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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Poll results
A majority of Americans believe that gays and lesbians could not change their sexual orientation even if they wanted to, according to results of a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll released Wednesday.

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Do you think gays and lesbians could change their sexual orientation if they wanted to?
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Wow, CNN. You do more to push the propaganda of ex-gay movement than most xtian fundamentalists! Nice.
We all have the choice of right and wrong on any course that we take. Homosexuality is condemned as the wrong choice all throughout the old and new testaments. Those who choose wrong must suffer the consequences of the diseases associated with homosexuality.
Students are in school to learn the three R's not to disrupt. They should choose a different venue to express their polotical views.
I know from experience that a gay person can change their orientation, but it is neither simple nor easy and usually requires help and support. It's a lot like being a recovering alchoholic.
A better worded poll question might be: Do you believe it is possible for you to change your sexual orientation. Then you'd get about 99% voting "No"
According to the Bible, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who is God, can do all things. This includes changing people's lives after a life of sin and debauchery. Only by belief in Him and allowing Him to change one's life, can a homosexual/lesbian be changed to the way God makes us.
The medical and psychological communities both maintain that sexual preference is heritary; it's in our genes. This squares with evidence of hermaphroditism in the natural world as well. Does anyone seriously believe that gay and lesbian people willfully choose their sexual orientation knowing the amount of social ostracism awaiting them for just being who they believe they are? And what kind of so-called Christian nation are we to callously label them as 'fags', 'queers', 'butchs' etc?
Yes, I do, but it doesn't matter what I believe. It only matters what the homosexuals believe. If they don't believe they can change, then they never will.

This whole poll is biased and offensive. The article that led to the posting of this poll stated that "attitudes are evolving." To say attitudes have "evolved" makes it seem like we have gone from ignorant to now having a better understanding of homosexuality. Just because the mainstream media tries to cram acceptance down our throats doesn't mean that accepting homosexuality makes us better people. We have just as much of a right to believe that homosexuality is a choice, and doing so does not make us ignorant.

Finally, I am hard-pressed to believe that the sample of people surveyed is truly representative of the American people. CNN is widely known to have a liberal bias, and it is no stretch to assume the same of its viewers/readers. It proves no more about the mindset of the typical American than would taking a poll at the Democratic National Convention.
If you are STRAIGHT, can you choose to be GAY if you wanted to?
If not, why would you think a gay person could possibly choose to be straight. If you do not have a choice, why would you think gay people have a choice? It is not rational.

As the mother of a gay young man, I always knew he was gay, and my
love for him will never end. He is perfect just as he is.

I do have choice how I will react and love him and the rest of the world, and I choose to love him,
unconditionally. He is a college graduate and he contributes to society, and makes m proud every day to be his mother.
As far as I can tell, there have always been gays, and despite sexual liberation etc etc there aren't a whole lot more today then there were in the repressed Fifties. That's good news all around, I guess: gays are a natural part of all societies, not an aberration caused by social problems, and there's not a lot we can or should do about it. They may be a natural part of our humanity, one that we deny or suppress at our peril.
Thank God I am gay!!!!
As a gay man who is a conservative preacher's kid, I prayed for years for God to change me and make me straight.
It never happened, even though I dated girls, and tried to change.

I know now that God has never asked me to change who I was created to be. Closed-minded people did.
I cannot change my sexual orientation anymore than anyone who is straight can.
This is a part of who I am, along with the other characteristics I was given at birth.
100% of people choose their sexual behavior.
Matt from Davenport: No offense but your post shows your ignorance and is offensive to me. I was born gay, just like I was born caucasian. It's not something I can change, and since you are not gay, you don't have the right to claim that homosexuality is a choice. Why do you even have an opinion on the matter? Believe me, if it was something I could change I would do it in a nano second. Let's say that homosexuality was accepted and heterosexuality was a "sin". Could you change your sexuality? Of course not. You can't change your attractions.
Carol Hagan: I don't believe in your Old or New Testaments. Keep YOUR religion to yourself.
So, CNN, when are you going to ask if heterosexuals could change THEIR orientation "if they wanted to?"

Truth is, most of us wouldn't change our orientation. Sure, some percentage of folks probably would. But most of us, gay or straight, would not.
Sexual preference is not a choice. I've been a heterosexual male all my life. I never made a conscious decision to be attracted to women; it's just the way it is. I'm also certain I could not be talked into, pressured or convinced in any way to end my attraction to women. Anyone claiming homosexuality a choice is obviously a homosexual choosing to live heterosexual lifestyle.
Dear Gay in Portland:

Gosh, why would I take offense to being called ignorant? Being gay is like being fat; you don't do anything about it because it is simply easier to stay the way you are, warts and all. Debauchery is simply easier than austerity.

Not surprisingly, you missed the import of my post. If you want to be gay, fine, be gay. I don't have to like it. And I don't have to like having it shoved in my face and being told that I should accept homosexuality because it is a choice. It isn't and I don't.
I could not agree with Elizabeth from VA any more. That would be a far better question. And to the 32,490 people who voted to the contrary, you must be kidding.
Thank you Susan Heller of Springfield, PA. Your post gets to the heart of the matter I think. If choice is a factor for gays, it simply must be a factor for everyone else (and you're right, that in no case is there any choice). I'm a gay college grad like your son, and I'm also blessed to have parents like yourself...they don't let long-held but inaccurate beliefs taint their love for me, and I'm so grateful for that.
Okay, first READ - It asks if Gays and Lesbians can change their orientation - Not if they can resist acting on it - Second - You really need to apply YOUR beliefs to YOU and not everyone else - The arrogance is overwhelming. The final old standby: Did you wake up this morning and decide to be Heterosexual? I don't think so. Jesus loves you, but I just don’t feel the need to. Thanks
Steve, Tyler, TX
As a straight male I know for a fact that I could never choose to change my sexuality, the thought is absolutely ridiculous. The same holds true for homosexuals. Homosexuality has been around for as long as the animal kingdom has existed, long before man's recognition of GOD, and mankinds writing of the bible. Homosexuality exists because GOD made it so, it is not a sin, it is not a choice, hatred is a sin, hatred is a choice...
Matt, come on, you keep saying it's 'shoved in your face' or 'crammed down your throat.' I think your Freudian slip is showing. Please tuck it back in. The question was 'do you think they can change?' not 'are you going to go gay?'
Please calm down, fella.
I am a gay Physician in Florida and my answer is NO! Do you think heterosexuals could change their sexual orientation if they wanted to? NO!
When my daughter was born she was/is lefthanded.

My mother said that it was horrible for her to be lefthanded and she should be righthanded.

I intervened... my mother is left handed.... my daughter's Uncle on her mother's side is left handed.

I wonder at times when being lefthanded is more natural..... whether or not I was born lefthanded. And if I have developed something less natural.

Let's force everyone to be hetrosexual and have babies. That way , if it is genetic, more people will struggle with themselves to fit what we hetrosexuals hold on to.

How often do we hear that people marry and are not meant to be in that relationship... it's bad enough when there is physical attraction.

I have always been attracted to females my age or older . My brother is attracted to women my daughters' age( twenty something).... should I beat
him up until he becomes more interested in women his own age.
Sexuality is not a frivality in deciding who you are going to sleep with. Sexuality is part of an identity that determines overall wellbeing and ability to create meaningful and purposeful relationships that inspire love and help to evolve the soul through working out issues as relationsips continue, change and conclude.

Sleeping with the same sex is not a defective result of poor reasoning. It is a result of what is true for the person in trusting their own ability to be with others who represent meaningful companionship.
I am a straight male, I could not ever even fathom changing my sexual orientation, it is a ludacrious idea. NO ONE can change their true sexual orientation, you would have to be the biggest idiot this side of the sun to think one could, or you are grapling with some of your own personal "confusions". Remember, We tend to hate most in others what we fear most in ourselves.

James Burkholder, West Chester, PA
I think the human mind can change the body. If boys don't go over too good with girls sometimes they like boys better and visa versa. We were only intended to be heterosexual, to bear and raise families. Homosexuals only serve to distract as they make choices to please themselves only.
To anyone who thinks being homosexuality is a choice, you should really attend a PFLAG meeting in your community. PFLAG is an organization for parents, friends, and families of GLBT individuals. That does not necessarily mean supporters of homosexuality, but those who want to have open discussions with persons from the GLBT community. Go and hear what it is like to step into our shoes for a minute. It's only fair, as we in the GLBT community generally have no choice but be surrounded by heterosexual ideals. How about you open your mind for a minute and listen to our side?
Matt From Iowa: Again..I don't want to be gay. I just am. You seem so sure of the fact that homosexuality is a choice. Did you used to be gay and now you've changed your sexuality?
You cannot say because something is acceptable to you that means it is right.
Homosexuality is not race or gender nor is it a political leaning, lets not pretend it is. There are people who go through there lives telling lies, some would gamble, some would rape or murder from there youth till they are dead. Many of this individuals would undergo therapy, prison, humiliation, alienation and such, some would arrive at a point when they would decide to kick the habit while others would die sticking to their debauchery.
Should we excuse even this once, its easy to spend money that is not yours, it fun to always have your way, sleep with who you want ( even if they don't want you),to eat without discipline and so on. But we seek to discipline our body and minds so that we don't upset the natural balance that keeps our world sane and a wonderful place.
I really don't see why i should matter. It is their choice whether we accept it or not. I really don't understand what the problem is. Whetehr thay can or can't changer their sexuality is irrelevant.
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