Team from Alaska. The brigade was extended at the last minute for four months and moved from the Mosul area to Baghdad to help stop the sectarian violence.

-- Kellie Mitchell of Fork Polk, Louisiana
'Serving as a single mom'

SSgt Candice Pepitone has been serving in the USAF for the past five years as an Aerospace Propulsion Craftsman (or woman) otherwise known as a jet engine mechanic. She joined the Air Force as soon as she could after high school. The past year she has been serving as a single Mom due the fact that I was involuntarily stationed in California 4 months before her birth.

Candice has not missed a beat since our daughters birth. She has deployed twice and has continued to progress in her career. I just wanted her to be recognized for all her hard work, dedication, and sacrifice to our country. I love her very much and want to thank her for everything she does to ensure our daughter is well taken care of and hope that someday we can be a family together.

-- Cy Eckhardt of California City, California
Happy birthday Roberto

I'm hoping that I am not too late to have a salute done to my brother Chief Petty Officer Robert L. Clark. July 13th is his 35th birthday. I have attached a picture of him.

If you are able to put it on CNN please tell him that his family loves and misses him, especially his son Damarea L. Clark, who is 6 years old and living in Kings Bay, GA and we pray that he and every other Person of Honor is safe and protected.

-- Tia Hinton of Conyers, Georgia
'Can't wait to celebrate their wedding'

The attached picture is of my daughter Lindsay Duquette, and future son-in-law, Cameron Maples; they are serving together in northern Iraq. Both are 1st Lt's in the Army and due to come home this October. They plan to marry next May. Our families would like to tell them how proud we are of them, pray for their safe return and can't wait to celebrate their wedding day with them.

-- Cathie Duquette of Lutz, Florida
'Good on ya bloke'

This picture is of Sgt. Ted Pickering, A Btry, 3/319 Airborne Field Artillery Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne and his daughter Aspyn Leigh in June as he was deploying to Iraq for his second combat tour. He has served exclusively in the 82nd and was in Afghanistan in 05-06.

His wife Brandy is in Fayetteville, NC and is expecting their second child in January. Ted is stationed at Camp Adder, Tallil and is providing convoy security. His dad, Tim in Missouri and his mother, Mary Ann, in Sarasota, FL are very proud of him and his big sis Karen in Sydney, Australia says "good on ya bloke." We all send our love and thank everyone for their prayers and support for ALL of our servicemen and women.

-- Tim Pickering of West Plains, Missouri
Thursday, July 12, 2007
The sticker says it all

My brother-in-law, Col. Doug Tucker is currently serving in Iraq. He is the base commander of Kirkuk Air Base. His wife and daughter, Susan and Courtney Tucker remain in Ramstein, Germany, until his deployment is over. Keep all in your prayers as with all the brave men and women on the front lines! WE LOVE YOU ALL

-- Beth Young of Eunice, Louisiana
'We have 'adopted' him as our son'

Brent James is in the 213th Area Support Medical Company of the Arkansas National Guard. He is currently in Mobilization Training at Ft. McCoy in Wisconsin and will be deployed to Iraq in October. His group provides medical support and treatment to injured troops in Iraq... even Iraqis if need be.

We have known Brent for several years and have come to love him dearly. We have "adopted" him as our son. He is a fine, outstanding young man. I know he will do his very best to serve his country! Thank YOU so much for the job that YOU do, Robin!

-- Doug, Janice & Becky Ware of Hamburg, Arkansas
'Saying goodbye'

This is my oldest son , SSgt. Joseph A. Robles. He is saying goodbye to is eldest daughter Kaila as he leaves for his second tour in Iraq. he has another daughter Cadance.

Joseph is serving in Baghdad. We are very proud and love you very much son. You are in our prayers everyday. Love Mom and Pops Stackhouse.

-- Brenda Stackhouse of Rio Rancho, New Mexico
'From a family of patriots'

This sweet man, Jeffrey Foster, got married last October -- one week later, he left his new wife to serve his country (this is his second tour). He has sacrificed his own happiness (his wife is a brave woman -- I can't imagine how hard it must be to be a newlywed and not see your husband for such an agonizingly long time), but she is upbeat with positive energy. Oh... Jeff's tour has also been extended, meaning he won't be back this October (in the illustrated time limit of one year) but it could extend to November... or even January 2008. He comes from a family of patriots and soldiers and I am so proud of him.

-- Charlotte Rice of Dallas, Texas
'Proud of my brother'

SFC James Taylor assisting soldiers at a firing range. SFC Taylor is currently deployed to Iraq. Just want to say that I am so very proud of my brother. You are doing a great job and God bless you!

-- Yvonne Strickland of Newport News, Virginia
'We are from the same hometown'

My husband, SGT. Marc Griffin, is serving in 6/9 CAV Charlie Troop with the 1st Cavalry Division in Iraq. This is his second tour to Iraq. He served a year in Iraq in Ramadi from Sept. 2003-Sept. 2004 and currently in Muqdadiyah and has been there since Oct. 2006. With the extension, he should come home sometime in December.

My husband and I are from the same hometown, Waco, Texas, and moved to Fort Hood to be closer to family during his tour. He has been in the Army since April 2001. I love him and miss him dearly. He is my hero and I proudly call myself an Army wife. I wear my yellow ribbon and hero bracelet with his name on it every day to remind everyone of the sacrifice he makes to serve his country.

-- Candy Griffin of Temple, Texas
'Playing GI Joe'

This picture is of my husband SSG Dionicio Zarrabal playing GI Joe in Baghdad, Iraq, with the 2-16 Rangers of Fort Riley,Kansas. Our 2 children and I love and miss him very much. We will be celebrating 10 years of marriage upon his return in May 2008.

Hi Robin! My mom, dad, and I are big fans of your show. I'm spending my husbands deployment with them so we watch you every morning together. My mom has been bugging me about doing this so here it is. We hope to see my husband on your salute to the troops segment very soon. Best regards... The Zarrabal Family

-- Mayra Zarrabal of Killeen, Texas
Tuesday, July 10, 2007
'Couldn't wait to get his boots on the ground'

My son, Benjamin Coty Martinez, is serving with the 2-5 of the 1st Calvary in Baghdad, Iraq. He went over in May and plans to return home before Christmas. Coty joined the AF on the Delayed Enlistment Program at the end of his Junior year in High School. After graduating in 2005, he went to Basic Training in December of 2005. This is his first deployment and he couldn't wait to get his boots on the ground. He said his intention is to help the people that he comes into contact with. Please remember him in your thoughts and prayers for a safe return home.

-- Denise Workheiser of Clovis, New Mexico
'Protecting the chaplain'

My husband Juan DeJesus is currently serving in Afghanistan as a Religious Program Specialist. His kids in Colorado & Florida as well as myself wanted to salute him for what he does for our country.

I admire him for what he does with the chaplain in ensuring that our troops have religious support during their deployment. His position in protecting the chaplain while in combat as well as ministry for the troops is rarely acknowledged yet, is very important on our current war on terror. Therefore, I wanted to salute him as well as all religious specialist & chaplains currently serving for our country! We all miss you very much.

-- Maria, Justin, Brittany, Lexi and Karina of Gainesville, Florida
'Our July Fourth without you'

My son, Aiden, and I watch the fireworks alone (left). And our beloved soldier at home on leave (right).

To SPC Michael Pletscher of the 977 MP Company in Kirkuk, Iraq. A husband and a father, missing out on all the new things his one year old has learned. He is learning too fast. It is miserable without you, but I'd rather be miserable than happy that you're gone. Until you return, until our lives are normal, and until we are whole again. We love and miss you.

-- Jacqueline Pletscher of San Angelo, Texas
'On combat duty'

My son, U.S. Army SFC Patrick Crenshaw, is on combat duty in Iraq. He thinks Robin is one of the prettiest women on Earth and loves the show. He's serving time for our country in Iraq and it would thrill him just to get a 'shout out' from Robin and know that we here are wishing him well. His family (Mom, sister Laura, and stepdad Alex) pray for him every day and wish for his safe return in October. We'll invite all of you to his welcome home party!!

-- Catherine Sobrino of Pembroke Pines, Florida
Monday, July 9, 2007
Man with the plans

I am sending you a picture of my son Joshua S. Tully, SSgt, USAF. He's on his 3rd tour to Iraq and stationed in Balad. He's the Fire Inspector. This picture shows him reviewing plans. He also volunteers at the Balad hospital. We sure miss him and can't wait for his safe return as well as all our soldiers. God Bless America!

-- Sharon Torcivia of Glendale, Arizona
'Can't wait until her daddy gets home'

I am enclosing a photo of my son, Senior Airman William Scott Seaborne. He is an aircraft mechanic currently serving in Qatar. He is stationed at Ellsworth Air Force Base, SD. His home is in Campbellsville, KY. He left behind a wife, Shaina, and a 4 year old daughter, Riley, who can't wait until her daddy gets home.

-- Teresa Ralls of Campbellsville, Kentucky
Serving siblings

Brittany and Zachary are sister and brother. They joined the Air Force in 2006. She is 21 and works in Personnel at Lajes, Azores. He is 19 and works in Civil Engineering at Osan AB, South Korea.

We are a very close family and keep in touch by E-mail, Web cam and phone calls. They are fourth generation military. Their dogs Spencer and Samson miss them. We are so proud of them for serving their country!! We miss them SO much and pray for their safety and the safety of all military members every day.

-- Shelley and Paul Weekly of Englewood, Ohio
A salute from mom

This salute is for my son, 1st LT. Harley Jennings; serving in Iraq with the army in the 1st Cavalry at forward operating base "Warhorse". His home is near Ft. Hood, Texas and he is married to his sweet wife, Sarah. They have their first baby due the beginning of this coming December. He is hoping so much he can get home to be with his wife when his baby is born. He has been serving in Iraq since August of 2006.

-- Robin Hawkins of Arlington, Texas
Wednesday, July 4, 2007
Saw son's birth via Webcam

I just wanted to salute my hero, my husband, Chief Warrant Officer 2 Brian Jacobson. He is currently serving his second tour of duty in Baghdad, Iraq. He is an OH-58D Kiowa Warrior Pilot with the 3rd Squadron, 17th Cavalry out of Fort Drum, New York. He is the proud new father of a one week old son, Barron, whom he witnessed being born via webcam. Barron and I are very proud of him and anxiously await his safe return home next year.

-- Jennifer Jacobson of Watertown, New York
'Knight in shining camo'

My husband, CW2 Jonathan Hulse, is not only the love of my life but my hero and knight in shining Camo! His job takes him all over, he flies Apaches and helps keep our men and women on the ground safe.

I want him to know how amazing he is to me here back at Fort Bragg. We met at Disney by accident, and have just recently celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. He is stationed north of Baghdad and I am counting the days til he will be home in October!! I love him more than words can say and I am so proud to tell everyone that my husband is a soldier! Be safe honey! know that I love you and I can not wait to have you home with me!

-- Holly Hulse of Lillington, North Carolina
Counting the days until his return

My husband, Cpl. Christian Walz, (holding the sign) when he was in Afghanistan for my birthday about two years ago. This year for my birthday, he is in Iraq.

-- Tara Walz of Havelock, North Carolina
Following in dad's footsteps

My brother, Lcpl Tom Ruggles, is on a Marine PTT Team. They Train the Iraqi police and post security. This is a picture of him on down time.

-- Monica Ruggles of St. James, Missouri
'I miss how he inspires us!'

Here is a picture of my husband, SGT Ray Hare (left), and his fellow medics SGT Diester and SSGT Cooper being Iraqi Angels.

MY husband is my hero for many reasons. He joined the Army so that I could finish my degree so we could provide a better life for our children. He is on his second tour in Iraq, and we miss him dearly! He was a CTO in the Navy when I met him, when I was serving as well. He has since become a Combat Medic in the Army, and is amazing as how he stands up to the challenges that he has been faced with from having our second son born while he was deployed last time, to being gone over half of our children's lives, ages 2 and 4, and being the most amazing father and role model for them when he is able to be here. I miss how he inspires us! I love him!

-- Laura Hare of Hinesville, Georgia
'He decided to make the Army his career'

My husband Specialist William Craig is serving his 2nd tour in Iraq. His first tour was in 2005 as a Reservist, but after serving overseas he decided to make the Army his career and reenlisted in 2006 as an active duty soldier. He's with the 3rd ID out of Hunter Army Airfield and is now at Fort Striker near Baghdad. He deployed on May 7 of this year, just 3 months after our daughter Addison was born. We miss him very much.

-- Jacqueline Craig of Savannah, Georgia
'Sumayya misses her father'

My husband SGT. Michael Seevers is enlisted in the U.S. Army serving in Northern Iraq under Task Force Odin. Mike is a generator mechanic and he has been deployed for seven months. We have a soon to be 1-year old daughter name Sumayya who misses her father dearly. He talks to her regularly on the phone while I display pictures of him. I am proud of my husband's character and diligence. I can't wait for him to come home.

-- Dionne Seevers of Fort Gordon, Georgia
Tuesday, July 3, 2007
'His birthday is July 4th'

My hero IS my husband SSG Frederick Spears. My husband was wounded by and RPG in June of 2007 to his left shoulder I received the phone call my heart stopped then I found out it was just a minor injury. He called me and told me how his troops needed him and how he would not let a wound keep him down. My husband has always cared for his troops and wants to protect them.

We are so proud of him. He has served 17 years in the Army and will continue to serve fulltime as long as they will keep him. I have noticed that he talks about how proud he is of his troop, but nobody really tells him how proud they are of him. I would like to be the first to have the whole world know how proud we are of him and his accomplishments he has achieved since serving in the Army.

His birthday is July the 4th. We love him so much and miss him. Please keep praying for our soldiers to have them ALL come home safe and soon. THANK YOU ALL OF AMERICA AND BEYOND FOR YOUR SUPPORT!! THE SPEARS FAMILY COPPERAS COVE, TEXAS.

-- Christy and Ashley Spears of Copperas Cove, Texas
Monday, July 2, 2007
'He is my hero'

This is my best friend Mike Towner. We have toured over to Iraq and Afghanistan together and I am so proud of him. He is over in Baghdad right now protecting me and this country. As I was a hero for my family when I was there last year, now that I am out the Army, he is my hero now.

-- Tekia Crawford of Atlanta, Georgia
Proud of my Hoosier husband

This is my husband Justin in Ghazni, Afghanistan. He was deployed with 2-30 Infantry (4th Brigade/ 10th Mountain division) out of Fort Polk, Louisiana. This picture was taken in January of 2007. This was his second deployment. I'm glad to say that he's home now and is attending law school through the JAG Corps. He was 1 of 14 people selected this year out of the hundreds that apply.

-- Michelle Forkner of Indianapolis, Indiana
'The love of my life'

I met the love of my life in middle school and married him almost a decade later, after he graduated from West Point and was commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Army. My husband, Matt Miller, has been deployed with the 82nd Airborne to Iraq since August 2006. Earlier today, he was promoted to Captain. I am so proud of him and all his accomplishments, and can't wait to celebrate with him when he finally comes home this November.

-- Dana Miller of Sanford, North Carolina
'Their goal is to save lives'

Our daughter, Samantha Wilder 21yoa joined the U.S. Air Force after graduating from Forest High School in Ocala, Florida in 2004. She was a member of the JROTC for four years and felt the Air Force offered her a way to serve our country as well as continue her education. She is an EMT assigned to the 96th Medical Group at Eglin Air Force Base in Ft. Walton Beach Florida. Sam was deployed to Kirkuk, Iraq, as part of the 506th Expeditionary Medical Squadron the day after Mother's Day as part of an Air Force EMEDS or Expeditionary Medial Support.

EMEDS is a concept by which the Air Force Medical Service provides emergency health care to US forces in a deployed environment. They provide our solders level 2 emergency medical care, while level 1 comes from the medics in the field. Their goal is to save lives. Reminiscent of the M*A*S*H* units of the past, these EMEDS are helping save our solders wounded in the war on terrorism.

We are proud of our daughter and those serving with her as well as all our solders that are fighting to keep us a free society. Thanks for the opportunity to share what our daughter is doing.

-- Tom & Kathy Wilder of Ocala, Florida
A big hug from Texas

Joey Herrera is currently serving in Iraq as an Aviation Technician SPC. My best friend, Claudia Pereyra, and Joey will be getting married in October . Just wanted to salute Joey and from all his friends back in Texas send him a big great HUG!!! BE SAFE JOEY, WE LOVE YOU!!! =]

-- Damiana Villa of Brownsville, Texas
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