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Thursday, June 28, 2007
Immigration bill
President Bush's immigration bill suffered a crushing defeat Thursday in the Senate, when members voted against advancing the controversial legislation. What do you think?

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How do you feel about the Senate defeating the immigration reform bill backed by President Bush?
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We don't need more legislation -- we need to enforce the laws/rules we already have. We need some skilled highly educated immigrants not just hordes of laborers. Build the fences and hire the border patrols the financing is already there -- just DO IT!
I wonder if Congress is going to keep listening to the American Voters that put them in Office. Last Election was not only about the War but also Bush's dream of making North of the border a part of Mexico
The only reform we need right now is a new TRUSTWORTHY executive administration. The office of the president and vice president are under serious scrutiny. For those of you are not sure what being subpoenaed embodies, is the following definition: "the usual writ for the summoning of witnesses or the submission of evidence, as records or documents, before a court or other deliberative body." Our president has been served, and for what? Has anyone made a list yet? Perhaps CNN should do an exclusive on how troubled this adminstration has been? All the while, coutnless lives are being taken, needlessly. God help us.
A victory for the working middle class of America. Now, we just might have a chance to keep this country employed. Thank you to our Senators and thank you to Bernie Sanders of my home state. Bernie, you do listen don't you?
The amnesty law in 1986 was ignored by our own government, which lead to somewhere between an additional 12,000,000 and 20,000,000 illegal immigrants. Why should we assume this set of laws would be enforced?

Why is anyone who is worried about such a massive influx of foreigners be castigated as an ignorant (at best) racist?
Maybe I will start paying taxes again!!
Citizens have spoken, politicians tried to ignore.

Release the Border Patrolmen from prison.

Spend the 4.4B to round up illegals.

Charge the countries of origin for the cost of arresting, processing, housing and returning their citizens who enter the U.S. unlawfully.

Make U.S. companies who hire foreign nationals set up hire stations at the border. Fine into oblivion anyone that hires illegals without fully checking their status.

Send to federal prison anyone who bends to pressure from Mexico to interfere with investigations of misconduct by U.S. Border Patrolmen. Yes, G.W. Bush too if he were cowed(again)by Mexico.
The U.S. military is capable of securing our borders. All it takes is guts our representatives seem to lack.
Let's tell it like it is, folks!
The Republicans do not want reform. The corporations that own the Republican party are so addicted to the cheap labor that they provide, that they have no interest in any change of the status quo. On the other hand, the Democrats have to toe the line of organized labor that wants to add these new workers to their unions. No interest in any change is to be found there.
Red herrings abound. Right wing-nuts view those coming in through our southern border as possible terrorists; ridiculous when you consider it's easier to slip in on a student visa and then just melt into the population.
The real villain in this is the government of Mexico, but no one has the testicles to outright declare such. The Mexican government allows its poorest citizens to sneak into the U.S. because the wealthy class in Mexico has no interest in releasing it's grip on state-run industry and knows how impotent George W.(Compadre) Bush really is when it comes down to this issue.
There's no doubt that immigration is a huge issue, but the partisan pettiness is, as usual, wasting time and money. I agree that current laws should be enforced better. If they had been enforced right along, I'm sure the numbers of illegal immigrants wouldn't be as outrageous as they are now.
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