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Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Bloomberg bounces
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has left the Republican Party, a move some believe could be a step toward a run for the White House.

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personally i feel that is very counter productive for anybody to restrict themselves and their level of thinking by maintaining affiliation with a particular group, i.e. democrat, repub, catholic, muslim,etc, etc. i find it absurd that serious issues get sidestepped just because it's not a "republican" value, case in point: todays veto. thousands upon thousands of lives could be saved with this research, yet because it's not a "republican" value bush vetoes it, saying that he doesn't think it is right to end lives for research into saving thousand more, it's a line he's not willing to cross. oh, but he's more than willing to end lives in a war based on lies, yeah real good "republican" policy.

but don't get me wrong, democrats are just as guilty. when ever people began labeling themselves they start closing there mind to other possibilities. the world is in shambles due to all of our labels, muslims fighting jews, demos fighting repubs, blacks fighting whites, it is completely ridiculous.

me i am a human being, i have no label because i am open to all possibilities. i claim no religion because all might be wrong, or right. same with political parties and any other affiliations. people, wake up and think for yourselves, the democrats, the republicans, the vatican, the kuran,none of these know whats good for you better than yourself.
The two party system is wrong in many ways, too numerous to go into detail. But, basically, voting along party lines for no reason except that you are republican or democrat is absurd. I registered as a republican, but I vote for the candidate that has the most common sense and a moral background.
I would vote for Colin Powell no matter what party he represented.
I would vote for Colin Powell no matter what party he represented.
At this point it is not the party of our new leader in as much as it is about the INTEGRITY, ABILITY and COMPETENCE to lead a global community. We as a nation have suffered from an unfocused administration that has been rife with investigations, affiliation with corporate fraud and a war that will leave wounds for generations to come, globally. It is way past time for a true sea change, as we are in crisis that reaches into multidimensional concerns, including environment and the safety of future generations, for all life as we know it.
Lets all show that we are not happy with the Govt. and not pay taxes. I did stop paying my taxes a couple of years ago. I am still out and about. Lets show DC that the public will not take there crap anymore. Lets vote every person out of office this next election that we can and continue to do that until we find the people that can do the job. Fight the power.

P.S. to the IRS if you want your tax money come and find me. But I think you will have to spend a lot more tax money to come find me and put me in jail. Plus you will have to spend more tax money to feed me and house me. To the people that think they will make me work to pay it off. Well I will quit my job and then not have any income. Then go on the food stamps and then become more of a tax burden. Lets say they put me in jail and try to make me work. I just will not lift a finger to do want they want me to do. I refuse to pay a govt. that does not work for the public any more. Its like paying a teenager to cut your lawn before he cuts it. Then you find out that he just took off without doing anyting. We are paying taxes for nothing in return. I say screw this govt. We need to rise up and take back these United States away from self hating people.
Boy, I hope that 81% is mostly Republicans! If it's Democrats, I've got just one word: "2000". Remember Ralph Nader? And how he sucked just enough votes away from Al Gore to give the Presidency to W? Fools Democrats once, shame on you; fool Democrats twice, shame on Democrats. The Republicans are high-fiving themselves all over the place as they lick their lips looking for a repeat of one of the great voting disasters of all time, save Ross Perot in 1992!
There is a bright side, however. If another Republican is elected in 2008 he (there is no female or black candidate on the slate) will face (1) pardon Scooter Libby or not and the potential ramifications of that move and (2) the coming depression (that's with a 'D', folks) when the housing market completely crashes in late 2009, leading to a worldwide liquidity crash in 2010, thus assuring that America will never, ever again vote Republican. Get the big picture, people!!!
I have voted for independents and third party candidates many times, but this time I'm going to vote for a Republican, Dr. Ron Paul!
The two-party system is one of the WORST ideas the country has ever come up with (worst being slavery, of course).

Get rid of the two-party system, get rid of corruption in DC. Period.
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