Friday, June 08, 2007
Shooting lions in South Africa

John Foster with one of the two lions he shot on his Sandhurst Safari.

The lions drool as they greedily lick the dead horse, savoring the fresh meat like a special treat. Then they gnaw at the horse's side until the belly rips open and the entrails spill out into the enclosure. I can’t take my eyes off the lions feeding as Joe my cameraman zooms in for a bloody close-up.

I’m on location in Vryburg, South Africa, in game hunting country. Our seven-hour, bum-numbing drive from Johannesburg has been rewarded with stunning video of one of South Africa’s oldest canned hunting operations.

This form of hunting is so controversial in South Africa it's difficult finding hunters who'll talk about it, let alone allow a CNN film crew to come along on a hunt.

On a canned hunt, animals you’d normally expect to find in the wild like, lions, leopards and rhinos are either placed in an enclosed space or bred specially to be hunted as trophies.

Animal rights groups say it's unethical and immoral and are campaigning for an outright ban of all trophy hunting in South Africa. The government hasn't gone quite that far, but they have given hunting industry a deadline of February 2008 for ending canned hunting as we know it today.

But the hunting industry is furious at the threatened loss of millions of dollars in foreign revenue.

Lion breeders make around $25,000 and sometimes more for each lion a hunter shoots. The hunter goes home happy, the breeders make money and the local villages are sustained by selling fresh horses and livestock as lion feed.

John Foster with the second lion he killed.

The lions at Sandhurst Safaris were beautiful -- all 250 of them. Sleek and golden they lived so close to the lodge that in the evening you could hear them roaring into the night.

Each pride has its own enclosure and lives as a family unit. Separated by wire fencing the pens stretch across a huge area. If the wind blows the wrong way you get a unique waft of raw meat and pungent lion coming straight at you.

When a client books in for a hunt, a lion will be released into the grounds a few days in advance. Then it's up to the hunter with the help of his trackers to find and shoot his trophy.

John Foster, a hunter from Boise, Idaho, said I could join him on his hunt and include him in my story.

Ten minutes after jumping on a truck our tracker found lion prints. It was a small lion the tracker said but John passed on it, he was after a big trophy. Joe the cameraman looked relieved, he’s scared of dogs so I’m glad that we didn’t have to go crawling through the long grass hunting a big cat.

After two days on safari we packed up and drove back to Johannesburg. Sandhurst Safaris sent me a text the next day, John had bagged two lions.

Of course I’m kicking myself for not staying that extra day and getting that footage on tape, but Joe was happy. Filming lions feasting on a dead horse was enough for him.

Watch my report

-- From Femi Oke, CNN International Correspondent
We humans have no respect for anything; it is sad to see these animals being killed for the pleasure of individuals. What a waste.
People who kill animals are just a step away from killing people, they are cowards who restrain themselves only because of the law.
Especially the people involved in canned hunting. Scum.
Absolutely disgusting. This still goes on, in 2007? I'm apalled, I really don't know what to make of it. How someone can kill gorgeous animals for sport, and as a trophy, is beyond me. It'd be like taking a flame thrower to a rose bush and claiming it was because you found it pretty.
It is OUTRAGEOUS that they breed precious lions only to trap them in a cage-like environment for twisted people who want to 'pretend' like they are actually hunting. I am absolutely against this, it is completely unethical and cruel and will be a part of any organization that fights this.
Okay that's just disgusting.
As a proud South African and a passionate naturalist I am ashamed of our reputation as the primary proponents of the 'canned hunting' practice. There is clearly no ecological benefit to slaughtering captive tame animals and the only reason it is practised at all is the pursuit of profit. My congratulations to Mr. Van Schalkwyk on his decisive action in addressing the issue and good ridance to those who promote it and practice it.
As a proud South African and a passionate naturalist I am ashamed of our reputation as the primary proponents of the 'canned hunting' practice. There is clearly no ecological benfit to slaughtering tamed, captive animals and the only reason it is practiced at all is the pursuit of personal profit. My congratulations to Mr. Van Schalkwyk for his decisive response to the issue. I have no sympathy for those who practice and/or promote it
Get over it! I guarentee that in two years they are going to reinstate canned hunting because people are going to go off again wildering and illegal hunting endangering the whole species all over again.Why can't most people accept that humans are predators. We are , we are the only predators with a conscience but predators nonetheless. Some people here think canned hunting is an anachronism I'd say it is something very modern that allows for these hunters to practice their hobby without hurting the environment and endangering a precious species.These lions didn't ask from you moral highgrounders to eat this horse or to kill lion baby cubs when they want to impregnate a female with their own semen.
This sort of thing is absolutely horrible. These animals are beautiful creatures who have done nothing wrong to deserve this kind of treatment. While reading the story, I couldn't help but to think that this happens all the time. I'm not vegetarian, but aren't we doing the same thing with cows, pigs and chickens here in America? How would John Foster feel if that gun was turned on him?
What is so hard about living within ones environment without killing everything in it? These lions live in very highly structured social orders and are indeed creatures of great beauty-so WHY do we find it necessary to kill them? Why can't we enjoy them as God intended-out in the wild being what they are, doing what they are supposed to do. I appreciate that much more than a dead one. This makes me terribly sad. I hope the government is successful in stopping it.
Humanity. Not exactly something to proud of, is it.
As I watched this story I was disgusted. It deeply saddens me to think that there actually are people that think it's ok to do these kinds of inhumane things. I wish I could tell these "hunters" that it does not make them men to go out and kill an animal that's in an enclosure and has no way of escaping. The real men are the ones who protect wildlife not destroy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
People would kill for fun like this are cowards...I may have some respect for Mr. Foster if he took on the lion with out the gun!! I would love to see who won that fight!!
Isn't funny how we keep hearing that many different breeds of lions are becoming more and more rare, and yet here we have an example of several hundred of them in captivity being bred just to be shot. This may be one form of humanity at it's lowest. Some people may say that lions are only stupid animals, but it's clear that they are not. Most probably take care of their tribes and families better than some human beings. This 'canned hunting' practice is disgusting. Men and women who participate in this should not be proud of themselves for 'bagging' a big 'trophy,' but should be ashamed of themselves for killing something that has no chance to fight back. They are not killing them to use the animal for survival needs such as food, which makes the entire operation pointless. If they want a lasting thrill, why don't they try to help their fellow humans who are starving, being killed, or dirt poor. Oh wait, that would mean they would have morals.
Appalling. Lions are magnificent creatures, to shoot them for sport is horrifying. To kill lions that are being bred just for "sport" is depraved. I know the African Villagers had other means of making their living before the "Great Hunters" came to Africa. We need to facilitate smart economic growth for the people. I know these hunting companies aren't giving that much back to the villagers they hire for these repugnant deeds. WE are losing more wildlife every day, we should focus on conservation, not "killing for Sport". How "Sporting" is it to kill an animal with no where to run and with a gun or rifle that is high powered to blow everything quite dead. SAVE THE LIONS!
That man,Foster, is a COWARD.- The worst kind.
Let's see...lion in a fenced environment where it cannot escape. Man in a truck with a high powered long-distance rifle. Where is the "sport" in this? Not much of a contest.

How sad that some men still feel a need to prove their masculinity by slaughtering animals in an unfair situation.


I'd like to hunt Mr. Foster and have my picture taken with the most predatory animal in the world, a wealthy, bored, white man.
To truly make this a fair "sport" as sports should be, Mr. Foster should be released in the same enclosure without a gun and left there for a few days to fend for himself and go hunt his lions. I'm sure he would quickly realize where he really falls on the food chain and that without a gun he's a worthless predator. With a gun he's just a dangerous man.
I think it's funny that people like to eat meat, but when it comes to hunting that meat, they are appalled. A lion is no more or less an animal than a cow. And cows in a slaughterhouse have no more chance to escape than the bred lion has.

To be clear, I am not a hunter because I simply would not enjoy it. But some other people do like to hunt, and as long as I like to eat meat, I have no moral ground to tell them to stop. Ok, hunters hunt less for the meat than for pleasure, but if you compare the numbers of cows slaughtered vs. the number of animals hunted for trophy, most animal hardship by far is still caused by us meat eaters.

As far as lions are concerned, the wild lion population can only benefit if trophy hunters can hunt bred lions, leaving the wild population alone.
This man has no conscience and no humanity. This is a despicable thing to do to any animal. Its bad enough to kill animals for food or to subject them to inhuman treatment like laboratories or other uses, but to breed them and kill them is so inhumane it is difficult for me to comprehend such cruelty. I would like to hunt and kill him.
The breeders are crying foul to the decent legislation which forces a humane precedent in a bastard industry. This is categorically about blood money and the breeders have no alternate but to appeal on any basis they can, citing loss of employment as an example. How can hangmen be allowed to prosper amongst us? A breeder who raises a lion for slaughter is a murderer, the hunter is just an accessory to the crime. Our challenge is to teach mankind about sacrifice which leads to abundance.
As I watched this video, I was struck by just how turned on I was by this manly man looking to hunt and kill in a prearranged situation. NOT! Garbage, these people who support and participate in this are garbage! If he wants to prove his manhood, let him spend a day in the wild - weaponless - with these animals he wants to kill. AND THIS IS NOT AN EXAMPLE OF HUMANS BEING PREDATORS! This is some jerk looking to have things handed to him on a platter.
Hooray South Africa for banning this bloodsport.. and not a moment too soon.
Killing for pleasure??? Killing is bad enough, add pleasure to it and I don't know what to call it! I see no reason or logic on this. It is utterly appalling that anyone can get pleasure out of killing.
This is a horridly disgusting practice... and anyone participating in it is just plain sick. Hunting an animal for personal use/consumption (such as a deer or a moose) is one thing.... hunting a predator like a lion "just cuz" is just wrong. People who participate in these types of activities aren't hunters, they're butchers, and ought not be permitted to hunt period. If it's some kind of macho thing, well guess what -- try viagra, because compensating by shooting an innocent animal doesn't make you macho, it makes you cruel, sick and inhumane.
The lions kill for food. The so called human did not.
I think the idea of calling this a "sport" is laughable and disgusting. But that said, I would rather see a lion bred for this purpose, instead of wild lions being hunted down and slaughtered. It's not much of a consolation though.

Killing anything for fun is appalling.
They should let the hunters there,insted of the horse.This is a different kind of fun !!!!
This was one of the most disgusting, cruel and vile things I have ever witnessed. To kill these beautiful animals for nothing more than pent up sadistic pleasure is a crime against humanity. It's a good thing the documentary Planet Earth was made because that is all we will have to look at-just film-at what once was a beautiful planet. Man is succeeding in destroying earth and every living thing on it!
Why do you give publicity to these sickos?
I am sick and tired of being told that since I eat meat there is no difference in hunting vs slaughterhouses. When it comes to big game such as this story it angers me that someone would set up a kill. I think people who go out on these trips to Africa should go in the name of just the beauty of the wild killing those lions just because they are bred for it doesnt make it right. We are at war all over this planet and have so much pain and destruction why kill?? I may be wrong, but this is just to much. I am not even a big fan of lions, whats next for this world to get their thrills? I know, how about that movie "Running Man" is that whats next?
I bet not one of you who defends the lion's cause so vehemently would bat an eye-lid when one of these things eats an African farmer or kills his cattle thereby destroying his liveyhood. Maybe it is time to start hunting down these creatures not just in a canned environment but in the wild too. As human population grows we will start living closer and closer to the lion's habitat. I'm sorry, but i'm one of those crazy people who prefers human life above that of a lion, tiger or any other species. Its either us or them.

I bet if the man-eating T-rex's still roamed the earth some of you animal rights crazies would want to protect it. Remember 99% of the species that have ever appeared on this planet are already extinct. Its us or them...and i prefer us. I say allow canned hunting and wild hunting too.
One can only hope that in the great plains of Heaven - John and his kind will be running while the angles take shots at them. Only humans kill for the fun of it. Don't ever tell me about "inhumane" - WE are the lowest and most immoral of the animals! Shame, shame , shame – What a small Big Man!
Please help us South Africans stop this hideous practice by signing this online petition:

Please don't put this off, do it now; let's try stop this properly as soon as possible.
I live in Texas, USA, where many people hunt for sport. I have never killed an animal or kept a fish that I didn't intend to eat. I have also never killed anything (for sport) that didn't have a reasonable chance of escape. I have come home from many a hunting or fishing trip empty handed. Paying big bucks to "hunt" an animal in a pen and calling yourself a hunter is like hiring an expensive prostitute and calling yourself a stud!
There is much more to do in SA. Why do you have to shoot the animals? The local villages can make as much money by catering to photographers and those that are there to view the wildlife...the customer pool for hunters is much smaller than that of observers. I had to listen to two hunters brag about the elephants they killed on a recent flight back from Jo'Burg to Atlanta. And thier guides were transplants from the U.S. How are the locals truly benefiting?

We had a much better time meeting the people and experiencing the culture. Those two guys never left the hunting camp. Pity.
I used to be a hunter, for food only. This is not hunting. No man who calls himself a true hunter would participate in this type of killing.
This is the equivalent of tree-stand shooting and bear baiting, which is only practiced by cowards who are afraid to be on the ground, facing the animal up close, because they don't know how to hunt.
I would like to see if these types of men would be willing to hunt the large wild predators, alone at night, during a rainstorm so both could not hear the subtle noises as they stalked each other. The human hunter would become the meal.
Beyond the fact that hunting animals in any setting, canned or not is basically murder, what no one else has commented on in this story is the fact that not only are the lions being bred for slaughter, but so are the horses that are being used to feed the lions. Foster and his type, as well as the people running these "safaris" should be prosecuted. They represent the worst elements of mankind and have no place in a civilized world.
Shooting an animal makes you a killer. Killing a human makes you a murderer. Wanting to hunt down and kill this hunter for killing an animal, no matter how much it bothers you, means you've stepped over the line and makes you a pre-meditated, psychotic murderer and an extreme danger to society. Your way of animal rights reasoning turns you into a far worse human than the one you wish to kill.
It -is- 2007, the above commentors are right. Why is hunting legal, anywhere? There is NO way you can validate taking of life for sport. When our environment is already suffering, how can you take the life of what could be somethings mother, sister, daughter, father, brother or son? All animals have familial communication with their elders and form social communities and packs, to pick one and decide that you are going to arbitrarily end it's life is so pig headed, and so typical of the human condition and reason we're on the verge of self-destruct all the time. It should be banned outright, and people who defend it, or encourage it, should be forced into psychiatric care. 'Thou shalt not kill' had no stipulations as to what it extended to.
And what happens when Lions and other's like this are extinct? Then what?
Humans are anhiliating animals and it's appalling. God created animals before humans, who gives humans the right to kill animals like this?
We humans kill cows, pigs, hens, fish et cetera. We kill plants and eat the plant-seeds. All are living organism. We eat a diverse array of food because we find pleasure in doing so (in theory we could survive on proteins, vitamins and minerals together with water).

So what is the logical difference when it comes to hunting. The joy of hunting (and fishing) is immoral? That the animal in this case should have a higher chance of killing the hunter rather than the other way around? One should be clear on what one percieves as the problem, or as a lack of respect, in comparison to the everyday processing of cattle, and other living organism like corn.
Ugh. No true man has to prove himself by murdering an animal. We are not predators. Predators have to kill to live, we do not, we choose to do so because our taste makes it worth it to us. And as for comparing the lion and the cow, saying we treat cows terribly is not an excuse to treat lions that way. I think its disguisting the little regard in which we hold all species, even our own. I'm glad if people lose their jobs and their money, they should be ashamed to make a living doing this. There is no wealth like dignity. Ugh...I'm ashamed of my species.
I am more than appalled by this practice that amounts to no more than killing caged animals. And what kind of sick person could call themselves a 'hunter' after such a killing? Some people will do anything to pump up their own ego, it seems.
How horrible. I didn't want to watch but unfortunately I did and I'm crying for those poor unfortunate,innocent creatures dying uselessly to entertain rich maniacs.
To those expressing moral outrage about South Africa allowing this to happen - look to your own backyards. Canned hunting is done in the United States. In several states. You can hunt magestic cats like lions even smaller enclosures and under conditions that place the hunter at no risk at all. We in the U.S. are equally as guilty of allowing this disgusting, cowardly practice to happen.
The people who are comparing this activity to eating meat or killing an animal for food are decidedly short-sighted. It is a far different thing to kill an animal in order to eat its meat than it is to kill an animal because you enjoy it. Yes, I eat meat. But that does not mean that I take pleasure in the killing of the animal. It is true that humans are carnivors. But I would have liked to have thought we'd evolved past "enjoying" taking a life for no reason other than enjoyment.
Mr. Foster and those like him who choose to shoot an animal simply for the "thrill" indeed are cowards and seem to have missed out on the evolution the rest of humanity has enjoyed -- the evolution of a conscience. Not to mention that it's pathetic, and I would assume an afront to most other hunters, that these people would choose to shoot a caged animal or an animal that has been bred in captivity and then placed in a small wildneress area where it has no chance of surviving the hunt. Truly pathetic!
It's horrifying to see how humans are so inhumane. I got physically sick over this. There is nothing "manly" about killing caged or canned animals. Nothing at all. I pray those that can afford and do participate in this cruel so called "hunt", would wake up and do something good and worthy with all that disposable income of theirs, such as feed the hungry in Africa, or educate the population about AIDS and prevention, or how about providing a Habitat for Humanity project? That is something that would change the world.

How sad that destroying these creatures is more thrilling than teaching respect for fellow man and beast!
This is a sick person. Killing animals as the NRA promotes and all these sick, ignorant killers do for pure pleasure is not what a creature with any intelligence would do.

Join the Anti-Hunting Group
It saddens me to see that some people find this fun. Lets see if these people would go out there and do this with theis bare hands. I can not wait for this to STOP... This kind of people make me sick to my stomach!
It is beyond belief that lions are raised for slaughter to give short, overweight men a sense of power. This cannot be outlawed soon enough. My husband and I are disgusted by this slaughter and think the hunters should be given a "fair chance to roam and hide on 2,000 acres" and see if they get away....
I think that people who can afford to do this have exhausted all other forms of pleasure and are searching for an alternative. I think what would make it fare is to have both the lion and the man released into the enclosure on oppsite ends. The man is armed with a gun and 3 rounds of ammo. No guide, no truck and no food. Thus he has to kill the lion to get meat to eat. As far as the "Lion Farmer", how can you feel that this is ok? Did anyone notice that when he opened the gate for them to eat the horse they did not try to attack him? They have no fear of humans because humans are what feed them! Sad story, I hope they end it.
One day there will be no animals in the world left to kill.

Humans are their own worst enemy. Why is it that there is always a small percentage of the human population that simply can't get a lift or charge any other way.

It saddens me to no end.
I can't stop crying. I can't believe that a rational sane human being believes this is okay even if they don't do it themselves. This is sick. This is prehistoric behavior. Stop this PLEASE! But remember, there are canned hunts going on in the USA as well. Illegal? They happen.
There is no sport in killing an animal that was captive bred; raised by humans, lacking the instincts it would have learned in the wild...and then shot by the same humans it was forced to depend upon, no chance to escape from its fenced pen; the killing shot not one shot but, often, a series of misplaced shots causing great pain.

Canned hunting is not sport where ever it occurs. And, do you know that it occurs not only in South Africa but also in the United States?

Do you know that, historically, many of the baby animals that draw visitors to zoos and game parks in the United States, lions, bears, deer...once they're no longer "cute" babies find themselves in the ugly underworld of exotic animal traders?

Do you know that once in the hands of these animal traders the formerly "cute" babies are sold to poorly if at all regulated road side attractions, circuses, animal collectors, and canned hunting game ranches?

Much sooner than later, the "cute" bear cub or lion cub or darling fawn is driven to aberrant behavior while dying from improper diets, neglect, and, often, abuse?
A life is a life is a life whether human, animals or insect. John Foster action is almost criminal.
This is very upsetting. I know that there are several places here in the USA that promote "canned hunting" Texas, New Mexico and Montana are just a few that I know of. When will man stop killing for his ego. I guess it is just a matter of time and man will destroy this planet. So very very sad.
I am saddened and disgusted by people like John Foster, who see nothing wrong with killing defenceless and beautiful animals just to satisfy his blood lust! The videos made me weep, to see such cruelty written off by people who appear desperate to try to justify what they do.
John Foster deserves the same treatment, as someone said - let him loose in the wild with his gun, and see how long he fares when the situation is more equal?
Personally, I know which way I'd like it turn out!

And for people to try and justify these unfeeling lesser humans by castigating people who eat meat as having double values is pathetic and without foundation! Killing to eat is one thing - killing beautiful and endangered animals just for so-called "sport" is entirely different.

I continue to lose hope for our future when such unjustified crimes against Nature continue. Man is his own worst enemy, and will undoudtedly change the balance of Nature so much that we will hasten our own eventual demise. But the blase attitude by these people simply extenuates their own stupidity and lack of common-sense, decency or morals.

The sooner it's banned the better.
And if it leads to the prevention of people (I use the term loosely!) like John Foster committing such horrible acts (I would use the term "crimes" here), then let's all support it happening sooner rather than later.
Don't let the SA government fool you. Unfortunately canned hunting is not going to be banned. They are REDEFINING it. Marthinus van Schalkwyk and his cronies are taking all of us for fools. If you want to find out more about this go to and get in contact with the relevant people to see how you can help apply pressure to get canned hunting BANNED and not just redefined.
I can not believe that people get satisfaction out of shooting these beautiful animals. It just shows how much of a coward these people are to go into an enclosed space, bait the animals and then shoot them. I think it is a disgrace and needs to be stopped immediately and the people who have participated in this activity should be severely punished for what they have done. It's an outrage!
I just dont understand. When are we as a society going to make the fundamental change that is neccesary.

This is pathetic.

I feel sorry for those animals. I feel even worse for the lions.
A human need not be called inmoral to kill an animal for pleasure because it takes a lot more than that. People who are involved in the hunting industry breeder or hunter are lacking a conscience are empty inside and basically have no respect for life. I can understand if one where to kill for the purpose of saving your own life but for pleasure????I bet you these so called hunters are the type of men that have no control in their life because their wives tell them what to do so they feel that by hunting their inner "man" comes out,why don't they try facing an animal without any weapons to she how manly they really are...And another thing how about taking those 25,000 instead and donating that money to good use maybe to save a life.
Very sad that a person is willing to pay to hunt confined beautiful animals so he can hang their heads on his wall! Also, he has paid trackers to track the animals for him! So how does that make him a hunter??? I would really like to know! By pulling the trigger? Gee, I believe anyone that has an index finger can do that. So a hunter... I say not. A coward with too much money and low self esteem... Unquestionably without a doubt!!
We as Humans spend a good part of our lives trying to save these majestic animals and to have them hunter for sport, I think is cruel and completely wrong. There are far to many animals in Africa that need to be protect from crimes of this nature. Putting a stop to canned hunting is only the first step towards protecting what nature intended to be free and safe from the likes of people who want an "easy" hunt. It is not a sport it is a travesty as far as I am concerned and I will be more then thrilled when the African government puts an end to it.
If you are as appalled as I am at this disgustingness,contact and can these people murder innocent animals?What a travesty.
Do these people really think they are Great White Hunters? They are only little boys playing grownup and I am thrilled to see such barbarism outlawed and inforced
I can not believe this is still going on!!! How deeply saddening to see these astonishingly special animals murdered in such a violent way. Why must we dishonor our fellow beasts so completely? For a moment of ego???
To kill just to kill especially these beautiful Lions is disgusting to me. Dont even call this a sport, its a sport if the Lions were shooting back!!!!
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this story online. The people who do this should be kept in an enclosure and then let loose to be hunted like these majestic animals were!! Absolutely no respect for any of Gods' creatures. They have just as much right to walk this earth as we do!! It just makes me sick to my stomach. Why isn't more being done by the South African Gov't to stop this???!!
How anyone can be so cruel to
hunt animals in the first place, and
then hunt animals just released
from capitivity is hard to
imagine. It is arrogance and egotism.
How pitiful are the humans who hunt
them. They have no sense of themsevles except these COWARDLY
acts. The sooner the world denounces
ethics like these the closer we are
to eliminating terrorism and all the
other horrors.
THIS IS HORRIFIC- I am disgusted by humanity
Animals were made to be hunted and or ate. What other purpose do they serve? I am sure all of you who said it is disgusting had no problems eating that double cheesburger or chicken sandwhich. I don't want to be the one to break this to you, Those animals were killed.
It is truly terrifying to think that the people who are killing for pleasure are being allowed to own guns. This is how "accidents" happen. There is no pride in shooting a lion when the animal is looking away, and cannot escape. Killing animals for food is one thing, but just to waste such a beautiful creature for a second of "pleasure" is a crime against our earth, and should be made a crime in the south african system.
Wow, First off maybe everyone should read the article a little closer, NOBODY said it was an easy kill.

The lion is released, and it isn't sitting there in a cage. I think its wrong to hunt them, but still. These animals were bred for this particular form of hunting.
I don't like it but there are idiots out there that think its a 'cool' thing to do.

I dont think hunters are cowards, that is a not the case at all.
One of my best friends was a hunter, but the difference is he didn't hunt for trophies, he hunted for dinner. A HUGE difference.

Bad things happen in Africa, and they do here in the USA as well. Dog fights, cock fights, they still go on even here. What about bullfights? Those are even more disgusting to me than this particular brand of hunting.
I'd like to see research done that analyzes why some people hunt and others don't. I think it's pretty cowardly for a man with a rifle to hunt a lion, or any other animal, that has no way of escaping him. I'm also puzzled by the reverence hunters seem to show their prey after they kill them. They often talk about their prey in glowing terms, such as nice antlers, beautiful animal. etc. It's sick.
I have a very good imagination. I could not have imagined this hideous practice however. A sad commentary on the Human condition.
This is called hunting? The animal doesn't stand a chance of escaping, this is sickening.
The human race can be so cruel and selfish.
I am not here to argue over the subject if this is right or wrong. I dont see alot of sport in the way this man was hunting but that's his decision. I recently went on a hunting trip to South Africa and wanted to clear up a few points that most people here are trying to make without have ANY research to back them up. While you can't export meat from another country to the USA the meat does not in any way go to waste. EVERY last piece of meat from these animals is eating. I would say 75% more meat is used in these animals than in US slaughter houses. My meat was used at the camp for our meals, for the poor workers to feed their families, and the rest was given to a local orphanage to help feed the huge amout of needy kids in this coutry.
To those who say hunters ride around in trucks and shoot animals. Most hunters will not shoot from the truck but actually hunt down the animals on foot many times not succesfully.
Also just to show how important managed hunting is there is a huge hunting reserve that has been closed in SA for over 50 years. It is being reopened by the gov. next year but the animal population is almost gone. Not because of hunters but because of poachers who dont care about the animals at all. Unless you are a strict vegitariane how can you argue with any of this?
People who kill animals are cowards!!!
"canned hunting" is not only legal, but a thriving business here in the USA. It is the "sport" of cowards who need guns to kill animals to make them feel superious and more "manly" We may not be able to prevent what goes on in other countries but we all have the ability to contact our local reps in Congress & Senate and ask them to support laws designed to protect animals and punish abusers & profiteers. We can join animal originations to get more involved locally & worldwide. Please let's all do our part!
Absolutely Disgusting. How about we even up the odds by taking away his gun. Not so powerful are we now? And to the morons who campare this to a lion attacking a person. There is a difference between killing for food and killing for sport. Also, the lion does not have the benefit of intelligence. If you are going to use the logic of "the lion does it so we can" then in that case, would the logic of "we shoot lions in we can shoot you in captivity as well" work?
There's absolutely no way this can be called hunting! An enclosed space....give me a break! This guy John Foster can not seriously call himself a hunter!! If he wants to hunt, give him a bow and arrow and let him hunt deer. This is nothing more than some rich person trying to satisfy his over blown EGO!
I just wanted to say I hope that John Foster was happy with his kill, never have I been so upset to think that people today still think it is ok to shot an animal for the sole purpose of just saying, "Look at me and what I shot!" Put that man out there with his bare hands and show me who will win the battle, lion or man, boy I would love to see the outcome of that battle!
john foster should be ashamed of himself and others that partake in this joke they call hunting. if they really want to "bag their prey" they should take lessons from the animals they kill and go out and stalk them like a real hunter would. that way, the playing field would be leveled. any lion is going to defend a kill it made or found, and its disgusting to bait animals as beautiful as they are.
Canned hunts whether in South Africa, United States, or anywhere are NOT HUNTING. They are KILLING. Hunting is going out and giving the animal a fair chance to escape, pursuing it on it's own terms. Chasing something around a fenced in pen is no more than a slaughter. True sportsmen, like myself, are disgusted to read things and see things like this.
This cannot even be called a business. This is selfishness for anything. What a waste of resources. Those villagers could raise crops for other viable purposes other than "feed" horses. The hunters should be evaluated for a warped sense of values and put into an army to hunt terrorists where they could use their so called hunting skills. Then it would be fair.
This is so digusting. Once again the pleasure of the wealthy prevails. To breed for the pleasure of sport... it is an abomination... get a conscious and do something good with your disposable cash...and if you can't think of something to do with your money ask someone to help you.

These poor animals do not deserve this. I really thought this was outlawed. Time to do some research and see if we can stop this.
Sad but for a species [human] that slaughters each other for a cause, a religion ,lust or money what can one expect! If there is money in it a human will do it laws or morals be damned! And all the "weepy anti hunter haters" ,animal worshippers , , meat abstinance moralists and whatever cause they can conjure up probably won't change a thing! So save your outrage against any and all that don't toe your mark in the world ! Every breath you take every niche you occupy could be deadly detrimental and an affront to some living thing we compete with for life!
First, I want to say that I agree that canned hunts are neither sporting nor honorable. However, as one individual responded here, better that animals are bred for this purpose than that hunters seek out the FAR more rare wild conterparts.
Second, before we pass judgement on those individuals who offer these canned hunts, or, for that matter, those who partake in them, remember that each of us commits FAR worse damage to the environment and these SAME animals every day. That's right, if you drive your status-only SUV (think soccer mom living in suburbia, rednecks with giant trucks used only for transportation to and from work, etc.), if you buy plastic-wrapped foods (thereby creating excessive waste), if you buy any of the 99% of beauty products on the market, if you run your AC unit 24/7, if you buy ANYTHING made out of leather, if you eat hamburgers or steak, etcetera etcetera you are killing ALL the species on the planet. Be forever cautious at whom you point a critical finger, as four of the five of those fingers point right back at you. It is easy to defame others for what they do, but it's much harder to look inward and see that each of us is FAR worse than ANY hunter's actions.
Lastly, for those of you with a bit more violent of solutions or wishes against these hunters, remember that by wanting to do harm or harm to be done to anyone, you, yourself are as guilty as them. On top of that, every fanatically violent response (verbal/theoretical or real) damages and hinders the efforts of REAL animal rights activists because you make ALL animal rights activists look like fanatics and extremists who bomb clinics and shoot those who don't see the world through the same blinders.
I encourage all of you to take a hard look at yourselves before you dare condemn any other human for exercising their own governmentally protected freedoms, such as the right to hunt, bear arms, express opinions, etc.
Moderation is the key to peace.
"Virtue is the mean between two vices, one of excess and one of deficiency." ~Socrates
I can understand hunting to feed your family (not that I would do it)....Hunting for sport is disgusting. Why is that "trophy" so important? I cannot believe this is still allowed in modern times.
People who engage in such activity have serious problems . Why do we feel the need to kill everything !
Animals ae here as recourse for our pleasure. If we don't have animals to kill, we would hunt each other. Just ask NRA.
The end of this article boasts that "John had bagged two lions." How do you BAG a CANNED animal? The way you shoot fish in a barrel? Unbelievable ignorance abounds in this world, and here we have a picture of it. By the way, although Africa has a long history of selling out its own resources, canned hunting is done everywhere, and it is rampant in the U.S. (esp.Texas)The argument that hundreds of thousands of hunting tourist dollars would be lost (if it were truly banned) makes as much sense as a hitman whining about his income drying up since murder is illegal. If you make money from the destruction of nature and humanity you need to find a different line of work.
Where are the international animal welfare groups? Why aren't they fighting this. Why aren't they publicizing this. Men who pay money to kill these animals are not men at all. It's horrifying and disgusting. If this was brought to the publics attention maybe animals lovers could help!
Since when has canned hunting of domestic animals ever counted as a sport let alone a manly sport?
Im ashamed to be part of the human race sometimes.......
Im afraid that Agent Smith hit the nail on the head:

I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you're not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area
Cruelty has a HUMAN heart.
END THESE CANNED HUNTS NOW!!!! Worried about Blood Revenues? Get a job! Put yourself within the caged boundaries and be the hunted. PETA, Please get involved!!! INTERNATIONAL HUMANE SOCIETY, Please get involved!!!!
What a waste , absolutely no respect for living creature , these are truly dangerous people !
This is a disgrace. Why would you want raise something so beautiful then allow others to hunt it for fun? I never understood hunting for pleasure anyway. How would you like it if you were raised in captivity then released, only to be shot and hung on a wall. It'd be real gruesome to walk into a mans home and see human heads hanging on a wall for sport. Would you like to be hunted?
This is way beyond anything rational, and hard to believe this sort of slaughter still exists. With what we know about our dying planet, you would think that the most intelligent species on earth would be fighting hard to keep one of the most precious animals in existance-once again, man chooses greed and selfishness,all for but only a carcus to hang on their still amazes me that we humans are the be all end all of this planet -there is a force greater than us!!!
It is amazing to me how a creature as smart as humans can be so saddenly stupid. People do this to almost every creature in the world, hunting for sport and what not. But think of this, when your children grow up and they have even no zoos to go to because man slaughtered all the animals, where will you get your precious food and pelts and trophys then? I suppose man will eventually just turn to hunting other man???

We cannot just sit by and allow things like this to happen. Man was not here first, the animals were, and after they are gone, man will starve without having to resort to cannibalizing or some other insane ways. The same can be seen in natural resources, the price will never come back down. The earth cannot simply create more oil.
We must take pride in what we have left, every day a new species is placed on the endangered species list, while people sit by and stay killing 1 more wont hurt, what if every hunter said that? For example " 13 white rhinos remain alive today for example, and the ones they want to breed arent breeding." When they're gone..they're gone. Destroy all the lions and you will have over population in another species forcing a slaughter in that species until you get to the bottom of the food chain. Man may be at the top of that chain with the ability to hunt and kill whateve they wish.....
But 1 day...1 will realize there isnt anything left on that food chain except man...

What then?
I think it is wrong to breed an animal just to hunt it and kill it for the sport of it. Hunting to me has always meant that you eat whatever you kill. You don't hunt an animal and kill it just to have it stuffed or mounted. Besides, breeding a wild animal and turning it loose a couple of days before tracking it is not really hunting.
I found this to be very disturbing and disgusting. The individuals breeding and hunting these beautiful creatures are cowards. What could they possibly gain from this type of canned hunting other than a big ego. When i saw the footage of these animals being shot, i almost cried. what did they do to deserve this. It is animal cruelty.
I wish Feme Oke had included a profile on the "hunter." Is he just another rich American with nothing better to do with his money? Does he need this "prize" to boost his ego? Who are the people who engage in these "hunts." I'll call him a hunter when I see him tracking the lion on foot, and without a high powered rifle for protection. Honestly, without such things, who would be at the top of the food chain? It's pathetic.
Why should there be any trophy hunters in this day and age. If you can't see the difference between killing animals for food, and killing animals for "pleasure" then I feel for you.
Oh Big Skilled Hunter!!!!!! Is this what it takes for little boys to feel like men? I'm surprised that he didn't demand that the lions be left in a circus cage and brought to him so that he couldn't miss. Pathetic.
mmmmmmmmm lion burgers
live things will die and living things will be killed by humans. it does not matter if they are beautiful or ugly, big or small. the only thing wrong with this scenerio is controlled killing. what it the sport in it and who benefits? only a few people and not the lion.
It is appauling that governments allow this barbaric unnecessary hunting to go on. These are gorgeous creatures that have as much right as we do and to simply release them to be hunted is disgusting, and the people that hunt them should be ashamed. I am sick of the whole world and the cruelty unleashed on humans and animals.
Better to have the psuedo "sportsmen" killing an animal raised in captivity for that purpose than going after the wild free critter! But that doesn't sooth the raving lunatic animal lover or rightist! Those who don't adhere to their mantra are all evil and deranged! We as a species has been slaughtering "each other" over every conceivable reason since time began and its not soon going to stop! Get over the small stuff! There is a lot of bigger more dangerous game out there and they want you "dead" no permit required!
Outrageous! Treating wild animals as nothing more than trophies is horrible, but these canned hunts with animals simply bred to die for someone's vanity is too terrible for words. Shame.
Every time I think human kind has finally bottomed out, some other revelation of depravity, greed and immorality smacks me in the face.
I am a hunter. Killing a caged animal is not hunting- it is killing. Killing is never pretty whether in the slaughter house or in the field, but it is certainly necessary before our meals of meat are served. While I don't condone canned "hunting", the end result is the same- a dead animal, and I see no reason to ban it.

Unless you are a strict vegetarian, you are a hypocrite if you oppose hunting but still consume meat, you just prefer someone else do the dirty work. Does that some how make you feel better? Know that that animal died to feed you. The animal died, but you didn't do it, or even have to see it. How can you possibly stand to walk by the lobster tank at your local seafood joint?

Oh, and for those wondering who gives us the right to kill God's creatures. Actually God himself did, but then you liberals would have to actually read the bible to know that.

Oh, and there's no out for you strict evolutionists either. Primates hunt too. Your cute little chimpanzee cousins are hunters too. We are who we are because we hunt. You can live in your illusion or face who you are. I know who I am, do you?
That is not hunting; that is slaughter and totally disgusting. He should have to eat his kill.
Good God People, these are animals. They don't have brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, mothers or fathers. Those are words for humans. Also, GOD put these ANIMALS on the earth for us. I agree though that it should be a fair hunt and anything you kill, you should eat. GET OVER IT.
I cannot believe CNN paid Femi Oke to cover a disgusting story like this. And Femi seems EXCITED about this, like he's really for this kind of sick cowardly behavior. Several people have commented these hunters would probably kill people too if they had the chance, I agree. I would like to see the hunters in those enclosed fences with NO guns or weapons and see how they stand up against lions.
This is sick.... it boggles the mind.
Hunters? We should put hunters like John Foster out there with just a knife and release the lions. Then he can show us how much of a hunter he is. I am allways amazed at the audacity and cruelty of our race. Of cource, money is always the issue.
I'm for it, as long as the hunters are naked, on foot, and armed only with a knife.
I agree with the individual who talked about cows and other animals being raised for slaughter. Are all of the opposed vegitarians? Humans have been breeding and raising animals for slaughter for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. What do you think of when you grill that steak, burger or chicken breast for dinner? I think that people have too much time on their hands.
To anonymous 6:32 a.m.

Do you know of other "predators" who kill for the fun of it? Please name one.
Remember Running Man !
How would they feel?
I wonder how many of those opposed to this are meat eaters? Isn't it just terrible to see how those poor cows and chickens that are raised only to be killed and eaten by some lowly human. Please the hypocrisy is sickening! Animal are raised and killed every day in this world. This is and will always be. Please don't judge someone while you at home savor you juicy steak or chicken breast. The article also fails to mention the economic contributions that hunting these animals makes to the economy of impoverished nations. Please consider the entire picture. Rather than just making rash, emotional reactions.
Someone earlier said "I think it's funny that people like to eat meat, but when it comes to hunting that meat, they are appalled. A lion is no more or less an animal than a cow. And cows in a slaughterhouse have no more chance to escape than the bred lion has." Did Mr. Foster eat the lion? There's a difference between killing to survive and killing because you're a malicious, insecure troll.
I do feel this is outrageous, but why are we not outraged by the game farms in Texas and other places in the U.S.??? These are even worse as often the animals they release are old, crippled etc. And of course the great white hunter gets to shoot these dangerous lions, tigers etc., and stand proudly with their trophies.
This article almost made me physically ill. These so-called "hunters" are nothing more than rich cowardly snobs who will return home bragging to their country-club buddies about the lions they bagged. Why is this allowed to happen? Where is PETA when you need them? Please somebody DO SOMETHING!!
Perhaps we could have a canned hunt for these brave hunters. Perhaps we could turn them loose in an enclosed area with a days head start before we turn loose the lions?
I find it intersting that so many people take issue with the breeding of wild animals for hunting. It is done in the US with many birds and other mammals bred for hunting for more than a century. I think the issue here is that the animals are Lions which are truely beautiful creatures. If we were talking about wild boar people mite not be so passionate. I look at this the same as any animal raised for food whether is a slauter house or a 40,000 acre inclosure its all the same. Think about that the next time you eat a steak or some chicken. Death is the same in the end.
Isn't capitalism wonderful? Those that have, don't care and those that they say, the rich get richer and the poor keep paying for it.

It's a sorry world when a 'person' (remember women do this too) has to go to a canned hunt because they are too cowardly to actually get up and go out into real woods and go on a 'real' hunt with wild animals that have not been raised by humans.

Can I use your dog (dog is good in some foreign lands) to hunt in a fenced in yard? Please, I'm sure there are worthy causes you could spend your $25,000 on that would actually help your fellow man and you would get a tax break too!
I'd like to see John Foster and his kind in the field WITHOUT a gun......maybe even up the odds a little bit. Now that, I'd pay for!
All Americans are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

This is a great example of how our liberty is trampled upon when comments like these are posted and rules banning canned hunting are imposed.

How does this hurt any person?
Think seriously, are you the lion?

Have you ever thought how this might actually help the local economy in Africa?

Before posting your comments have you pondered an unbiased viewpoint?

Hunters are the biggest conservationists on the planet. We lose thousands of species every day to natural selection and you choose the cute one to defend?

Where is the outcry when other species go extinct?

How is this any different than the butchers block for cattle, swine, and fowl?

We kill them to eat them, so if he eats the lion then it's ok?
All Americans are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

This is a great example of how our liberty is trampled upon when comments like these are posted and rules banning canned hunting are imposed.

How does this hurt any person?
Think seriously, are you the lion?

Have you ever thought how this might actually help the local economy in Africa?

Before posting your comments have you pondered an unbiased viewpoint?

Hunters are the biggest conservationists on the planet. We lose thousands of species every day to natural selection and you choose the cute one to defend?

Where is the outcry when other species go extinct?

How is this any different than the butchers block for cattle, swine, and fowl?

We kill them to eat them, so if he eats the lion then it's ok?
Frightful miscreants. Small wonder these hateful monsters are reluctant to talk about it.
Ok lets be real people....killing a caged animal is not a sport and is pretty lame...however if they are killing animals which are bred to be killed what is the difference between a cow and a lion. It does not matter to the cow or the lion why they are being killed, all they know is that they are going to be killed for someone else's pleasure.

We need to encourage more killing of caged animals, tigers, Rhino's, elephants...this will take the pressure off poaching in the wild. The breeders will also encourage a healthy supply a newborns, they then can sell the females to zoo's....
This is absolutely disgusting how can people live with themselves. Killing these beautiful creators for what a trophey on your wall? Leave those beautiful animals alone and get a new hobby,
I cant believe we would do this when we have so many animals close to distinction! I am so sad to read about this.

As always, it's always about the almighty dollar!
I am against canned hunts anywhere in the world.

And, by the way...I have never heard of raising cattle, sheep, 'farm animals' and then putting them through the terror of being chased down and scared almost to death before slaughter just so someone could get their jollies pulling a trigger on a gun!
Maybe we should breed sickening wealthy humans who kill innocent rare animals and shoot them? Disgusting.
utterly disgusting. it is unfortunate that people that have wealth use it to satisfy their deadly, sick fantasies. wealth can bring satisfaction without destroying these natural creatures and their habitat. lets set john foster loose and turn the lions out on him.....priceless....'s not always something we can be proud of. And this is just one example. How many more institutions are there like this that we don't know about? Or worse, how many people just go after these magnificent creatures in the wild?

Sadly, this is not the least of our problems. There is hope though. Thank you to the activists and people who protest these acts and make it possible to shut some of them down.

We are not perfect. But we are changing, and growing, and learning. All is not lost. Now if only we could make such progress in all areas of the world--not just for animals, but for our fellow humans as well.
I think the story speaks for itself. This is completely disgusting. I hope animal rights activists succeed in shutting down all canned hunts (S. Africa, FL, NY, TX, etc.). What a travesty.
"however if they are killing animals which are bred to be killed what is the difference between a cow and a lion. It does not matter to the cow or the lion why they are being killed, all they know is that they are going to be killed for someone else's pleasure."

The Cow is being killed for food. The Lions are killed for "pleasure". There is ahuge difference.

By the way, I am really relieved to see how many people are totally against this. Gives me hope for our species yet.
This day and age of civilization, in which man's existence becomes increasingly routine and monotonous, is it really so absurd to believe that we'd like an escape from that? Why does the hunting of these lions have to have anything to do with manliness? Perhaps, like sky diving and other thrills sought by so-called adrenaline junkies, it is a way for someone to return, albeit briefly, to their primitive roots. Your calls to have this man fight the lion without a gun are absurd. Man's physical prowess didn't make him king of the beasts; rather, it was his intelligence. I agree that $25,000 could be spent more altruistically, but so could all the money that people spend on starbucks, cars, jewelry, and other luxuries that they don't need. So get off your high horses please, and let him who is without sin cast the first stone.
It shows the poor character of these people who have to go to such great lengths and expense to destroy such a magnificent animal, and do it in such a cowardly manner. They obviously have nothing better to do with their money, other than find rediculous and destructive ways to spend it, because God forbid they actually do something worthwhile with it; such as build schools, help conservation practices, help the poor. It would be fun to let them run around in a fenced-off area and watch the lions hunt them. I'd pay big bucks to see that and it would be far more beneficial to the world!
Sending to all the related Posted By Anonymous : 6:32 AM ET. Our species have been evolving through time and yes till this day we can be categorized as predators but with a consciense. Unfortunately, your kind doesn't know the meaning of caretakers and respectablilty of nature, which we have destroyed time and time again. Please remember that now is the time to help nature as much as we can for I fear we will lose it sooner than any scientist could predict. Once again please leave your egotistical selfish lives and start saving our most precious flora and fauna to have a better future for all of us. God Bless.
Canned hunting is bad for the lions you all say. Have you even thought about it beyond your emotional response? Not only is it beneficial to the local economy, it takes the pressure off poaching. Additionally, like the old adage says, the evil we know is better than the evil we don't; at least we can keep track of it if it is out in the open. Rather unlike the illegal hunting and gaming of protected species that would occur without canned hunting.
It is not only unethical and immoral to kill another living thing, be it a creature of the sea, a four legged predator or another human being, it is inhumane! Animals, especailly wild ones, like the "prized" lions are not only beautiful but are becoming endangered and rare in the wild. To kill an animal of that magnitude, you truly have to be an animal youself, and perhaps sadly of a lower strata than the lion. It enrages me to learn that there are lions bred to be killed on the same continent and not too far from the Serengeti, which does the exact opposite by providing a healthy, and above all natural environment for endangered species.
I dont see why people are so adamant about how disgusting or wrong it is to breed lions only to be hunted?
First we should be glad that these hunters are not out in the wild pouching lions illegally. If anything I think this is a good way for certain people to enjoy their way of life and yet keeping a control enviornment for killing the animals.
Secondly, what is the difference of this compared to any other animal we eat? Ok unless your a vegetarian, You have no right to say how inhuman or wrong this is. We breed cows, pigs, chicken, and even fish to name a few (all of which are animals of nature and beauty)to be hunted and eaten. If anything, I believe these breeded lions are getting better treatment than any of the animals we current consume in our diet.
This makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. What a disturbed and disgusting society we are. The "thrill of a kill", such a beautiful animal as a trophy? I just saw where a rare gorilla baby was orphaned from the execution style killing of her mother. We are a civilized society. People that can kill like this for no reason other than glory are truly the lowest depths of our society!!!
First off, I'll say thanks to the CNN correspondent for bringing this article to light without skewing it with rhetoric and keeping it real. Secondly, I would say ask someone you know that is a seasoned hunter if this is how you hunt big game. Well its not. being in the midst of the wild and all that the wild safari is is part of the hunt. I supposed some might argue that these canned hunts are fenced in private preserves that might be hundreds of acres of open safari and that you still have to track the beasts down but I dont think thats the case. Especially if the article states that people are raising the animals inside these preserves and setting up areas for them to eat and sleep in designated areas. My point is theres no "game" in these canned hunts. The locals community might have a differing point of view (money)in which I think the CNN correspondent should include later in his or her continuing report. Good writing there Ferni.
Tens of thousands of people die every day in Africa, and everyone is worried about lions dying...lets put some things in perspective and worry about what matters...if someone wants to support the economy in third world countries by killing a lion that was raised to die anyways(just like millions of livestock in the US are every year), they should be allowed to do it. Look at the big picture and get a clue.
These hunters are pathetic. It would be funny if they tried to find a lion in the wilderess--they probably coulndt even find an ant. It would be much different if the lion was in the wild. Thats why these "hunters" need to have a canned hunt like this. They're "skill" is the money they paid to "enjoy" the thrill of the hunt. How cowardly.
So, exactly what is the point? It isn't for survival. Does it make them feel like a "REAL MAN" when they shot a lion? These people need to be psychoanalyzed about what they are missing in their lives. In actuality, they are just a bunch af cowards.
I don't even know where to start.
I felt phyically sick as I read this article. How.. how can this be allowed or tolerated!!
This is so disgusting! I know this also goes on here in the states and has been outlawed in most states. The so called "hunter" paid $25,000 each for two lions. Wouldn't it be better just to give the $50,000 to the breeders and the villages to help out their economy? Save the lions. There is no sport in hunting animals with no means of escape!!
What do they do with the meat of these animals? I'm sure that "hunter" didn't put it in his freezer.
Being that so many people have already expressed views against canning, I ask you all to keep this in mind: Humans are predators - period; the profits from this exercise greatly helps a country in need of revenue sources; lions are also predators; I think this is less cruel than the measures used by beef, chicken, and pork farmers who keep their animals tied short or in small cages and pumped full of hormones; if these lions were not raised to be slaughtered, other wild lions would surely fall prey -won't this actually help control populations? I don't feel that game hunting is a "waste" or even cruel for all these reasons. It just seems like this is a minor thing when you consider all the other cruel activities in which mankind participates.
First off I am not a hunter nor would I ever go hunting and my fiance is a Veterinarian and volunteers to save hundreds of animals. But lets look at this objectively. Lots of people hunt weather you like it or not. The shear fact that this place exists saves hundreds of acres of wild land, probably prevents the death of wild lions, raises money for local economies(helping to prevent poaching). Hunters are ecologist by nature because they need to preserve nature and the animal populations they hunt. With out them there would be a greater ecological lost. It's just a reality that in most cases there must be government or private money to save nature from development. Government money can be free but private money other than from weathy donors but provide a commercial benefit.
I wish this article would provide information on what concerned people around the world can do to stop this ridiculous "recreational activity."

Why do people choose to treat earth's most beautiful creatures in such cruel ways? A**! How utterly pathetic people can be!
Canned hunting is absolutely disgusting. I don't support hunting but grew up with hunters who had to hunt to feed their families - they would NEVER support something like this. Anyone who participates on any level in this sort of thing should be deeply ashamed.
I don't know what is worse, the fact that we allow this activity to occur, that CNN knows about it and films it, or that we do not realize ANYTHING is precious is life anymore. What's next, Bald Eagle hunting? This is an abomination against nature and I hope that this hunter gets fined! If he "gets his rocks off" killing an animal like a lion, with a smile on his face, I cannot imagine the kind of human being he must be.
A trophy is defined as a symbol of victory, a memento of ones personal achievements.

So how is a dead lion a trophy for John Foster and people like him? It's hardly a symbol of victory or a sign of any achievement. It just shows he had the cash to pay for this experience.

So you shot a trapped animal. Nice going John Foster. Good one. You killed a beautiful animal. Aren't you clever.
This is absolutely unbelievable. What are we teaching our children when we tell them this is acceptable. Killing is just wrong, and killing for the sort of it is disgusting! What has happened to our humanity!
While it is truly abhorrent, one of the many reasons that that type of "sport/hunt" is allowed in SA as well in America, yes, right here in our own backyard, is big $$$$$. While that doesn't make any of you feel any better, it should at least touch something within you. Something to force you out of your computer chairs. Something to force you to DO something other than write notes about how disgusted you are.
Try doing some research to find the "caged slaughter farms" right here in the U.S. Stop them here. They are not fond of publicity. There is a "public" road that leads to all these farms. Take pictures of the Glorious hunters entering and leaving. Publish them. Humiliate them. Lesson the huge amounts of money these "hunting compounds" make. Whatever we do might help.
The next time you visit one of your friends, do NOT fawn all over the head or pelt he has hanging on his wall. (while he will say it was for 'food', the reality is the food just happened to be a by-product of the TROPHY he wanted. I don't see many chicken heads on living room walls - point made)
We all need to GET UP and DO something not just talk about the miserable wretches doing this. Just count up the comments on this one poll. Who out numbers a bunch!!!
WE can stop it.
And no, I'm not a tree-hugger or a "crazy", but wrong is just wrong.
And this is just WRONG!!!!!
I live in Oklahoma, which means that I am surrounded by people that hunt. I live in redneck country, it goes with the territory. That being said, at least the rednecks that live around here and hunt, eat what they kill. They may have their kill stuffed to, that's a matter of personal choice, but they do eat what they kill. Deer, fowl, whatever...they eat it. No one is going to eat a lion. That is just wrong to kill just for killing. What a waste...
Male lions that are the leaders of a group of lions usually only last 2-3 years as the head lion, if I remember correctly from National Geographic documentaries. Hunters pay for this privelege and the money supports the area, the terrain, the support people, even the lions. They have 250 of them at any one time? Sounds more like conservation to me. What's the difference between lions or with ducks. Duck hunters support the wetlands and benefit most ducks. Except of course the ones that get killed. Non-hunters can't seem to let hunters harvest small percentages of the wild in exchange for the money that they put into it to support it. Elk, deer, wild pigs, ducks...why not lions? I wish I had 25,000.
I think this is truly sad. Its not really hunting anymore is it? Do they eat the meat and use the fur and such for their livelihood, these so-called hunters? I don't ban hunting but i say ban stupid reckless hunting that serves no purpose. I am a meat eater. My supermarket provides me with all the meat i need so i don't have to go around killing precious animals i wouldn't have to kill. yes slaughterhouses are evil too but at least we have slimmed down the animals we shouldn't have to kill outright or at least given a choice. i know true hunters; they would frown/be disgusted on this captive killing. as for the locals attacked by these lions, its predator vs. prey. if they attack attack back but not go in a frenzy mob killing. and once again make use of the entire animal;just a waste otherwise.
Have you ever eaten a hamburger? A chicken?

Do you ever stop and think about how that meat came to your table?

It was bread to be killed. Any way you look at it, we help create billions of animals every year with the sole intent of killing them. Whether for food or for sport, is the difference really that appalling? If we starting raising lions here in the United States to be slaughtered for food would that make you feel better?

Is it right? Who knows, but is it honestly that surprising? I sure hope you don't think it is.
ok lets get past the emotional element of this topic and look at the facts of the hunt themselves. We do the same thing here in the US expect we hunt deer, turkeys wild hogs and ram just to name a few. Look at the kid who shot the so called 1000 lb "wild boar" the place he killed it at was a fenced in preserve. You might as well say it was a canned hunting site. These places have existed long before any of us have been around. Before you start talking about how terrible this is take a look at these places. The animals are killed using fair chase methods. The gutless media would love to have us think that hunters are walking up to cages with tame animals and just shooting them. This is not the case. As with any sport there are always a few who do not have an ethical approach and when caught get the attention giving a bad name to all. This is no different. Canned hunting is a big buisness it helps produce stable populations of animals, reduces poaching and is finiacial windfall to many communities. Let's get real and shake loose of our "bambi" mentality when it comes to hunting and accept it as the conservation tool it is.
To the commentor that we should all "get over it" I ask you if we can hunt a member of your family simply because we are predators? That logic shows how simple minded you are and you represent the worst aspects of man-kind. Hunting should be done by those who need to eat and feed their families, not by rich insecure people who need to kill a caged animal for an ego-boost from their buddies at the country club!
Good Lord.... Ten young Americans dead in Iraq over the weekend and you're in a tither about a few lions.

Time for you to get a life.
While I am not a hunter, and don’t agree with it, a friend of mine is an avid one. He hunts a wide variety of animals, but none that are endangered. I spoke with him about this caged hunting and he was appalled that anyone would consider themselves a true hunter who participates in this kind of butchery. In his words, “A true hunter will go out and track it’s own prey with the hope of making a kill. The animal should have the opportunity to escape without fences to keep it in a closed kill zone.” He himself has gone out hunting with a guide to keep him from getting lost or trespassing, but refuses help in tracking the animal. He hates these shows where people hire a tracker to get to the point where they can just point their gun and shoot. This is not hunting. Any person who can shoot at a target can do that. As for caged hunting, we humans continue to a reach a new low.
This is a sick and unethical practice. There is no chance for an animal in these kind of "canned" hunts and true ethical outdoor sportsmen frown upon this kind of killing.
I am completely grossed out after seeing this article...what has happened to humanity that he must now place wild animals in a controlled area and pretend to hunt? This is nothing short of murder of the species...have some guts hunters! try the conventional way of killing these beautiful animals...and if they get you first, so be it, at least it was a fair killing.
Unbelievable and pathetic. What a travesty to breed these animals simply to hunt them.
Hunting? I think NOT! Slaughter is the correct term. The "hunters" are NOT hunters--they are driven around an enclosed area. The breeders, hunters, and trackers are a disgusting group! Hopefully at some time in the near future action will be taken to stop the slaughter!
"I bet not one of you who defends the lion's cause so vehemently would bat an eye-lid when one of these things eats an African farmer or kills his cattle thereby destroying his liveyhood. Maybe it is time to start hunting down these creatures not just in a canned environment but in the wild too. As human population grows we will start living closer and closer to the lion's habitat. I'm sorry, but i'm one of those crazy people who prefers human life above that of a lion, tiger or any other species. Its either us or them."

What a complete fool .... You're crazy alright. Over 6 BILLION humans and only God knows how many Lions .... it is we humans encroaching their living space. MORE HUMANS ... just what this planet needs. Are the lions detroying Earth. No .... humans are. Where are you willing to stop? When all the so-called "animals" (of which you are one) are dead? You will not be far behind IF you are still here ....
I'm surprised you can read and write.
What a tragedy to slaughter such a beautiful animal after it has been raised by man and then released to enclosed freedom to be hunted and killed! How pathetic and sick is that kind of hunting? I hope this kind of hunting practice is terminated very soon!
While we're calling for more humanity in Africa, shouldn't we put Darfur higher up on the list than this crap? I'm fully against this lion hunting, but I think there are much worse things going on in the world right now that not too many people seem to be very incensed about.
How Sad, How Sad,

Will we never learn??????
What a disgusting practice..just shows how "in"human some of us really are.
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It amazes me how many people ascribe human emotions to animals. Do you really think that the lion "suffers" knowing he will be hunted. Does the Cow "suffer" as it ambles down the slaughterhouse gangway. Is the chicken "sad" that her eggs get taken away. Does the fish "dwell" on the fact that a fisherman is after him. It's nonsense to "transfer" human emotions to animals. To do so only shows how far removed some people are from the reality that animals die for our "pleasure" every minute of every day, whether it is for burgers or chicken salad sandwiches. To be so "disgusted" with the human race or a single person over such things "reeks" of "elitism". The human race isn't better than that, it is that!
This is absolutely unforgivable. I am amazed, on a daily basis, at the arrogance of the human race that they can so easily choose when an animal will live or die.

I have always respected the relationship between humans and animals, and this story goes to the very core of my soul and deeply saddens me. What did those lions (or any other animal hunted "for sport") do to deserve such an ending to their lives? Who gives this "hunter" the right to commit such a heinous act?

I will remind these "hunters" that we are animals as well. But, I'll bet money that they would be upset if a lion stood up and shot a human....that would be unjust in their eyes (I guarantee it!!)

This kind of hunting needs to end. I believe in hunting for need only....what need do we honestly have for lions? (except, perhaps, a notch in this guy's belt of self-esteem)

I have absolutely no respect for this man at all...none.
Ditto on the last two posting. I couldn't have written it better.
If they want to shoot something, they should be REAL MEN and shoot something and shoots back, like terrorists.
Nothing against the cameraman, but I suppose he is vegetarian??

Before we banish this "sport" as inhumane & cowardly or whatever,
let us not forget that for all of us meat eaters it is as convenient as going down to the local supermarket and picking up a couple of steaks or something.

Would we eat meat if we had to go out and hunt it and slaughter it and dress it?

How many of those that find this "canned" gaming scenario appalling are vegetarians?

Eat grass not cows.

Practice what you preach.
I recall a comment once made by a man of great wisdom. The worst killer in the jungle is "man". How true that "man" has to reproduce animals just for the sport of killing them. Maybe the shoe should be put on the other foot. People who shoot animals of any kind just for the sport are "sick". I am a firm believer that what goes round comes round" and their day will come.
These people are so sad with their lives that they pay huge sums of money to kill captive animals. People are starving to death in the world, young man and woman are dying at war for their country and these people are more or less shooting zoo animals and posing for pictures. Their families must be so proud, just shows you money doesn’t buy class.
I don't have an account but I am not anonymous my name is Nancy Foster for Mississauga, Ontario
I think anyone who hunts for shear pleasure is SICK.This article just turned my stomach.Animals to be bred just to be hunted is just another example of how sick some people can be. How would you like to be hunted down just for sport. Sick. I am glad CNN put this out,but unfortunatly, some disturbed reader might think this is fun rather than a sad day for the human race.
Don't be so hard on the South Africans this type of "canned" hunting is done right here in the good ole USofA on game farms.
Totally disgusting. Anyone who enjoys killing these animals should be hunted themselves. Why would they want a trophy of an exotic animal that cannot defend itself. Animals belong on this planet too! We live in a sick world!
It is revolting that people would hunt animals that have no hope of escaping because they are trapped. Anyone who participates in such an event should be ashamed of themselves.
I'll be impressed the day I hear about someone taking down a lion with their bare hands because they are starving and need food. That's a real hunter. Killing those beautiful, captive creatures that are basically set up for slaughter using high-tech weapons is repulsive. When will it end?
This is not real hunting, and as a hunter I hope the population does not think all hunting is conducted in this manner. Hunt fair chase, or do not deem yourself a hunter.
People that do this have no compassion for life.
I can't believe these people breed these animals for the sole reason of letting them be hunted. And SHAME ON the hunters who participate in such a horrific sport. I can almost sympathize with the people doing the breeding because they are trying to sustain a living in S. Africa but people from the United States supporting this to get a "trophy"?...its appalling. All the programs we have to protect and breed these animals to prevent extinction and they are killing them for sport. All I can say again is SHAME ON those hunters and I hope karma gets them in the end.
Without the revenue trophy hunters generate, wilderness areas are inevitably abused for farming and logging. This typically leads to habitat destruction on a grand scale and the elimination of all wildlife.

"When the Buffalo are gone then we will hunt mice, for we are hunters and we want our freedom"- Chief Sitting Bull
In response to one of the comments below...OK humans are "predators" Being a biological anthropologist I can tell you that actually they were originally scavengers, but that aside...its fine to naturally hunt an animal for meat that you will eat and hide you will use. Hunting animals with a spear and bow and arrow...thats fair. But releasing them in an enclosed area and shooting them? Thats not hunting, thats pure cowardice.
I cannot believe in our "civilized" society that there are those who ruthlessly kill these beautiful animals who don't stand a CHANCE, and the "hunters" are no more than worthless individuals who, instead of using their prodigious wealth, by any world standard, are choosing to spend money on their egos that could be MUCH better spent on SAVING CHILDREN or the very creatures they set out to kill. You,in this industry, disgust me. May soemone bait and kill you without mercy.
After reading about stuff like this, I am trying to figure out if human life has any value. The human spieces should not be saved.
Sure makes a man proud to be a member of the human race, don't it?
Killing anything for pleasure or a trophy displays your true character. And believe me that character is not admirable.
Well, we raise cattle for slaughter; that is no different then raising lions for slaughter. Have you ever read about how cattle are slaughtered?
I don't understand why people feel the need to kill living animals for the sport of seeing something die. Just because we are humans doesn't mean everything is put on this planet for our pleasure and amusement. All animals deserve our respect and protection. To kill such majestic animals is outright repulsive and wrong. Canned hunts should be banished throughout the world.
What is truley discusting is that this is just a "report." It should be a condemnation. Although I applaud CNN for most of it's reporting this report makes canned hunting to be a good thing for the economy and not the horrible travesty of nature that it is.
Having a man in a truck shooting a caged animal is not hunting. I am not a hunter but I would think the "sport" in hunting would be tracking the animal before the kill. Take some pride in your ability to actually hunt the animal instead of just slaughtering it!!! I think, if the lion is in a caged area, the hunter should be given nothing but a knife and thrown in the cage with it. At least then it is a sport.
It seems to me that many are missing the point, this wasn't a story about someone guarding their village, or even out hunting for FOOD, or even killing for food. These are people paying to kill a live creature in a controlled environment (read: no where to run or flee to safety, death is inevitable) to mount up on a wall as a trophy - if these were human beings being born and raised just to be hunted and killed I wonder how many of you would still call it reasonable. After all, it's what they would be "bred" to do, right? Please...
How anyone can say that just because it isn't human it isn't just as valuable is beyond me. Such a sad, sad world we live in.
When little boys or girls kill animals, we say there is something wrong with them and they will grow up wanting to kill, because early in their life they seem to have no respect for life. Well, I believe, if any adult gets that much of a thrill from hunting and killing an animal, there is something wrong with the way their mind works. Those animals are absolutely beautiful wild creatures and the fact that they are used to humans, being bred by them, makes it worse that they are hunted. They aren't afraid! I hope that canned hunting and any type of exotic hunting becomes extinct before these beautiful animals do!
I think it is a horrific indulgence of bloodlust. The individuals, particulalry Americans, who perpetuate the outdated image (such that it was ever anything more than a trumped up as glamourous pastime for nothing more than a bunch of do-nothing 'society types') the Great White Hunter is a glory bound pastime, should consider better ways to spend their money. It makes me cry which is good to know in this ever increasingly insensitive world.
That being said, IF a means of livelihood is taken away from those farmers who sell the meat, and the other ancillary businesses that thrive as a result of the hunting tourism monies being spent, what will be offered in its place? Further, we have only to look at the devastatingly worse problem of poaching and the harm, horror, pain, and AGONY that those uncontrolled, violent, hunts produce to see that there has to be a middle ground.
I am an athlete and competitive, but hunting for pure sport for me is not a necessary pursuit, for many it is, and for some the only way to to stay alive.
Is it possible that in this instance, it may be that hunting specifically bred animals can in the long run help save the truly wild ones? as well as keep the relative economy and health of the indigenous people above malnutrition and starvation or worse? There is always worse.
Megadeth released the highly successful album "Countdown to Extinction" in 1992. This is 2007, 15 years later.

Look where we are now. I'm not sure that, collectively, mankind can survive. In the end, they prey upon themselves. They just don't know it.
Why do vegetarians get a pass when it comes to discussing the human impact on animal populations? For every acre of land tilled and planted in the world hundreds of species of animals are displaced, and have no chance at all of prospering on the virtually barren soil. Not to mention the pollution created from cropland. At least the lions in the park have the opportunity to exist in the first place. Most producers of live stock, that I know, treat their animals very well and provide excellent medical care for their animals. I have noticed that several people were appallled because the meat was not eaten, well guess what ... The meat was eaten by the local population. I believe that most if not all of the hunters would have eaten the meat had they been allowed to bring it back with them. Also, the game park can provide genetic diversity for wild populations that get descimated due to poaching
What a shame i hope they
outlaw this the sooner the
How sad these people are, to go to a canned hunt and claim they killed a wild animal. There is not much more to say other than this is barbaric, cowardly and pathetic.
What is wrong with the South African government? This is so bloody cruel. Is there no stopping to man's monstrosity? I hear they want to start breeding tigers for similar purposes. How can we stop this? Please stop this.
These are beautiful and Strong creatures. Who in their right minds can feel no sadness in their hearts when they watch this. It needs to be Stopped! These people who do this are sick in the head. I cannot understand who could kill such beautiful animals. COWARDLY.
Stalking and killing a tame lion in an enclosure is about as sporting as operating the bolt gun in a slaughterhouse.
These people are cowardly. The Practice is wrong and MUST be stopped. These animals are too beautiful to be degraded like this. Tell these guys to kill one hand to hand then they would be real men.
Canned trophy hunting indeed! These private ranches are sending out the wrong messages to the planet and enabling the local people and their economy with nothing that will teach them about preserving their land and wildlife. It is a cowardly preoccupation that these suto-hunters are investing in.
And don't tell me that they are planting trees or donating to a wildlife orphanage as well-it is simply the wrong way to act when the Elephants, Lions, Rhinos, Cheetah, Leopard and so many others are endangered and their habitat has vastly disappeared.
They need to grow up and look at what is really valuable for our world. Shame on them!
Canned hunting is cruel and disgusting and needs to be stopped. To put any animal in an area where he cant escape the hunter is just not acceptable !!! It is cruel and needs to be stopped. No animal should have to suffer for the purpose of mans entertainment. Any human hunting these beautiful animals should be ashamed of themselves. How greedy and cruel can anyone be.
And they call us humans civilized? Who is the real animal in this scenario? Absolutely appalling.
Many of the animals in zoos,on animal reservations & in the wild need to be neutered or spayed to keep the number controllable, ban canned hunting & animal breed farms where animals are used commerically (hunting,fur coats,rugs,etc.) or used in cruel ways for profit or pleasure. JC,USA.
Who is the real animal in this scenario? And humans are supposed to be civilized? Absolutely disgusting. It is embarrasing to be a part of the human race.
For those who state that we should not give energy to canned tropy hunting of lions, rhino and leopard and only care about the Iraq war-I ask that you wake up. Our brains and hearts are a bit larger than to only care about one immediate problem. In fact, when we concentrate entirely on one issue that is precisely when mischief in many other areas of our lives tend to happen. We must give equal energy to all that is facing our planet now. It is all important, every hour of every day-get it!
I came from a family of hunters. Black sheep that I am, I could never understand the fun of it. Life is such a mircle. How could destroying what is miraculous be a good thing? Killing for food, to protect yourself, or even to control populations makes some sense, but trophy hunting seems a selfish indulgence for people who need to prove something. If only some unicorns could be found to pen up and take pot shots at. What fine fellows hunders would be if those heads were on their walls collecting dust. But of course, as usual, it's all about money.
This is blood lust not sport.
It is wrong.I have always enjoyed guns.I would never kill anything that was not a threat to me or that I did not intend to eat.
What a horrendous, cowardly act by humans, yet again. "Hunting" an animal in an enclosure with a gun. Very fair! I am ashamed of the utter disregard for animals and the environment. Over the last 100 years, we've achieved a "great" industrialized honor... destroying our planet before our very eyes. And the animals are the innocent/powerless victims in the end of it all!
First question I have is "How can these so called hunters even consider themselves anything but cowards. Men that hide behind their mother's skirts. Canned hunting is the most cowardly and gutless thing anyone could do besides beating a child that can't do anything to protect themself. If we put them in cages and released them in front of people with guns how far do they think they would get before they were killed?!! I hope more than anything the government is courageous and strong enough to put a stop the it.
Any person who thrives on killing a "cagged" animal for sport and not for food, is an insecure being out to prove he is not... This should be outlawed, as it is purely motivated by a sense of power and greed.
This is plainly sickening. I am not a fan of the 'hunting supports conservation' philosophy.

Grotesque. Those photos are just plain sad.
What a disgraceful lack of respect fopr wildlife.Those cowards who call themselves hunters should be aloowed nothing but their bare hands and we would see what ferocious "hunters" they really are. Oh hell, give them a knife , they'd still lose to that magnificent beast that they BREED just to KILL. Nauseating.
Just another disgusted, sad reader.
We recently raised $25,000 to rescue African lions from a possible canned hunt death. After seeing these photos, I’ve no regrets. Sadly, there are canned hunt operations in this country also. Yes, you guessed right, they’re primarily in Texas. If you would like to stop not only canned hunting, but hunting in general, and convert wildlife management agencies from pro-hunting to pro-wildlife watching, please contact us at: 1-877-WILDHELP. Wildlife Watch
No doubt your lives are as meaningless as this activity you choose to pursue. Indeed, you are probably equally cruel in other aspects of your undeserved lives.
We are so disgusted by this practice when lions are involved, but isn't everyone aware that equally innocent lambs, cows, pigs, and other animals are slaughtered by the thousands every day here in the United States? Just because these animals are not "exotic" does not mean they aren't entitled to some sympathy as well. It is hypocritical of us to be so disgusted by canned hunting when our own slaughterhouses are much worse, but never make the news.
Animals (dogs, cats, cows. chickens, and yes, lions) are her as a food source for bigger animals(humans)...think about that while you eat you veal parmesan tonight.
I'm getting really sick of seeing these kinds of things. I can't believe I'm part of a species that does such barbaric and cruel things. Animals were here long before we were, they should be looked up to and respected. These hunters think there so tough for hunting down an innocent animal that was bread to be shot in an enclosed area? I'd like to see one of them put out in the middle of Africa with NO GUN and take down a lion with there bare hands. They'd still be scum in my eyes but at least it would be a fair fight. I'm also disgusted that CNN would do a story like this and get upset at the fact that they didn't get "good coverage" of a man shooting two beautiful animals. Everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves.
Anybody who believes that Van Schalkwyk plans to ‘ban canned hunting’ has been misled.
Van Schalkwyk will not be able to tell you what ‘canned hunting’ means as there is NO definition in the new regs he is proposing, allowing the hunters and breeders to manipulate it as they will.
The new regs are also filled with loopholes, ensuring that it’s ‘business as usual’ for the breeders and hunters should the new regs come into effect in Feb 2008.
‘Hunting with bow and arrow has been banned …’ he claims. We don’t get to see the small print ‘… unless the Province allows it.’
‘Hunting with dog packs has been banned …’ he goes on. Not true.
And what about the use of steel-jaw traps? This indiscriminate instrument of torture has been outlawed in over 90 countries, yet it is STILL the favoured instrument of Nature Conservation officials in SA. This popular means of restraint allows the hunter and his video entourage to get the best footage of his ‘great kill’.
Ask Van Schalkwyk why lions and other trophy animals are not protected by the Animal Protection Act of 1964? If you were to go around shooting arrows into sheep and cattle, or beating a dog or a donkey, you would be jailed – yet much worse is being allowed to happen to our wildlife, without even the hint of prosecution.
Ask Van Schalkwyk why it is that Kenya, who banned ALL hunting, over 30 years ago have an eco-tourism industry that is the envy of all of Africa, yet South Africa STILL insists in continuing along this destructive path even though it has been proven that hunting only brings in a fraction of the money brought in by tourism?
The hunters claim: ‘we assist in poverty alleviation’. Yet the only jobs created is menial work, such as tracking and skinning. The money remains firmly in the pockets of wealthy, fat-cat land owners and breeders.
Eco-tourism, on the other hand, provides enormous upstream and downstream benefits, with the wealth being distributed to the community through curios, township tours, photographic equipment, hospitality industry, etc, etc.
Ask Van Schalkwyk why it is that millions of South Africans, who do not have the privilege of owing land, can make a living without resorting to killing, yet wealthy breeders and hunting reserves simply CANNOT find a useful means of using their land except by causing unspeakable cruelty to animals?
Nothing less than sweeping out of our conservation services all the hunting thugs who wear conservation uniforms will stop the cruelty. Expecting such officials to enforce the new restrictions is as absurd as asking Al Capone’s henchmen to monitor his activities.
So far from stopping the cruelty, the new regulations seek to extend the grisly business of killing wildlife for profit to black empowerment groups. Our nation and this world need fewer killers, not more…
Canned hunting is very real, and this practice is rife in South Africa. Should the new regs come into effect in Feb 2008, our wildlife will be delivered directly into the hands of the very people that wish to destroy it – the hunters.
Good citizens of the World. Please visit to get the real deal and to find out how you can help us put an end to this obsolete obsession.
We do not accept that a difference in species alone (any more than a difference in race) can justify wanton exploitation or oppression in the name of science or sport, commercial profit or other human gain. – The Rights of Animals
Everyone knows deep down that killing in any form is wrong, no matter what what or whom.
Can humanity not be proud enough to stand up for what's right.
If humanity is the "superior" being, why do we in the year 2007 still act like beings with so little dignity and respect.
To all those in power and to those who have the power to speak to nations, please ... lead us into a better future of respect, not only for our fellow human beings , but especially for the other species who share our planet, as they don't have any right at present.
Let people of hateful hearts not rule our future.
As a South African, I am deeply ashamed that this type of activity is taking place in a country where we have always been tremendously proud of our natural heritage.
Please email Mr Louw, Chief Director of Communications at our Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, to voice your concerns: as our local appeals are falling on deaf ears.
i think it is a sick perversion! People killing, murdering animals for pleasure are the same as people who kill humans.

It is immoral and not normal at all.

I also think that anyone doing it "for the money" (sa owners of lodges and other individuals associated with the canned lion industry) should group up - there are other ways of earning a good income.. other south africans do it.. Why can't you?

And shame on u Minister Martinus van Schalk Wyk for letting the Americans buy you so that u make fake laws on canned hunting being banned - we do not believe you.
We know they have you in their back pockets

There are loop holes in the new law - we can see them - "only if the province allows it" In other words it is not banned - as the province DOES allow it.

We will fight and make a stand against the canned lion (and other animals) industry and within the next 2-3 years we WILL make sure canned hunting is banned in sa.

We will become like Kenya and Tanzania where the animals are FREE.

I want my children and their children to see real animals in real nature, i dont want to tell them stories off a lion and what i use to look like.

I will stand and fight until we win this war.
Completely digusting, everyone should also boycott the zoos that sell "surplus" animals into the industry in the USA, well done CNN for making a start on exposing these sick individuals and cowardly "hunters".
The delay in the introduction of the so-called "restrictions on hunting lions and other big game" in South Africa until February 2008 was to be expected and makes little difference, as these "restrictions" are a sham anyway.

What these new regulations actually do is legalise 'canned hunting' in all respects as it stands today except one - from February 2008, you must now place young lions destined to be killed in a slightly increased sized fenced enclosure with a few unfortunate springbok for a two year period of 'wilding', after which the hunters can then enter these enclosures armed with either their rifles or bows and arrows and for pleasure, kill them in the most brutal and barbaric of ways. As before there is no escape for the lions and as these are trophy animals, the hunters will do all they can to avoid hitting them in the head resulting in an extremely cruel death. As for the mature lions that are currently kept and fed in small enclosures, well this delay conveniently allows hunters to mercilessly shoot-out the existing stocks of these animals.

South Africa's tarnished hunting industry remains just that under these shameful regulations, as does the sickening sight of wealthy tourists getting their fun out of brutally killing animals that have no means of escape. The South African Government and those individuals that take part in 'canned hunting' should all be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.
The sad thing is that this will continue. People who kill animals in a contained environment like this are the lowest form of life. This includes Dick Chaney, our ever macho vice president who was hunting in a contained environment when he shot his friend. Who are we to criticize others when our own vice president shoots birds, who have had their wings clipped so they can only fly so high and are held in cages until the "hunters" are driven to the animals.
Canned hunting is a brutal and barbaric practice that has no place in a civilised society. When it is finally banned, which it certainly will not be under these latest so-called regulations, then something extremely distasteful will have been removed from South Africa thus making it a far better place to live.
Don't want to act holier-than-thou by placing any moral judgments on these "hunters," but I will place a social judgment on them: they are strange people. I mean, honestly, who gets pleasure out of this? It's not even real hunting! I will never understand my fellow man. Guess I'm just a city boy.
Homo (only rarely) Sapien is not the the top of the food chain, that would be cockroaches. The sooner they develop canned human hunting, the better for the rest of the planet.
"It amazes me how many people ascribe human emotions to animals. Do you really think that the lion "suffers" knowing he will be hunted. Does the Cow "suffer" as it ambles down the slaughterhouse gangway. Is the chicken "sad" that her eggs get taken away."

I know that my dog has as much emotional capability as you do ... probably more. Why not the Lion? Can you really be that un-imaginative? Yes, most assuredly so. You come from the same barrel of ignorants who claim animals have no souls. They've as much as you do and many are perfectly capable of discerning fear .....

By the way, no, the cow does not experience fear MOST of the time because more modern abatoires are designed so that he/she cannot see or hear what befell the bovine in front of them. It's also obvious that you are unaware of the process beyond the "stunner." Or do you even know what one is?
I can gaurantee you this ... chickens know. You would too if you were tossed into a hopper 200 at a pop on top of one another and suspended over boiling water. Think you'd know what's coming next? Perhaps YOU would not .....
I think this is not only disgusting, it is immoral and in my mind, murder. When will humans find joy in life and helping, rather than in death and torture?
Canned hunting should be illegal, in fact ALL hunting should be banned. I can not understand how someone can enjoy watching another being suffer. The next step is hitting a child and beating a woman. When will laws protect the innocent?
I am disappointed in Femi Oke-the CNN International Correspondent for this story. I'm not sure but she seemed to be enjoying herself too much. Perhaps she should have tried to be a real reporter and ask the tough questions to the hunter and breeder like "Don't you think people will see this story and think you don't have a soul?" She really didn't have much comment. I would have had a tough time reporting this story without asking them if they think they are real men or cowards!
This is truly sad. There is a huge difference between hunting for food and hunting for pleasure. And hunting for pleasure should be banned!
There is an old African proverb which says:
Until the lion has his own storyteller, tales of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.
Whether it is a lion or a crocodile or a human being, matters not, what matters is that an evolved human being is able to see that it is NEVER acceptable to hunt for pleasure!!
Having read through every posting so far, one wonders how informed, or ignorant, some of the statements are - saying that canned hunting prevents poaching is ridiculous - poaching is the scourge of Africa and no amount of 'legal' hunting will prevent the poacher from trapping and killing wildlife - as long as someone is prepared to buy rhino horn to use as an aphrodisiac or the bones of a wild animal to use for 'medicinal' purposes or the hand of a gorilla to use as an ashtray, poachers will continue to sneak out into the wild and trap these animals!
The point that we all need to come to is that as long as a market for something exists, someone will supply that market, so ultimately the fault has to sit with the first world consumer. No demand for a product, no need to capture and kill it!
Saying that hunters are conservationists is also ludicrous - if they were, they would put their money into securing wilderness areas and maintaining a natural balance. One only has to go into a true wilderness area like Botswana to see that, left alone, nature balances itself out - ratios of predator to prey are constantly changing to ensure survival of all the species living together.
So don't try and sugar-coat sport-hunting - see it for what it is - another means of wealthy foreigners getting thrills at the expense of the local wild and human populations. Don't for one minute think that the average poor villager in anyway improves his quality of life in this industry - he is merely just another pawn serving the interests of the breeder/hunter.
This type of "hunting" represents a dismally small percentage of hunters, and gives us all a bad name.
Most hunters seek out their quarry to bring meat to their tables. Ive hunted since I was a boy as my father did before me. We dont kill something unless we intend on eating it, a trophy on the wall is purely secondary.
The type of "hunt" described above only exists for a handful of ridiculously wealthy weekend warriors and the local villagers who can eat and cloth themselves for a year off one or two "canned hunts".
If canned hunts are banned that $25,000 fee will make its way into poachers pockets for the same mounted head on a wall. Life is full of lesser evils.
I actually enjoy the idea of people hunting beasts for fun - but they should only be allowed a dagger. That will keep lions healthy and well fed.
This is a coward's way! There is no sport whatsoever in this. These animals haven't got a chance and all I can say is karma will get these so called "hunters" in the end.
I am glad that so many people commenting recognise our hypocritical relationship with animals, those we eat vs the wildlife we have to preserve. However, the issue here is hunting, specifically canned hunting. That is where the animal is prevented from escaping through physical (fenced enclosure, trap) or mental (habituated to humans) constraints. Please help us stop this type of hunting in South Africa, and ensure that van Schalkwyk (minister of environment) tightens up the new regulations considerably, closing every loophole, in order to end this barbaric practice. We can focus on other hunting and the factory farm system some other time.
Cape Town
These so called "men" are not hunters. Anyone, even a 5 year old, can take a gun and kill a defensless animal. Call yourself a hunter when you hunt and kill with your own bare hands, like animals do. Man is coward, that's why he needs a gun to hide behind and call himself a "man" and a "hunter". I pity these people who hunt and the farms who allow it. Money is the route of all evil and this has just proved it. Hunting and animal abuse is no different to human trafficking, rape, child abuse or murder. It is EXACTLY the same. WRONG!
Please email Mr JP Louw, South Africa's Chief Director of Communications at our Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism in Pretoria: to let him know how you feel about this abhorrent practice. As foreigners fund our tourism industry, we would appeal to you to help us put an end to this as our efforts from within are falling on deaf ears. I have first hand knowledge that the practice is continuing - in spite of what Mr van Schalkwyk is telling the media.
I wonder what those hunters would feel if the tables were turned. This is a most cruel practice that does not justify the end. The pro-hunting group has been lobbying to have hunting reintroduced in Kenya. I am a Kenyan and say that they should keep their US$ or whatever currency to themselves, and our wildlife remains alive and at peace. We would rather they die in their natural habitats, of natural causes and not through guns, and bows and arrows.
As a South African I can only say how ashamed I am of the people that consider this activity 'ok'. I have no idea the respect that these 'men' think they can command by killing an animal that is rendered defenseless.
There is no way that this practise should be allowed to happen, how it has up to now is a testimony to the egocentric and selfish murdering nature of some 'humans'.
How humane!!
The thoughts I had initially about John Foster are far worse than I would likely be allowed to leave here by the CNN moderators. But I wish I could meet him and tell him exactly what I think.

As it stands, there is an evil attached to making a business out of any sort of regular death dealings. Not in bibilcal terms, but in the sense that the innate feeling we all have about what is truly right or wrong, no longer seems to function. Such people are dangerous and deluded.

The adrenaline rush that some may get from the stalking and killing of something bigger than they are, hardly makes the end result right. Those who disagree simply want what they want, when they want it, and they are blind to the bigger picture. It is the ID gone wild. It is immaturity and selfishness at a grand scale. It is the same mindset that makes some spend billions on useless items like diamond encrusted cell phones, rather than give to those who help the starving and diseased of the world; the same that lets a country destroy countless lives - far more than were lost on 9/11 - to secure an energy source that is destroying our atmosphere.

A hundred thousand lions against 6 billion people and billions in a slaughterous gangbang tagged an "industry"; SPORT HUNTING!
Where are the heroes for these magnificent cats?
When, oh when, will the silent majority say "STOP!" The only way to protect wild animals is through legislation.

If Kenya can outlaw trophy hunting and canned hunting, why can't South Africa?? Shame on that country for allowing trophy hunting in the 21st Century.
Why can't people let God's creatures live in peace.
These tigers deserve respect...just like all the rest of the animals that are killed daily for fur, for expieriments, for parts, etc. This is disgusting!
What is the difference between this and killing livestock? These lions are bred to be hunted. If not for the hunting the lions would not exist! Personally, it is not for me but I don't have a problems with others doing it.
I think canned hunting should be banned worldwide! it is unnecessary, cruel, and barbaric. It's not like subsitence hunting-this is trophy hunting!
Working with people such as Chris Mercer, founder of The Campaign Against Canned Hunting, is bringing such issues as Canned hunting to the public arena and by doing so hopes to educate visitors to Africa that behind the promise of a fantastic vacation trophy hunting does occur.

One wonders for how much longer the tourism industry will continue to flourish in such countries where such activities are still practised. How can someone gain pleasure from killing such an animal is quite unbelievable and a sad reflection on the human race that killing for sport is fun.
I can't understand what type of person can have fun killing another living creature. Killing for fun? Brainsick!
My reaction on seeing these pictures was rage and sadness,that these magnificent animals should be sacrificed to feed the pathetic ego and bloodlust of this wretched,mediocre little specimen,who is obviously possessed of more money than morals.I wonder what will take his fancy when he becomes jaded and bored with canned hunting - perhaps his money can buy him the right to shoot the animals in the zoo - the sloth bears should be a real challenge!
And I was singularly unimpressed with the fawning commentary of the reporter.
for those who choose to kill any animal that has no chance to escape, these so called human beings are nothing but spoiled lazy rich girlie men! hunters they are not! show off that they are. what they are wasting good money on doing bad things. and those who choose to profit on the death and misery of these animals, if they have conscious at all , they should get another job.

why do so many men think in order to become a manly man, they must kill or destroy some form of life?it takes seconds to kill someone or some dumb animal; but it takes years for a little cub to become a strong and beautiful lion or tree as that matter.
It is a sad commentary on civilization when you read of these barbaric senseless acts of sadistic cowards who have nothing better to do then shoot helpless animals who have been trapped by even more sadistic pathetic cowards who profit from death and murder. If there was any justice in the world, there would be permits issued for the hunting of hunters
what is wrong with people. isn't there enough killing in this world, now we constantly have to kill innocent animals for mans pleasure. this is totally unacceptable and needs stopped now, south africa needs to take a stand for animals for once.
It is just so sad a state that in this day and age we have not learned to respect these beautiful creatures. There are ways to generate income without having to kill these about helping people see them in thier environment and shoot pictures.
This is sad that humanity has degraded herself to this point.
As a former U.S. Army Special Forces soldier it always amazes me to see how many "men" try to prove their "manhood" by killing "big game" animals with high tech weapons at "canned hunting" locations. (Alright, enough quote marks for these cowards). What's next with these rich spoiled brats, shooting lions in cages?
Why do we feel the need to kill everything. It's not even as if this is 'man against beast' syndrome. it appears to be killing for its own sake.
"He bagged two lions", and then what? What does that make him? This guy's got a big problem if he can only get a kick from killing lions that are not even wild anymore!
i won't comment on that person who compares canned hunting with the natural behaviour of lions killing cubs to impregnate a female. It's just so easy to say: "they also kill animals, so why can't we kill them?" So bloody childish! men will never grow up, will they? And I am not going to say either that we should not kill these animals just because they're gorgeous.
We just can't leave nature alone, we're so arrogant thinking of ourselves as superior predators! Well, take away the guns and see how you cope, big boy!!!
While I cant say I condone canned hunting, if any of you have been to Africa you know that there is ALWAYS someone who needs the meat... so stop saying that its wasted... trust me, no part of those animals went to waste
This is disgusting. What does this guy want to prove? That he is a man?? Especially at a time like this when humans are busy plundering nature and making pretty much everything extinct.

But let me also say this. There is not a big difference between this and what happens in slaughterhouses. Cattle, pigs and chickens are crowded into small enclosures where they cannot escape and systematically killed. They can sense the death and can't do anything about it. Society needs to realize that any type of killing is inhumane, whether it be for "sport" or gratification of your tongue.
If anyone who needs to understand the laws of Karma, then the hunters should now. What goes around comes around. Recently a democrat and former texan speaker Gibson Lewis was boasting about his canned hunt in Africa. So also Dick Chenney. HOW SICK.

Law of karma will certainly prevail.
I just saw the movie "I am Legend." After reading a story such as this, and learning more about canned hunting, part of me wishes that parts of this movie would come true. No, not the mutant 'zombie' part, but the part where humans are dead and animals are free to roam the earth. Human Beings have no respect for the rest of the animal kingdom. I am not critical of hunting for survival (and I only have a tiny space for a comment - not trying to start a post war), but breeding exotic animals, just to fence them up, kill them, and hang their bodies in a room in Boise, Idaho is so cruel it's unimaginable. You people that condone this behavior should be ashamed of yourself. This act is an atrocity.
We are all at fault for the practice of "canned hunting" and other barbaric activities that go on in our world today. We humans insist on living in the most remote places, using the best materials, and consuming all of the world's last natural resources. Because of these every day acts, we cause innocent animals the loss of a safe place they can call home. Everything we use in our kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms ended up on our door step as the result of some rape of our natural world. Because of this, we have a responsibility to care for what is left of our world by consuming less. Stop wanting for so much.

And about the comments that we do this to all other animals (cows for burgers, pigs for bacon, etc.)... how else would you have it? We've created the problem by insisting that we be able to eat these foods conveniently. If we stopped the practice of farming animals for food, where would we send them? To live in the wild? They can't survive.

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