Monday, February 18, 2008
Diana inquest: 'Hot murder'

If the public following the inquest into the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales and her lover expected a showdown in Court 73 from Mohamed Al Fayed , they certainly got one.

The billionaire father of Dodi Al Fayed, who died in a car crash with Diana, was testifying in the inquest into the couple's death. And within minutes, the teary-eyed Egyptian called the August 1997 crash "hot murder."

"I will not rest until I die. If I lose everything to find the truth," Al Fayed told the court.

Al Fayed repeated his allegations that the royal ramily was responsible for the crash, that Diana was pregnant and that the couple was about to announced their engagement. Allegations a string of other witnesses have denied.

When an inquest lawyer challenged Al Fayed as to why he didn't tell everybody as soon as he knew about Diana and Dodi"s alleged engagment, Al Fayed tersely replied, "it was one hour before they were murdered. Am I going to announce it after they were dead?"

He also added his allegation that Prince Philip -- the husband of the Queen -- couldn't bear to have a Muslim be stepfather to the future king of England.
Al Fayed then let out a torrent of claims and exhortations: That members of the Royal family were racist and that he deserved a fair hearing in court because he had brought so much business into the UK.
Some of his curt answers actually drew laughter from members of the public watching the testimony via video in an adjourning room.

"Diana suffered for 20 years from this Dracula family," Al Fayed said, to chuckles inside and outside the court.

Some of the exchanges would be funny, were it not so clear that Al Fayed is still grieving for his son -- and is clearly disturbed by suggestions his version of events are "hallucinations."
The inquest continues...

From CNN correspondent Alphonso Van Marsh in London
We can understand the frustration of the billionaire father of Dodi Al Fayed but this seems to be no sense in what is talking and what he is trying to do by saying “I will not rest until I die. If I lose everything to find the truth," and by the way how did the religion issue come here and in what way any thing of that matter is required here . Diana, Princess of Wales and her lover both were adults and have enough sense to understand what life is and where they are heading.

Ignore these people who are rich by money and poor by minds .
Why is England wasting Tax Payer's money for yet another Inquest over Princess Diana's death??? England should put a stop to this. Mohamed Al Fayed life stopped with his son's death, and he will continue to blame The Royal Family, even though their death was an accident. Dodi may have told his father that he was hoping to get engaged, but nobody really knows the truth about this, and this has nothing to do with the accident. Diana and Dodi Al Fayed died together. Leave them in peace.
Dodi must be glad that he can live in the UK and make baseless allegations against the monarchy. If he were to live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and make similar allegations against the Saudi royalty, what would happen to his person is an easy guess. Think about it.
To be honest I believe the guy. Makes a lot of sense, whiles the accident story doesnt.
To be honest I believe the guy. Makes a lot of sense, whiles the accident story doesnt.
It is a well known fact that Diana got a raw deal from the Royal family.That she was murdered cannot be ruled out.What the old man is trying to do is get the facts out.But then ..
with the type of people involved you may never know what actually happened.
I sympathise with Dodi Al Fayed and the remainder of the grief-stricken world still mourning the senseless death of the most beautiful woman this world has seen (my opinion is just as valid as anyone else's). I also support him in his search for the truth - something this world appears to be totally devoid of.
Chuckles is not appropriate in anything having to do with the deaths of Dodi Al Fayed and the Princess of Wales. There are still unanswered questions and they should be answered. I don't know if there was a 'plot' but i do think a formal inquest is appropriate. I believe that Princess Diana was the people's princess, in a royalty where perhaps she shouldn't of been - I can only believe that aristocracy is a difficult position to be in. I hope and pray that this formal inquest puts to rest the questions surrounding the car crash and the resulting deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed.
In addition...ignore anybody of poor mind. This man is Britain's version of OJ. I wonder how HIS investigation is going.

This is just a way for Fayed to get exposure for his tacky store. Honestly, anybody worth anything goes to Fortnum's anyway.
This is a conflict between power and money. This case is being heard because Al Fayed has the money to make some noise . How many more injustice have we not heard?
Mr.Alfayed knows the truth as does the majority of the world. If this was an accident think about it. Princess Diana did not die right away, she spent way too much time in that tunnel, her long slow journery to hospital. Her words, Oh my God, What happened, Dodi, leave me alone. She pulled the drip from her arm. She was aggitated, She knew that this was the accident planned, she trusted no one. They sedated her, God knows what else they did to her to ensure she would die. This woman left the world with letters telling the world she knew they were planning to either kill her or injure her badly. How can anyone ignore that. She must have suffered so horribly, pictures taken, Dodi dead, trusting no one.
Knowing that she would die. Think about it, she knew and could do nothing. Why was she not transported by helicopter to hospital, why was she not put on heart lung machine, they took enough time to ensure her death, then they embalmed her to cover up what? Her body was not presentable, excuse me but she had not been dead long enough for that to be true. There were other measures that could have been taken and were not. How can anyone ignore the facts. This woman was murdered and we know who ordered it. The Royal Family.
Mr. Al Fayed is clearly delusional and paranoid. Why does the world press continue to give him a forum for his rants? He's received way too much time in front of the spotlight.
Hm, yes what a stupied thing to even sujest that relligion could be somewhat the couse. I mean after all the world has been fighting over relligion for 1000's of years to date now only they have perfected the art of "sneaky back stabing silent WAR on oposit relligions" so what a stupid thought they killed her becouse she was to marry a muslim wao!!!
Al Fayed seems so grieved by his son's death that it is difficult, even now, to be so derisive of his assertions. Even if Dodi told his father that he and Diana were engaged, Dodi may well have been only humoring him. Diana knew that a second marriage would not have served her well, and Dodi seemed progressive enough in his beliefs to accept a quiet intimate relationship without the formality. The public would have accepted the arrangement as well, as least as long as the palace accepted Camilla as part of Prince Charles's life. What we have in the end are two mature adults dying and a grieving father treating them both like young children.
I understand Dodi Al Fayed's frustration...and I admire his strong will to seek out the truth even if it takes a lifetime...We must understand that he lost a son to an unfortunate and tragic situation. Without closure he will not rest, and it seems to me that the royal family has shown no
compassion and one of their own was involved....Recently I have heard that bodyguard has told many twisted and confusing stories to the british courts which now brings more reason for Dodi Al Fayed to continue his quest for the truth...

Kraig Rasool
Fort Washington Md
It is insensitive of the general public and the Royal Family not to understand this man's grief and wanting all of the facts. I find it offensive for people to make generalized judgments of Mr. Fayed, when they do not sit in his shoes, nor experienced such a great loss. Truly, I do not think the truth will ever prevail and for this reason Mr. Fayed can not receive the closure he desires.

I always try to place myself in the shoes of the victims - and if it were me, I would want a finality to this situation so that I could move forward.
I agree with Dodi, they met with foul play and I think the "royals" are racist and would not want anyone other than "aryans" who are of their faith in their family
Claude Lebrun
Montreal Canada

I all ways felt that there was something to Al Fayed accusation because of the advantage the death of Diana gave to the Royal Family. People who are rich can buy anything police lawyer judge. They can also have evidence destroyed. In today’s world you probably never know the real truth.
Can we honestly try to believe a royal family? think about this....the wives of kings who did not produce sons, were beheaded. do you think they have compassion in their heart? I wonder how many times people have lost loved ones due to the royal government covering up crimes they committed?
Di didn't die in the tunnel, so they made sure she would die anyway without proper medical care for her internal injuries. Do the French usually take hours to transport a gravely injured person to a competent hospital? They let her die intentionally. Thank you
I believe his guy because there is something going on with the royal family they dont even look human.I believe that they murdered her because she did not want to give them any more blue blood,Dna or reptilian babies.
What did religion have to do with it? Any one in the "Royal Family", as Diana was even before she was married to the prince, has a "obligation" to marry into the church of england. That is preferred. Certain religions are forbade, for instance Diana had to meet a certain criteria before she married the prince. I don't think the Muslim faith had been in the spotlight in the past, but for instance following certain guidelines, a marriage of certain religions would prevent any royal heir from entering into the family.This info. was found on Wikipedia.
I believe Al Fayed. I think the royal family has covered up for Philip [or even the Queen, Herself], and that everyone fell into line. This is going to haunt the world forever. It is as big as the JFKennedy shooting/assassination, and as littered with mysterious circumstances. I believe with all my heart that beautiful Diana and her fiance Dodi were murdered.
Diana behaved like a tramp. She had the perfect position to do somthing for the world, but all she did was frolick in her bikini/ugly gowns and sleep with all types of men. what a shame, all that beauty and brains gone to waste.
For God's sake, what Dianna really appreciated would be donating all the money spent on her long, long case to the charity!!! Al Fayed is so sickening and annoying.
Just a note to clarify. Dodi Fayed was killed in the accident. It is his father MOHAMMAD Al Fayed who is testifying. Please get the names correct. Dodi cannot make any accusations any longer as he is dead. Please get your names straight...
short end of the story .. The car accident theory is too fishy, i don't see any problem in further investigation.
I BELIEVE HIM! I AGREE WITH HIM! It is the truth. Why is this so hard to believe? The truth sings loud and clear in what he says.
The royal Family HAD THEM KILLED! Accept it and lets move on. They were embarressed by the relationship. They warned them both many times to stop the relationship. The Royal family can have anyone killed at anytime. They have that much power. DON'T YOU DOUBT IT, DON"T BE SUCH FOOLS!!!!
You know I understand the man's grief and his conviction that this was not an accident..a lot of what may have to do with that is that he has never been allowed citizenship in the UK..If he is so convinced he better hope for more than his accusations to substantiate his claim..the one thing that bugs me to no end though when he does get on his soapbox about this is Dodi and Diana were not the ONLY people killed in this tragedy...Henry Paul the driver was also killed..was he NOT murdered as well? Then you have the body guard Trevor Rees-Jones who was severely injured and disfigured and the only Mr. Paul's family has publicly stated the man was NOT a drinker..Trevor Rees-Jones has publicly stated that Henry' did NOT appear intoxicated..but his memory is also shot as to how fast etc because he doesn't remember the actual accident...I think it's inappropriate for anyone to laugh during these proceedings even if they think Mr. Al Fayed is crazy...he's not...he's just a grieving father who isn't satisfied with the answers...I would have to believe that if someone were to step up and say.."yeah I killed them" he still wouldn't be satisfied..he's just a very sad man IMO..and I do feel for him..of course if there is any truth in his theories they probably never will come out..all in all the entire situation is just tragic
What resposibilty does Dodi Al Fayed feel for hiring a drunk to drive his son and others?
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