Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Breaking the ice
This is the story of how I-Reports can help a very local story reach a national audience.

Every year, the waters that separate Harsens Island, Michigan, from the mainland turn to ice, and the ferry that shuttles to and from the island on Lake St. Clair shuts down, effectively stranding the approximately 1,200 year-round residents.

This year residents and officials on Harsens Island say it’s the most severe freezing they’ve seen in two decades. The ferry has been closed since Friday, and some residents, like Northern Ireland native Edward Hyslop, feel trapped, completely cut off.

Tuesday a U.S. Coast Guard cutter made an unsuccessful attempt to cut a path to the island. Hyslop documented the attempt. (Watch his video.)

Hyslop's friend and fellow islander Daryl Dupage is chief of the Harsens Island Fire Department. Dupage and his fellow firemen are using an airboat to handle emergencies (prescriptions, doctor’s appointments, supplies). (Watch video of the airboat in action.)

Dupage says the islanders are fine -– but many feel frustrated. Edward Hyslop just wants someone to take notice, and used I-Report as a way to share his story. It worked. CNN meteorologist Chad Myers used Hyslop’s photos and video during his weather segment Wednesday.

Thanks for sharing your story Edward –- and for giving us a peek into life in your part of the world. I know our coverage can’t break the ice –- but in a way, your I-Report already has.
Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Global Sunsets

I-Reporters have a great eye for aesthetics. While many people across the U.S. are mired in snow and ice, or dealing with frigid weather, our citizen journalists are sharing their glorious images of sunsets from around the globe.

The breathtaking sights are enough to make most folks daydream of warm, exotic places and the beautiful spring days that are just around the corner.

I-Reporter Gail Reiner reminds everyone that paradise is what you make it. Luckily for us, she lives in Hawaii and is handy with a camera when the tide rolls out and the sun goes down.

In our gallery, take a look at what she and others think about winter's silver lining.
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