Thursday, March 29, 2007
Eyewitness: A Baghdad bomb site

The aftermath of the blast

CNN's Cal Perry writes about his experience filming the site of a suicide bombing in Baghdad, minutes after the blast.

"In my imagination, standing in the room, I'm reenacting the bomber's morning. In my head, the man kisses his family goodbye, calmly gets into his car and possibly drives to work -- maybe to meet his contact inside this place, passing through various checkpoints. Perhaps he drove past Iraqi police, Iraqi militiamen, U.S. military patrols. Who knows? In my mind, he says a quick prayer, walks through the front door and tries to assassinate a high-ranking member of the Iraqi government -- willing to kill himself."

You can read his account here.
The direct responsibility for the escalation of such violent attacks lies upon the arrogant policy makers, starting with President Bush and the U.S government who have launched this thankless war against the innocent Iraqi citizens.

No fair reporting has been done, on the millions who have been killed and are being killed even as we speak by CNN, NBC, ABC, or any other major networks.
Shameless in their policy making, U.S goverment is responsible for all terrorist attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan. U.S sponsored war is a Sanctioned Large Scale Organized Terrorism. This war will extend for decades the way it is going not just couple years. Worse, than Vietnam, U.S has entered a quagmire, where extricating itself is out of question.

It is also a shame that many websites, just give a ticker number for the Iraqi body counts. I could not care less of the troops who are serving a mostrous government, promoting terror with their night time seiges on many residences, terrorizing families, women and children, taking anybody at will for even a hint of suspicion.

It is a sad state, and I truly pray that for all the evil doers the Universal laws of justice will come to play in each and every one of their lives, including all the demons in the U.S government starting with Bush, his cronies and supporters. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, so somewhere in time, hopefully the justice and the Universal Laws will come to play to teach all these Rascals who have been instrumental in the death and destruction of a nation and it�s citizens, some serious lessons, they will never forget in eternity.

This war is not going to go away, more innocent Iraqis and Afghanis are going to die uselessly. U.S and it's allies will just continue to use it's rhetoric and lies to perpetuate these on going atrocities on an entire nation so savagely destroyed in every manner and form.

I�m truly ashamed of the U.S goverment and the people responsible for having such a terrible goverment. I feel in this day and time, it is equivalent to living under the Nazi regime.
You can't excuse terrorist's criminal, murderous activities on President Bush! The war was a mistake and the criminal terrorist, looking for excuses to murder people in the name their religious cult, are taking advantage of it!
The middle east has a serious problem with religious cults!
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