Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Back to the days of Stonehenge and Pooh
Two Pooh-related pictures in one day. It’s one of the lesser-known mysteries of Stonehenge, which has piqued imaginations for years and sparked debates about its origins. Following news that the ruins of an ancient village are believed to exist near it, we received two separate photos in which plush versions of Winnie the Pooh characters are posed in front of the ancient stone circle.

Yes, we’re talking about A.A. Milne’s chubby-bellied, honey-loving and generally pants-hating bear. Rebecca Baker sent us a picture of the “Proper Pooh,” based on Milne’s original drawing, while a photo of down-in-the-dumps donkey Eeyore arrived courtesy of I-Reporter Steven Pease. Pease wasn’t even thinking about proper Poohs, or improper Poohs for that matter. He was just sending a photo of the stuffed toy that he has taken with him to other destinations, such as Hawaii and Alaska. He says he also took pictures of Eeyore with Big Ben and other English tourist destinations and is occasionally the butt of “Where’s Eeyore?” jokes -- but it's all in good fun.

On that note, we invite you to check out our gallery in order to ponder this and other mysteries of Stonehenge.
Monday, January 29, 2007
Return of the sun
This is the sun peeking over the horizon the morning of January 25 in Barrow, Alaska. Barrow is about as far north as you can get and still be in the United States. For I-Reporter Rob Raney, it's the first sunrise he's seen this year. Rob is building a research facility that will be used to study global climate change. For the past two months, he and his team have been living in perpetual night, with only brief glimpses of sunlight during dawn and again at dusk. Thursday, Rob got what he was longing for -- a "beautiful and welcomed sight" from his remote corner of the universe -- and he shared it as an I-Report.

It got us thinking -- what other wondrous sights do I-Reporters see each day? What makes the places they live in unique? What makes them beautiful? So we decided to ask. Show us what life is like near you. We want to see your corner of the universe.
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