Thursday, May 24, 2007
Star Wars memories
A good film sticks with you for a while, but a great film can be a lifelong love affair, such is the case with "Star Wars", its prequels and sequels. All the I-Reporters I spoke with said they were hooked on it from the words "A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away..." And their memories seem timeless. John Granger of Northport, New York saw it on his 11th birthday and was so excited he sat on the edge of his seat. Now 30 years later, his kids are fans too.

Another I-Reporter, Jennifer Korin of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, saw it when she was 12 years old and became an instant sci-fi fan. Now her whole family debates the various merits of the film around the family dinner table.

Following a similar vein, Alan Ibarra of Virginia Beach, Virginia, makes his "Star Wars" passion part of his daily life. He’s a member of Garrison Tyranus, which is a local chapter of the 501st Legion: Vader’s Fist, a costuming group. The entire legion is made up of bad guys; Storm Troopers, Tie Pilots, Snow Troopers, and Tusken Raiders, etc.—all villainous characters from George Lucas’ fertile imagination. Each member of the group foots the bill for the creation of his own costume, which can cost hundreds of dollars. The group has been promoting 'Star Wars" at various events for a decade and donates the proceeds to charity.

I-Reporter Charles McLeod of Portland, Oregon, used the adventure and romance of "Star Wars" to help him navigate a tricky social situation. As Storm Troopers took the Jedi-clad McLeod and his girl friend hostage at a "Star Wars" museum exhibit, he proposed. She accepted. They began a new episode in their life together.

But the sci-fi love affair doesn’t end there; see what I-Reporters shared with us about why they love "Star Wars" in our gallery. And read e-mails about why others say its their most memorable movie. Their reasons might surprise you, or they could mirror your own.
What can I say about Star Wars. I saw it at a drive in when I was 7 years old. There was a double feature of Star Wars and Capricorn One. I was there to see Star Wars, my parents made me sleep in the back of the station wagon for the second movie. From the very first scroll I was hooked. The quintissential battle between good and evil, where good triumphs. Then 3 years later, I saw Empire, I remember the idiot that gave away Darth Vader's secret of being Luke's father (Thanks alot wherever you are!!!!!LOL). Then came Return of the Jedi, I was still hooked, had a number of the toys (to which I still collect today). I was among the many that were anxiously awaiting the prequels. Then came the books, then the Role Playing game, then computer games. Lets leave it at that. Right now I use them as a way to escape from difficult days and it makes me feel better. There are no more words to express my feelings towards SW other to say a HUGE Thank you to George Lucas for providing me a world that I can get lost in once in a while.
Thanks for a funny i-Report. I can see myself in the same memory land. Lucas really gave us a once in a lifetime addiction with his Star Wars-sequels, didn´t he?

Anyone know if the Star Wars Convention is coming to us here in Scandinavia?

And I also wonder if it is true that Lucas have a script for episode 7,8 and 9 but that he won´t make those movies cause he is afraid of destroying the magic?
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