Friday, March 30, 2007
James Brierton: An I-Reporter profile

Darfur conference

Weather reporting

High school quiz

Here at team I-Report, there are times when we are simply blown away by what we find in the I-Report queue. Three examples of this have been provided by repeat I-Reporter James Brierton. Not only does he attend Smithtown High School East in Smithtown, New York, the alma mater of CNN’s Soledad O’Brien, but he has also developed O’Brien’s same passion for journalism.

The roving I-Reporter first caught our attention in January with a report from his high school, with “person-on-the-street” interviews of students and faculty to test their knowledge of the world around them. He signed off with “James Brierton, I-Report for CNN,” and a beautiful friendship was born.

When ice storms hit Nesconset, New York on Valentine’s Day, 16-year-old Brierton knew what to do: he grabbed his camera and did what those of us here at CNN call a “look-live,” reporting on the situation there as they faced the first major winter storm of the season. CNN meteorologist Reynolds Wolf was very impressed when we ran his report on the air: “There's no question we're going to hear from him in the future. He's a good one.”

Wolf turned out to be right on the money. We heard from him again just a few days ago. Brierton traveled to Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, to cover the Darfur Awareness Conference in depth. Brierton did a great job showing us what took place at the conference as members of Congress and a survivor of the genocide in Rwanda spoke on how to solve the crisis in the Sudan.

I-Reporters like Brierton represent the best of what I-Report can offer. We’ve seen many others like him report on the news in their communities, and here’s hoping that more of you will do the same. With I-Report, you’re no longer just “watching” or “reading” CNN, you’re participating in the process of news-gathering. So get out there with your cameras and find the news in your area. Show us what I-Reporters can do.
He's only 16! Wow, he is really talented.
This guy's GOOD! And only 16; Wow! Very Inspiring.
He is a great friend of mine and I am very proud of him. Great Job James!!!!
Awesome! Keep up the great reporting!
He is excellent I know we will be seeing him in the future. His family must be very proud
This what I like to see, the young people having opportunities and a chance to show their interests and talents. This is an amazing young man, I will be looking forward to watching his future unfold......His parents did an excellent job raising this fine young man.
I love this example of hyperlocal media. It's where everything is headed, and glad to see CNN is there with it. Other good stuff on similar media issues at
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