Friday, October 12, 2007
Ex-Beatle mania

Paul McCartney may have just given the performance of his lifetime, but if he did no one saw it.

Such was the secrecy cloaking the court proceedings as he and estranged wife Heather Mills tried to pick apart their failed marriage that the only information to leak out to the crowd of waiting journalists was that the ex-Beatle had been to the toilet. Twice.

Most had been expecting a perfunctory meeting, the details of the divorce having been thrashed out in months of a very public battle fought across front pages of Britain’s tabloid newspapers.

But hours after the pair entered the court building to argue over how McCartney’s multimillion-dollar fortune would be carved up, there was still no news.

As dusk followed a crimson sunset over London’s rooftops, the waiting press pack got increasingly jittery, jumping up at the slightest movement behind the courtroom railings in the hope of a glimpse of the unhappy couple.

The tortuous wait was also giving rise to tortuous puns as newspaper sub editors raided the Beatles back catalog for suitable song titles to use in headlines. (“We Can’t Work It Out,” and “The Long and Winding Road” duly appeared in print the following morning.)

Darkness arrived, but the lights of the courtroom burned on. Clearly things we’re going as badly inside as they were for those waiting glumly outside.

The moment, when it came, was an anti-climax. First McCartney then Mills sped past in separate cars, both triggering a ten second adrenaline rush of camera flashbulbs and breathless live reporting.

The photographs gave only a tiny insight into the day’s events. Mills was unseen, hiding beneath a blanket in a car with blanked out windows.

McCartney meanwhile, was seen with a half-smile on his face and one arm raised to reveal his wristwatch. Clearly he hasn’t quite lost everything.

-- From CNN's Barry Neild
leave Paul alone
Quite unladylike behaviour of Lady McC. I a way one feels sorry for her.
money can't buy me love...
hard to say anything with substance since the moderators are deleting everything, lol. i think the majority of us know its wrong that paul has to give up so much money to someone who clearly didnt have anything to do with the majority of his life work.
lets see if they post THIS one. lmao
paul doesn't deserve what the press tortures him with
he wrote and still writes great music... why should his personal life matter? its his business, not ours, and it must be painful enough.
At one point I was of the belief that the British were more civilized, and perhaps even clever than we Americans. I'm embarrassed for you now. Paul McCartney may be the most historically relevant entertainer still alive. Feverish and hungry to exploit his failure is so 'red, white and blue'. Congratulations.
-Just some old redneck
The jackals will do anything to sell papers, and their supporters will buy those papers. That is so far away from the idealism and other positive descriptions of the music that Paul helped bring to the world.
I never liked Heather Mills anyway.
Why must people feed of other's pain. The McCartney's dont deserve this kind of public gawking at even the slightest movement from them. My sympathies go out to them on the death of their marriage. I'm certain that when they married, they couldnt forsee all this prying into their personal lives.
Shame on the media, once again.
Oh my! Where are Paul's good looks? Doesn't he look like age is not favoring him...? He is UGLY now..! sorry that is all I am going to say, I couldn't care less for his money-divorce-settlement problems...
Clearly this may have been her intention all along. Paul deserves much better!!
I am not surprised but shocked at the interest shown 4 this couple. where is the intellect behind all that music! to follow the private life of "actors" is not my cup of tea and it should be none of others' business. make music man -- not just sound. voila.
"Can't Buy Me love"
A lover, the faith, a graceful desire.

There’s a gracious
desire where
the light of a lamp,
with a good grace,
presents in a moment
the care of a
beautiful sunset,
and also that dream,
in a delicate candle,
remembers at once
a luminous lover.

Francesco Sinibaldi
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