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Tuesday, June 26, 2007
Did Paris learn a lesson?
Hotel heiress Paris Hilton walked out of a Los Angeles-area jail early Tuesday with a big smile on her face after serving 23 days for violating her probation on a reckless driving conviction.

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Enough, enough, enough about this overindulged woman. If I never hear another word about her insignificant, frivolous life, it will be too soon. Please STOP covering her. What does it say about our society when Larry King bumps healthcare for her?
The lesson Paris Hilton learned is that money can buy some things if properly negotiated with the right judge and the right attorney/s ahead of time. Next time, she will be much more saavy to ensure this doesn't repeat... and more mindful of what her assistant/s are doing or not doing, to ensure that her bases are covered when she is busy diligently working so hard on her career in affluence. (This is a lifetime committment of intense study, btw.)
Why is Paris Hilton rewarded for her bad behavior by all the media attention? A better thing would have been is NO press were present when she was let out of jail.
Okay, this is one of those dumb questions that you ask from time to time. Come on, CNN, there are many more really important issues you could be addressing in this forum. You do the public a disservice when you move attention away from some of the more important issues of the day. Forinstance, the new Supreme Court, hand-picked by President Bush and confirmed by a cowardly Senate has now essentially gutted the campaign finance law voted in just a little over three years ago, allowing corporations once again to override the will of the people with their donations of massive amounts of money to groups like Wisconsin Right To Life who are surrogates for the corporate interests. Forget Paris! She's a distraction and a petty annoyance!
That chick gets way too much attention. She makes a porno with a guy and then acts all surprised when he actually sells it. She makes with the 'ditzy blonde' thing in The Simple Life. She spent much less time in jail than people who did the same thing she did. Every time the media is where she is, she about breaks her ankle to try to pose.

She is an attention-seeking dimwit. I think mommy and daddy were busy worrying about the money they were making, so in lieu of actual parenting, they spoiled her. Whenever she gets in trouble, the money seems to get her out if it.

I think it's time her parents cut the cord.
if Paris Hilton wants to be taken seriously she should grow up. She's a 26 year old woman who ran to her mother like an unco-ordinated 5 year old. What was all that about for heaven's sake.

Connie, Clearwater, FL
If you stopped writing about her, maybe she would go away. She is famous only because her father is wealthy. She does not warrant any media attention.
Paris Hilton suffers from a Narcissistic Personality Disorder and as such she cannot change herself. What she is doing is trying to change her self-image. Unfortunately, this change is very superficial and unlikely to survive. I also found it interesting when asked about what ADD was like for her, all she could say was that it caused her to not be able to pay attention and she began fumbling for words. My feeling is that this was all she knew about the disorder. She also said the disorder began when she was 10. Children with ADD are born with it. By 10, children who are destined for a Narcissistic Personality Disorder are starting to exhibit symptoms of that disorder. She also said she had a therapist - I wonder what good he/she is doing as Paris said she thought talking was a good thing but that she preferred to talk to her parents. Yikes!! I feel sorry for this woman because NPD is a terrible thing to have - it is characterized by such extremes of sense of self and esteem. To the world they may look confident but in private their lives can be hell when they suffer a failure or disappointment. Her parents are greatly responsible for her problems - who knows, if she had been born into a more normal family she may have turned out alright.
For a very brief moment when she was released from jail I saw a beautiful happy young girl. All of the sloped back strutting and posing was not there. Unfortunately, it only took a couple of days for some of the old exagerated profile to return. For some reason, she seems to be going back to the old Paris - at least in presentation. She is a "train wreck" who does not realize true self worth and/or relevence. I don't think that she has learned any personal lessons. She seems to be concentrating more on how to make money off of the event rather than on positive direction and self improvement. Sadly, I don't think she has learned the right lessons. Winston Parham, Chattanooga, TN
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