Friday, February 23, 2007
South Africa's sexiest man?
I feel a little weird starring at the slick naked torso of my interviewee. He has a perfect six pack and more definition than the Oxford Dictionary. Thank goodness this is research, I'm thinking as I click and paste the Web site address showing off his impressive physique and circulate it to my colleagues.

I'm heading off to interview Gareth Tjasink, who's been voted South Africa's Sexiest Man by the readers of Cosmo. This is the most tabloid story I've ever filed for CNN, but it's tabloid with a twist. South Africa's Sexiest Man also happens to be a full-time doctor, as well as a part-time model and actor.

Chris Hani-Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto is huge, in fact it's the largest hospital in the Southern Hemisphere. Despite the sprawling layout of the buildings, the crew had no trouble spotting our doctor. Dr. Gareth strode through the grounds with the early morning Soweto sunshine glinting in his hair. The man named the sexiest in South Africa shook my hand and we set up to do the shoot.

Having seen my guest wearing not many clothes on the Internet I wasn't quite sure what to expect in the flesh. I was surprised, there was no hint of ego or arrogance. The doctor is smart, passionate about practising medicine and determined to have a serious career as a surgeon. I'm still not sure how "serious" you can be about your day job if you appear on "Survivor South Africa" and model for calendars and ad campaigns. Yet somehow Dr. Gareth manages to do both and uses his celebrity as a platform to nag South Africans about chronic health issues like HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and diabetes.

No doubt you're dying to see a picture of the good doctor, so you can judge for yourself if he deserves all the attention he's getting. You can
google Gareth Tjasink like I did, or watch my full report on the day I met South Africa's Sexiest Man.

From Femi Oke, CNN, Johannesburg, South Africa
He doesn't surprise me about this silly article. In a country with over 85% black yet the sexiest man in Africa is some white guy. It just shows the miopic mindset of certain people who can not truly enterpret true beauty in a global sense.

Oh the simple mind.
Haha... maybe this is the most tabloid story YOU'VE ever filed for CNN, Femi... but it's not the most tabloid-esque out there.

Seriously... can we take Anna Nichol's face off of CNN yet? So, one woman died and there is a custody battle and a confusing will... so what. If people really want to hear about that, let some celebrity news outlet cover the story and CNN- please, stick to the real news.
Oh- wait, Femi- It's gotten worse!

I just opened up to CNN International's homepage and read the following headline under "Latest Headlines: Top Stories":

"Some See Virgin Mary in Pizza Pan"

What is this? Come on, CNN... get serious.
I don't see anything handsome about the guy at all--I'm sure there were many black handsome faces staring right at you, but you didn't see them, right??
After reading your article, yes, I was dying to see him, and when I finally did, I almost died. You've got to be kidding!!!! And no, he doesn't deserve the attention he's getting. There's nothing attractive about this man. I agree with the comment from Arlington, VA: "In a country with over 85% black yet the sexiest man in Africa is some white guy." Shame on you Femi.
My, my aren't the natives restless (and racist). For those who can't read, Femi didn't pick this doctor as the sexiest in SA, Cosmos magazine did. So, don't chide her for his selection, she's simply reporting the news. Secondly, what difference does it make what color he is? Not surprisnig, the negative comments/comments about race are from Washington D.C. and Arlington, VA--two hotbeds of race baiters and race card players. How sad....
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