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Wednesday, April 04, 2007
Work safety
An Atlanta man fatally shot his ex-girlfriend Tuesday at the CNN Center complex in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, before being shot by a security officer, police said.

Do you feel safe at work?
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Of course I feel safe at work. I'm self-employed!
Yes, because I DON'T work for some pinhead who has a "no firearms at work" policy, which renders everyone but the psychopath helpless. This woman's family should sue anyone involved in local government or corporate "gun free zone" policymaking.
People who are not in relationships characterized by domestic violence feel safer in general than those who are. The most dangerous time in a violent relationship is when the victim has left the relationship because the abuser can no longer control the victim, that is why these people are not feeling "safe" anywhere. This is not about being at work.
I feel totally safe at my workplace, Diamond Hill-Jarvis High School, an urban high school in Fort Worth, Texas. We have the best students and the best community you can imagine, and I have always felt safe.
This is another loaded question. It all depends on what kind of work you do. My work could be considered by some to be dangerous so technically my answer would be NO, but do I think that one of my co-workers is going to snap and start blasting away? Again with a NO
No, I don't. I work at a high stress, very demanding company and have to keep my weapon in my car because of the ability of company to "suspend" my second ammendment right while at work. The bad guys will have guns if the law or company in this case say they can or not. All we do is hurt law abiding citizens by taking away their right to carry.
Considering how many places guarantee unarmed victims with their "no firearms" policies, I am only surprised it does not occur more often.
Sure I feel safe, I carry a weapon [legally] everywhere I go. If a place of business, like the local Mall, doesn't allow concealed carry on their premises, I don't shop there.

The simple fact is: cops can't be everywhere and a psycho could be anywhere; if you're to be protected, you're going to have to do it yourself.
After reading some of these comments its no wonder that these kinds of crimes keep happening. The solution, more guns. How totally and utterly ridiculous. Lets throw more guns into the situation, makes perfectly good sense. Americans shoot each other like no other industrialized nation, we dole out hand guns like lollipops and want do you people suggest, more guns. Good God will we ever learn.
As a veteran cop and with 150+ of my peers killed each year (the majority of deaths due to "workplace violence), I still feel safe. If CNN was such a safe place, why did it need hired guns to protect the facility? In my case and in CNN's, the use of a firearm prevented further tragedies. If more victims of domestic violence took a stake in their own personal protection (including owing and training to use a lethal tool), those sorts of violent acts would decrease.
I work in a Ca. state prison, how do you think I feel at work?
I having worked in a "Hostile" work environment where you are allowed to talk to co-workers as you will, be wrote up unjust without investigations, etc. can say I'm not surprised this happens. Luckily I am of sound mind, but until someone cares more about the employee vs the employer, this can and will be a concern to all Americans in the workplace.
according to the posts so far, most people seem to think we should just shoot it out with each other. This leads me to conclude we no longer have a civilization.
This has very little to do with safety in the workplace and everything to do with the safety of women in relationships.
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