Thursday, October 04, 2007
Countdown to death

Pause, rewind, stop, play: Instantly we’re back on the night of August 31, 1997, spirited in time through a web of security cameras to the final moments before Diana, Princess of Wales was killed in a car crash.

In the drab surroundings of London’s Royal Courts of Justice, it’s easy to get drawn back into the events of that night as the video footage reels along, showing second-by-second as Diana and her lover Dodi al Fayed try to escape a hotel besieged by paparazzi.

The video, shot by more than 30 cameras, was presented as evidence in the inquest into Diana’s death -- a drawn out court proceeding that began this week but is expected to last six months.

The plodding pace and the largely mundane images of security staff moving along hotel hallways seem a far cry from the near-hysterical outpouring of grief that followed the events of a decade ago. (Outside the courtroom, there is just one solitary fanatic dressed in a pin stripe suit, with the word “Diana” scrawled in blue across his forehead.)

Yet the tension builds as Inspector Paul Carpenter of the Metropolitan Police, the chief narrator of the video evidence, monotones the exact time of each event
-- the seconds inexorably counting down to the moment of death.

There’s a flicker of emotional relief when Henri Paul, the driver who also died in the car crash, is seen entering a toilet, the camera remaining focused on the
door. “He’s in there for two minutes and 10 seconds,” deadpans Carpenter, drawing a murmur of laughter.

Then we see the footage of Dodi and Diana making their exit through a rear entrance to the hotel. Having taken a service elevator, they pause behind a doorway waiting for the all-clear to dash to their car.

In the 10 minutes they wait with their backs to the camera, Dodi places his arm around Diana who, in perhaps the single most intimate moment between the couple captured on camera, briefly intertwines her fingers with his.

Viewed publicly for the first time, 10 years on, it’s an astonishing moment.

The woman who was a focus for almost the entire world’s media both before and after her death, forced to wait in a dreary corridor, and in that time very vividly displaying her affection for the man she died alongside.

Carpenter makes no comment on this, other than to continue his ominous countdown: "The time is now 16 minutes and 57 seconds past midnight."

Soon she would be dead.

-- From CNN's Barry Neild
1. Mis-information & mis-direction by Lord Justice Scott Baker, coroner and another unidentified spokeman on 8Oct2007 in an attempt to psych the world-audience into blaming the paparazzi (a convenient scapegoat) for Princes Diana's death. But as Associated Press said "Neither the French nor British investigations have blamed paparazzi pursuing the speeding car for the crash." !!! Here are Scott Baker & gang's out-of-context and ridiculous mention of the word "paparazzi", subliminally attempting to plant the word "paparazzi" in the audience's sub-conscious, which is prejudicing the whole investigation right at the start:-
(a) "Baker, fearful that the court's Paris visit could provoke the same paparazzi hysteria that greeted the world's most photographed woman when she was alive, has pleaded for media restraint and respect for the jury's privacy."
(b) Coroner encouraged them to move towards the far end of the tunnel to look back at the view. "Members of the jury it may be that what you're seeing isn't entirely natural due to the large number of police and photographers who are present, who are having some effect on the traffic," he said. <<-- Stuff & nonsense.
(c) "There are concerns over swarming paparazzi similar to those who pursued the couple in their final moments." <<-- Stuff & nonsense.
(d) "It is very difficult to conduct this sort of visit where you are leaving the protection ... offered by your own legal system," said a spokesman for the inquest, who asked not to be named in keeping with British procedure. "All of a sudden, we are about to walk down streets in Paris with no legal authority over those people around us." <<-- Stuff & nonsense.
2. (a) Fortunately the video-tapes were under the secure protection of the dead-Dodi's father Mohamed al Fayed owner of the Paris Ritz Hotel. Otherwise they would also have made a 'disappearing-act like the CCTV-records inside the Tunnel and the whole route to the Tunnel. Note that a witness said that when he arrived at the Police-Station, he was told "we were expecting you ..." implying that the Paris Police had seen all the Witnesses inside the Tunnel !!
(b) Jean-Pascal Peyret and his wife heard an impact followed by a loud crash as they were exiting the Alma tunnel. He said that immediately after the crash his vehicle was overtaken by a motorcycle. When he reported the incident to the police he was told that they were expecting him. This startling comment suggests that the surveillance camera at the tunnel entrance was functioning, enabling the police to read Peyret's license plate, thus contradicting the investigative team's claim that the camera wasn't working at the time of the crash.
3. Captured on one of the hotel's security cameras was the dead-driver Henri Paul (deputy head of Hotel Ritz security) waving in the direction of photographer Jacques Langevin, who was at the back of the hotel with several paparazzi colleagues. I suspect because he was under mind-control with (refer ) hi-tech wireless-control chip-implant in his jaw, and drugs-injected-by-MI5. He was betraying his duty to protecting Diana & Dodi, by tipping-off the paparazzi (about the couple's plan to leave the hotel from its service entrance) so that the paparazzi would be around as convenient scapegoats for the death of Diana !!!
4. The hotel's security cameras at the lobby had captured Henri Paul's odd behavior as he arrived: although there was ample space to park two buses, Henri did a series of reverse-parking in his Mini-car !!! Were his mind-controllers testing him ??
5. Henri Paul's mental-integrity had obviously been compromised by the hi-tech Murders because, he was doing more odd things that night: Henri Paul contacted bodyguards Trevor Rees-Jones and Kez Wingfield who were waiting for further instructions and told the astounded pair that he would be driving Diana and Dodi back to the apartment without bodyguards. An incredulous and angry Rees-Jones made it abundantly clear that he couldn't tolerate such a dangerous violation of security procedure.
Its amazing how the story of Diana still continues after 10 years.
Wow...whoever left that first comment is CRAZY with a capital C. Yikes.
To Mr.Thomas Raja:

I was really intrigued by your argument and kept reading. But when you included mind-control implants with a weak reference (a discussion forum is not a solid source), you lost me. The mind-control part at the end of your comment doesn't even relate to anything you mentioned above it.
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