Thursday, February 15, 2007
Stars are born
I-Report has a new face. Yours.

This week you felt compelled to move out from behind the lens and step in front of the camera to deliver your own unique weather I-Reports.

Frankly –- they were awesome! Check out some of the best below. Your I-Reports helped take CNN onto the streets and back patios of people dealing with the massive snowstorms that blanketed much of the Midwest and Northeast.

They also left us amazed by your talents and abilities. We feel strongly that this is the next step of I-Report; so let us officially invite you to get in front of the camera and bring it on.

Christopher Hayes
Troy, New York
In action Video

James Brierton
Nesconset, New York
In action Video

Anne Pierson
Westerville, Ohio
In action Video

James Knott
Columbus, Ohio
In action Video
Squirrels’ eye view
Face it: Squirrels are adorable in any kind of weather. I-Reporter James Christie of Kokomo, Indiana, confirms this.

He first captured our hearts with a photo of a squirrel sprawled out during a summer heat wave at the beginning of August. The sight of this wiped-out critter lazily sitting a tree branch pretty much summed up the way a lot of people were feeling. Things got a little more interesting when a photo arrived from Christie on November 19, showing a squirrel begging for an early Thanksgiving treat at his window.

“I opened the window and laid some pecans out for her and she seemed to be very thankful,” he wrote.

And now that winter has arrived, yet another image of a squirrel has appeared out of the blue, this time showing one of his furry friends out in the middle of the snow, nibbling on a small piece of food. Christie says the poor creature ventured out into the wintry weather just to get a meal.

It doesn't get much more adorable than this. To read more about the snowy squirrel and see more cold-weather photos, visit our photo gallery.
Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Strictly for the lovers
I-Reports are like a box of chocolates, you… well you know how it goes. So this Valentine’s Day, when we asked I-Reporters to share stories of lifelong love, we knew what we wanted –- the question was -- would we get it?

Luckily, Jerri Wenzel, along with her aunt Peggy Sampson, answered the call. They opened up the Sampson family photo album and shared the lifelong love story of Jerri's dear grandparents, Eunice and Everett “Sam” Sampson, who have been married for more than 61 years.

We were so touched by the photos -- we asked Eunice and Sam to share their secrets to staying in love all these years. You can hear their love story on this slide show. It's enough to melt your heart this Valentine’s Day.

Go love. Go I-Reports.
Tuesday, February 13, 2007
I-Reporters -- many of them hopeless romantics -- share their love stories with as well as their tips for a lasting marriage. Several mentioned two key ingredients for keeping their partners happy: communication and hard work. And of course, love was essential. Spend the hours gearing up for Valentine’s Day, with tales of “love at first sight” and clever proposals.

Check out our sweethearts gallery to find out how couples such as Marsha and Ted Lyman first met. You may want to keep a tissue handy.
Monday, February 12, 2007
Weathering the storm

The snowstorm hitting central upstate New York brought a fresh crop of I-Reporters. Citizen journalists braved blowing snow and frigid temperatures to document the unbelievable snowfall, including Sharon Miller. She sent in this photo of a snowplow outside her home in Volney, New York. Miller says it’s “scary” what Mother Nature can send “our way.” She’s seen at least three cars slide into snowbanks near her home, so she’s playing it safe and staying indoors. Considering what many people in her region have seen -- 100-plus inches of snow -- she’s probably got the right idea. The winter storm has made Miller a Groundhog Day skeptic. I guess with weather like this, it’s difficult to believe that spring is just around the corner.

Check out Miller’s story and others at our gallery. And tell us what you think. Was this a monster storm or what?
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