Tuesday, September 18, 2007
Animals get stuck
Hawk gets stuck in ArkansasIt's not every day that you see a picture of a flight-savvy hawk wedged between tree trunks and unable to escape. But there it is, just to the left. Look down a little farther and you'll see a cat stuck on top of a utility pole.

We don't normally get any stories regarding animals that are improbably stuck somewhere, but this time, we got two that were shot on the same day. Both were shot Sunday, September 16, and later sent to CNN.

In the former case, submitter Joe Unger of Poughkeepsie, New York, says he was awakened from his slumber Sunday by his father to see a hawk stuck in a tree. Unger spent an hour with two car jacks in the morning cold, trying to spread the tree trunks apart ever so slowly. He said he held the bird's talons using a stick and tried to support the bird with one arm while he used the other to operate the jacks. The bird eventually got back onto the ground, relieved itself and flew away.

He says he doesn't know how the bird got there, but he thinks it might have been hunting for something and simply got stuck. He posted pictures for some coworkers and one of them suggested he send the pictures to CNN.

Fanboat in FindlayThe story of the cat perched on top of a pole comes from I-Reporter Larry Richardson of Booneville, Arkansas, whose rat terrier, Pete, apparently had enough gusto in his tiny frame to frighten a 20-pound cat up a pole. Vampire, the cat, stayed at his high perch from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Richardson says. He stayed comfy up there and even took a nap, Richardson says.

Eventually Vampire came down on his own accord, but Richardson didn't see it. He just saw the cat milling about the back porch like he always does. Vampire is so named because he has extra front teeth and looks like a saber-toothed creature when the light is just right. He's 7 years old now, and generally big for his frame.

Richardson said he considered calling the photo "Cat on a stick," but thought better of himself. What he ended up with is a "pole cat." Go figure. You never know what kinds of stories will pop up at I-Report.

What kinds of things are going on near you? Comment below or send us photos and video of what's happening near you.
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