Thursday, February 15, 2007
Stars are born
I-Report has a new face. Yours.

This week you felt compelled to move out from behind the lens and step in front of the camera to deliver your own unique weather I-Reports.

Frankly –- they were awesome! Check out some of the best below. Your I-Reports helped take CNN onto the streets and back patios of people dealing with the massive snowstorms that blanketed much of the Midwest and Northeast.

They also left us amazed by your talents and abilities. We feel strongly that this is the next step of I-Report; so let us officially invite you to get in front of the camera and bring it on.

Christopher Hayes
Troy, New York
In action Video

James Brierton
Nesconset, New York
In action Video

Anne Pierson
Westerville, Ohio
In action Video

James Knott
Columbus, Ohio
In action Video
That guy in Columbus is awesome! Kinda cute, too!!
The gentleman from Nesconset, NY may have a future in broadcasting. Very good report and editing. Looks like it was fun! I am ready for spring. How about you?
James Brierton is a very personal friend of mine and I am absolutely certain that he has a future career in broadcasting. Look out for him in the future, and take a look at his stuff on He is the most dedicated hardworking reporter out there, and at only age 16. Great job James, keep it up =]
I thought the editing was really good by James Knott. His overall production was awsome.
Ariana/James Brierton:
James Brierton is only 16 years old? Watch out Anderson Cooper and Katie Couric!

Can't wait to see your next I-Report.
Wow, I live in Georgia, where it's about 70 degrees this time of year. My parents are from Ohio, and I remember them telling me stories about how they had to "walk to school in snow up to their knees. . ." I never believed them, because it was unimaginable to me. But I see this, and it makes me realize how much of a southern girl I am. I could never deal with that much snow! I have lots of respect for all of you.
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