Tuesday, November 28, 2006
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Welcome to CNN Exchange, where your stories are the news. What you see within these pages is a direct result of your interaction with CNN. These are your photos, videos, opinions and ideas. Think of the Exchange as a conversation between you and us.

Now, in the spirit of Exchange, we've created this blog to further that conversation. We've turned the camera over to you -- now we want to hear what you have to say.

Here is your first assignment: Tell us what you think about the Exchange. What do you like? What don't you like? What suggestions do you have? What kinds of I-Reports do you want to see? Give us your ideas, and help us make the Exchange a better community.

Let the conversation begin.
First, I just happen to fall upon this blog website. Great idea. Spotlight this site more. Get the idea CNN wants i-reports but no mention of blog or community to chat. Working at a camera store for three years, people love to talk about their photos. Need to tap into those people. They may also be the people at the right place at the right time AND may send it to CNN i-report.

Second, individuals respond to an individual being connected to a blog. i.e. Lou Dobbs, Anderson Cooper, Jack Cafferty, etc. How about a CNN photojournalist? Or someone who is willing to discuss photos to some extent. (No photo or camera advice)OR why would CNN want your photos?

Third, is anyone checking this blog site? It should be interesting to see if anyone is still out there.

Fourth, I like the ideas of topics but they can be limiting. For example, the topics or requests may have viewers thinking that CNN is only looking for those ideas. Are they?

Fifth, get amaeur photographers talking about this blog and i-reports. Talk about it in trade mags, maybe.

Sixth, I know as a pro, I am cutting my own throat, but we can't be everywhere.
I just posted my first story and picture. I have not seen my story yet. Glancing through exchange I did not see something like a read me first or FAQ page so I don't know what to expect. I'm a very experienced user so I will be able to get around and find out how this site works. Maybe a more prominent users guide could be made available for those may need it. I'm sure this would be appreciated by the new user.
Great idea, Michael. We do actually have an I-Report Toolkit and an FAQ page, but they don't really address how to know where to look for your material once you send it. That's on our to-do list. In the meantime, the best place to look for published I-Reports is our I-Report Spotlight page, where we feature new and interesting videos, photos and comments sent from CNN users. Keep those stories coming!
I think I-Report/exchange is a great idea, I often send e-mail reports. ( I have no way to send video) The only complaint I have is not enough of the email reports per subject are shown. They should put an extra page for each one. Maybe even post some on this blog if its inconvenient on the original page, with a link to this blog, that way more people would know this blog was here and it would get more traffic and comments. Just a suggestion.
Glad to see someone is still out there. I have enjoyed reading other blogs on this site.

The idea of blogs and audience engagement is critical to The Exchange Notebook working for CNN and other sites.

I agree about the user guide issue. Thanks for addressing it Lila.

I will check back.
I submitted my first videos 11/31/06, it was exciting to have a call from CNN and them adding to the i-video spot. I am no professional photographer, but have loved taking pictures & videos all my life and enjoy looking at what others send into CNN and local newspapers. Interactions with stations are cool, and always wonderful to hear "the good" stories & unselfess acts from throughout the country/world.
I haven't been on the blog, nor many others at this point, but great for us to be able to get to if they want to anytime. I may have to check into it. The i report was a great idea!
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