Friday, September 28, 2007
The body as a canvas
Marisa DiMattia's recently asked readers to submit photos of their tattoos and tell us a little about them. As I looked through the responses and talked to some of the I-Reporters, a few common threads emerged.

Some tattoos commemorate a lost friend or family member, others are personal expressions, but all have some meaning to the person who has them.

Casey Goldsmith honors her dog with a portrait on her leg. Craig Graves included his friend's initials into his shoulder tattoo. Marisa DiMattia (pictured), who says her tattoos are "art for art's sake," incorporates ancient Greek patterns into her pieces as a tribute to her heritage.

Second, almost all the tattoos were well-planned in advance.

"Since they're permanent, I don't want anything spur of the moment," said Angie Royal of Fayetteville, North Carolina, who has 11 tattoos.

"I wouldn't put anything on me that I wouldn't be proud to wear when I'm 60," said Casa Wilson of Watertown Massachusetts.

And people don't stop at just one tattoo. Kris Nequin of Chicago, Illinois, has eight. Tobias Lofton of Kansas City, Missouri, and Craig Graves of Ames, Iowa, have one each, but both plan on getting more.

"They are kind of addicting," Graves said.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to include all of the photos and stories that were submitted this time, but that doesn't mean we can't use the others in the future.

Author's note: I don't have any tattoos... yet.

How do you feel about tattoos? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Indifferent? Leave a comment below or submit an I-Report about your own body art.

what can i say really say about them since i don't have any and don't plan on getting any in this life.

i have seen a lot on both the young and old which is part of what has informed my decision not to have any.

when you see a painting that is a master piece, you will love it and years later you'll still be in love with it because almost all the elements have remained the same. that can't be said of an art work done on the human body.

when a master piece tattoo is done on a youthful skin it is always a beauty to behold and will make anyone without one almost walk into a tattoo shop to get one. years later, when you see the same tattoo on the same skin it becomes an eye sore because the skin is aging.

for this reason some seniors have opened up to me and said if they had to do it all over again they would not. some people that do get tattoos never think about tomorrow when their beautiful, youthful skin will not be the same. maybe if they do they would have a second thought about having their body engraved.

be that as it may, i love arts and i love to see beautiful tattoos. i also have high regards for those who painfully take their time to create some of the master pieces out there.
As an "old corps" Marine I spent many liberties in Dago, among many tatoo shops.

I must say I was never drunk enough when I was near enough to get a tatoo.

I'll never see the current crop of kids when they become oldsters (70 & 80) but I can picture the ear rings, nose rings, lip rings, navel rings, tatoos and other stuff hanging from the wrinkles -- sags -- and discolorations that will be there then.
I got my first tattoo when I was 45 to remember my dad who had passed away. So, I guess I do not need to worry about what it will look like when I get old, it was not done on young skin, but more than that it is how I keep my dad close.
There are many art forms in this country and that is what the US is all about. Freedom! As long as the inks are non toxic and will not cause long term health effects for someone else to help pay for then go for it. You have my approval.
Tattoos are disgusting to me. When I see someone with a tattoo it makes my skin crawl. I always wonder what is wrong with that person that they have to scar they body permanently. Makes no since to me.
I'd like to take the tatoo as a decoration. But if the tatoo covers too much area of one's body,the person will look disgusting~
I've been wanting to get a tatoo for sometime now, but I just cant descide on what kind, the size(i don't want it to be to BIG, but also not to SMALL) and If i want couloured or not, so I'm hoping that one day I'll wake up and i'll know exactly which tatoo i want...

But I definatly want a tatoo...soon..
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