Friday, February 09, 2007
New tensions in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a city where Armageddon always seems just around the corner, where apocalyptic visions are in vogue year-round. And when tensions focus on what Jews call the Temple Mount, Muslims the Haram Al-Sharif, or Noble Sanctuary, that is particularly the case.

The latest tensions were sparked Tuesday when Israeli earth moving machinery began work on the ramp leading to the Maghrabi Gate, adjacent to the Western or Wailing Wall, which abuts the Temple Mount, home to the Aqsa Mosque, the third-holiest site in Islam.

Israel says the work was initiated because an earthquake and snowfall have made the ramp unsafe. Many Palestinians, and Muslims elsewhere, counter that the work threatens to undermine the foundation of the Haram Al-Sharif. We’ve already heard from the likes of Raid Salah, a firebrand leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel, who has warned that Israel is igniting a broad religious war across the region.

Such talk has Israeli officials worried. Defense Minister Amir Peretz has reportedly asked Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to order that the work be discontinued to avoid inflaming emotions further. Other government officials have volunteered to install 24-hour security cameras to provide, via the Internet, visual reassurance that the enclosure’s structure is not being damaged.

But the credibility gap between Palestinians and Israel is so wide it may do little to damp down the flames.

On my way to work I could tell this day was going to be different. Friday is usually a relatively quiet day in Jerusalem. There is less traffic because, for both Muslims and Jews, it’s the beginning of the weekend. But this morning I saw more Israeli checkpoints and patrols, where Palestinians are stopped and questioned. There is always a heavy police presence around Jerusalem’s Old City, but today it’s heavier than usual.

Palestinian leaders have called on the faithful to go to the Aqsa Mosque to voice their anger. It’s a call easily made, but hard to realize. All week long, Israeli police have barred males under the age of 45 from entering the mosque compound, and are out in force at all the entrances to the Old City.

The tension around the Temple Mount has clouded the cautious relief among many Palestinians that after months of bickering and recurrent outbreaks of violence, Hamas and Fatah have finally agreed to the formation of a national unity government in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Cynics on both sides have suggested the furore over the work in the Old City is the most effective way to bring the Palestinian factions together. After all, Hamas and Fatah may find it hard to agree on how to share power, but they’re united in their antipathy to Israel and its policies in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza. What better way to shelve their differences than to focus on their common enemy?

But for Palestinians caught in the middle, who have seen their standard of living decline precipitously since the outbreak of the second intifada in September 2000, such calculations are scant comfort.

“What can we really do?” a Palestinian shopkeeper asked me last night. “We can hold demonstrations, we can cause trouble, but in the end Israel does what Israel wants to do. All we can do is complain. And no one is listening anyway.”

I had to explain the whole complicated affair while driving my children to school this morning, warning them not to be surprised if things get a bit crazy. I’m not so sure what they made of it, especially my nine-year-old son Alessandro, who has yet to get his head around the bitter conflict that defines everything in this beautiful, fascinating but cursed city. I imagine many other parents in Jerusalem -- Palestinian and Israeli -- gave an identical talk to their children this morning.

Mr. Wederman, where is investigative reporting? Why hasn't CNN brought maps, pictures, technical diagrams to show what's it all about? This broke out today? CNN didn't have time to gather data?
Your title is atrocious, this hub bub is all due to the Palestinians making an issue out of nothing to divert attention from their infighting.

You write this blog as if Jerusalem and the Temple Mount are nothing to the Jews. Whereas this is Islam's third holiest site, this is the holiest site for the Jews. The term "Wailing" Wall is offensive, it's the Western Wall, or the Kotel if you want to pretend you know something.

When mentioning the "work threatens to undermine the foundation of the Haram Al-Sharif" you never mentioned that the foundation is constantly attacked by the Waqf. The Israelis who have engineers knew it would be fine. Archaeologist can prove there were many bridges and ramps before and everything was fine. This is all ironic though, since the Waqf has done it's share of digging with bulldozers to destroy as much Jewish artifacts as possible.

You seem to live in a vacuum where Palestinian terror and struggle have made a Taliban like State in Gaza and in a West Bank coming soon. That is why their lives have become harder, because Israel let them rule themselves.

In all your blog just added to nonsense to give a distorted view of the reality of the Middle East.
When will the Israelis learn that along with governance, they have a responsibility to their neighbors to respect all religions in order to maintain tranquility. Why could they not have consulted with Muslim leaders before initiating work around the Temple Mount? That it would have created problems is a no-brainer.
how can you say that the most holy and beautiful city in the world is "cursed"?????
What a mess God left behind. His creatures are fighting each other in his name. Or are there many different gods? The whose god is true? whose god is false? Whose god is more powerful than other gods? Why is He silent? Why does not not intervene to tell the modern men not to fight each other in his name anymore?
I think the palestinians are in the habit of looking for every avenue to confront Isreal physical,most especially when they have just signed a unity government agreement so to me,it's like transfer of energy since the reconstruction of the ramp is for safe passage into the mosque which is of mutual benefit
You think the israeli's care about their palestinian prisoners or their religion. The palestinians have been reduced to livestock or target practice by the israelis. It is an well thought out ploy by the israelis.
It is indeed hard for any one living outside of this area to comprehend the tensions. Christians pray that both sides come to know and acknowledge the truth and begin to resolve this the long standing rift.
�O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which killest the prophets, and stonest them that are sent unto thee; how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not!

Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.�
Haven't you people read what happened with the similar plans for the Temple by Julian the Apostate in 363 A.D.?
It is interesting that CNN (which is my main source for news) didn't bother to put a picture of the "excavation" on their website. Other websites have a picture. If you had a picture, you'd see that the work being done does not touch the Temple Mount, it's one of the ramps to get there, on the Western Wall side of the site. Second, a temporary ramp was constructed to allow full access (only by Muslims, Jews can't go up there). Third, the excavation was to MAKE SURE that nothing will be damaged by the ramp repair.

You also fail to ask a fundamental question... "Why would Israel undermine its own Western Wall and Temple Mount?"

As other posters have stated, you never bothered to mention the dumping of 2 tons of antiquities by the Wakf, or that there are cameras fixed on the site of the excavation to make sure that anything brought up is not damaged.
Come on, do you really think that Isreal thought that the construction work near the mosque would noot cause any issues???? I am so surprised !!! Why not make it peaceful and ask a Muslim party or the clerics at the mosque if it would be ok and I am sure this would have been supported especially if they say the walkway is dangerous and the work MUST be carried out !!!!!
God created love, Man created religion. It is clear that it is man who made a mess of things. The reporting implies that the Palestanian's are guiltless and innocent victims. I'm sorry, but from my persepctive, it is extremist religion that is the flaw. Any religious leader that calls for resistance is wrong and in conflict with God. It is easy to blame the Jewish community. In fact it is politically correct to do so. Heaven forbid we point out the autrocities on the other side.

Try creating a balanced account.
Another reason for the people of the �Religion of Peace� to riot, throw rocks and try to kill people. Oh yah, I forgot this is George Bush and Americas fault. So, they�re justified in killing Jews or Americans. Hell even Jimmy Carter agrees with them. They�re paying him for his advocacy. Check the Carter Center donators list if you don�t believe me.
What is the use in commenting if you censure everything. Are you a news organization or the world opinion police.
When I see discussions like this I am reminded that the mosque is built ON TOP of the temple site. First Jewish state preceded the creation of Islam by 2000+ years. The temple was there long before the mosque. Yet Israel gives accommodation and is chastised for it.
To E. Vaugn, Athens
Are you out of your mind, Since when does consulting muslim leaders lead to peaceful dealings? do they consult us before suicide bombing our malls, do they consult us before kidnapping our soldiers. Two evils don't make a right, but they have no interest in anything civilized that could benefit the state of israel or themselves. Israel shells out millions of dollors to protect them on OUR temple mount! And how do they show their gratitude - with malicous accusations.
Palestinians in this case are simply looking for yet another excuse to shed their frustration. They are only using these renovations as an excuse.
I was in Israel a few years back when the bridge leading to the temple mount collapsed following a snow storm. the israelis are only doing what any civilized govt would do and that is fix the problem on hand.
it took Israel 3 years of hard research to unearth the land and engineering until they were certain that they would be able to successfully fix the ramp without hindering or obstructing with this very sensitive area to both jews and muslims alike.
So give them a break, and stop looking for excuses.
The current worldwide media play is about how the ramp improvement and archeological findings will destroy the foundation of the Temple Mount, thus destroy the Al Asqa mosque.

Israelis and Jews around the world know that Israelis and Jews wouldn't do anything to destroy the Temple Mount, or the neighboring Kotel, thus leaving the Al Asqa mosque in its present state.

Additionally, anybody who has actually walked around the base of the SW corner of the Temple Mount, the ramp, Kotel knows that the minor contruction and archeology pose ZERO threat to the structural integrity of the Temple Mount. To even suggest otherwise is to drive a different agenda.

Speaking of different agenda(s), why does a perceptably minor incident (compared to everything else that needs to be worried about or solved) cause a pan-Arabic or pan-Islamic condemnation of Israel along with threats to spill Israeli blood.

Why is there rarely proportional public outcry or condemnation of Arabs and Muslims when they say they want to kill the Israeli Jews? Is that proportional with replacing or repairing a foot bridge?
I hate to shatter the media's illusion that this Palestinian initiated incident was designed to "refocus" Hamas and Fatah on the common enemy, that being Israel. This would infer that all has been peaceful in Israel since the near civil war condition in the territories. I'd venture a guess that Israelis living in the south who, right up to today, continue to be under attack from kassams fired from Gaza, would say otherwise.

I wonder what would have happened if repairs were not made to the ramp and it collapsed causing injury or worse to Muslim worshippers? Israel is damned if she does and damned if she doesn't.
The Al Aqsa mosque was built originally as a spit in the eye of the Jewish people. The story of Mohammed ascending to heaven from there is propganda to maintain the site as a Muslim one. This has been going on for over a thousand. It is time to denounce this and other BS rhetoric that Muslims use on a daily basis(like a whining younger brother to his mother when his older brother hits back) as that, rhetoric!
You point out that al Aqsa is the third holiest site in Islam but neglect to mention that the Temple Mount is the primary holy site in Judaism. Israel would be doing everything to protect the place jews face three times daily when praying.
Israel better reliase that no superpower has lasted since the beginning of man kind.Israel is not a superpower as america goes so does Israel.
It is disappointing to me that the "religion of peace" as the Muslims call themselves can stoke up such anger, hatred, and violence against anything that the Jews do in Jerusalem. The bridge construction is too far away from the Al Aqsa Mosque that there is no possible way that the mosque can be affected, as any reasonable person can see. However, by the Waqf merely (erroneously)stating that this is a Jewish attempt to damage their mosque, the Muslim world gets all up in arms and declares violence against the Jews everywhere. The Koran calls for religious toleration, but Islam continues to show very little of it. Muslims, please show some restraint and moderation in this situation, or you will continue to foment the belief that Islam is a religion of anger and destruction. Please, for God's sake.......
Excuse me Brandon B but it seems like you dont care about other peoples religion except yours. Al -Aqsa is a sacred place for Muslims and it is their right to protect it. And Now the Israelis are killing people while they are PRAYING in the holy place. Each gunshot to their head. HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THAT? How would people feel if Palestinians shot the Jews with each bullet in to their head? People would actually care and this would be spread through the news the people would say Palestinians are bad people. But since its vice versa nobody cares they are just a bunch of muslim/arab people. And yet the Israelis wont let the people who got shot reach the hospital so they are just going to let innocent people die for no reason. I TELL YOU THE PEOPLE THAT ARE IN NEED ARE THE PALESTINIANS NOT THE ISRAELIS!So stop feeling sorry for the few Israelis that die not even close to each day, but the people that are really suffering, the Palestinians.
seems that as soon as they stop fighting with each other they start fighting with the israelis again... why can they not accept that the work being conducted is purely to support the fanatic are these people they love to fight they need to fight. with all the money they have recieved from rich arab neighbours over the last 50 years they have built nothing where as the israelis have built a beautiful country..they just love to fight
The Jews will definetly rebuild their temple, because the Bible sais so. It's just a matter of time. It may take another 2,3,5... (who knows?) years. These kinds of conflicts are just the beginning.

As for Eaglekiss, with all my love: there is only One God, the maker of Heaven and Earth. The world is a mess because He gave free will to mankind, and human beings chose to do eavil deeds... we can't blaim God for that...
If there is a legitimate possibility that the foundations of the mosque will be undermined, CNN has a self-evident duty of investigate and report that. How can anyone not privy to the estimates of the engineers be expected to form an opinion about this project? If the Israeli government is unwilling to share them with reporters, that would constitute a reason to be suspicious that Muslim fears are not without some foundation. If engineers can disple the possibility that the mosque will be affected for the worse, that might alleviate the anxiety of those who fear that the project is ill-intended.
First, I would like to comment on "Brandon's" idea that this site is of more significance to the Jews than it is to the Arabs. Very mature, i must say, to fight over who holds the place closest to their hearts. If it was so important and meanigful, is it not considered a travesty to land bulldozers and such near the "holiest" of places.
Mr. Wederman LIVES in Jerusalem, i think he might know a thing or two about the reality of the Middle East, so i can imagine his view is nnot distorted in any way.
Lastly, if the Jewish police prepared for the violence that they knew would ensue, following the construction, they obviously knew the construction was not going to be tolerated by the Arabs. Respect is all the Arabs want and deserve, not to mention their own country back.
Lastly, again, who said anything about the Arabs being allowed to govern themselves..they are restriced from going into their own place of worship!!!
god is love, let his love pour into this conflict and drown out the violence....may these people have a time of relaxation and much has happened to all of them....God is all powerful...why don't we leave these things to Him and not try to understand them with our limited understanding!
We find it interesting that you said that Jerusalem is such a fascinating, beautiful yet cursed city. We have been learning about the religious history of Jerusalem and it is kind of sad that what many people consider to be one of the holiest cities of the world is constantly surrounded by bloodshed and conflict.

Thank you for the update on the situation in Jerusalem.
The honest truth about these islamic rioters going to Temple Mount to pray, is just to ask the almighty to take revenge on their behalf on the so called "INFIDELS", which refering to cristians and jews. I know it is hard to accept, but your Holy Book, the Quoran does preach violence against "cristians" and "jews", no matter you try to twist it around.
Let's see if in a country like Saudi Arabia, the saudi government would allow jews to riot in they coutry or have freedom of speach, or even live in such country. Look what your muslim faith is doing in Sudan, by staying quite about the rape of sudanese women by islamic militias.
The list goes On And On.
you chose not to publish my comment yesterday.Luckily,other people hold the same opinion as I and were published.Look around you Islam is nothing but trouble!sorry for the "too few good moslems".
One more thing!why don't you inquire as to what "The Haram al Sharif"place is really?It was built FOR THE JEWS by Haram el Sharif...Much later on ,it was made a moslem place by the "infamous" Husseini who was allied to the Nazis
Mr. Brandon B, the palestinians have the right to protect thier holy shrines. For all they know israel is trying to occupy the mosque just as they did with other palestinian land, so don't tell me they're making an issue out of nothing. that mosque may mean nothing to you but it means everything to them.

"Taliban like state in Gaza"??? Palestinians have the right to defend themselves and when the jews take their land and arrest who ever they want, they are obviously going to react. You can't call that terror, its self defence. They dont' have the technology and weapons Israel has to make self defence look like self defence, instead paestinians have to result to using bombs. Well thats because its all they have.
The Israelies told the Arabs of the work months ago, If they didn't do the work and an Arab got hurt they would get blamed as well. These protesters are being paid to do what they are doing. The level of stupidity here is mind bogeling. The darwin effect in action.
They way I see it, a 16 year old Australian, Israel is damned if they do and damned if they don't. They either build this ramp and face violence and anger towards their security forces or they leave the ramp to rot and collapse, possibly killing or injuring many people which will in turn cause the Palestinians to once again riot and fight against the Israelis. The Palestinians need to wake up and realise that the Israelis won't be going anywhere soon and that their quest to destroy the Jewish state will only be unfruitful. Besides I don't see the Palestinian government fixing the ramp. I say the Israelis should just leave the ramp the way it is. When it colappses we'll see who they blame then.
Well, I believe this article is enlightening as to which of the two parties (Israelis or Palestinians) hold respect for the other and, like in every other occastion, Israelis are sparkling the fight with their actions and then wait for the Palestinians' reaction, which of course would be hot-tempered as they are fed up with the games that other governments play on their back! Then the Israelis keep their distances to show to the world who the "bad guy" is in a particular situation. Unfortunately for them, the world has awaken and we can clearly see what is happening in Middle East and who acts and who reacts...
I find it absurd how Israelis are always enraged when the truth is said. It has been a non-stop Palestenian slaughter since 1948, and everytime a word against Israel is said, they all start complaining. Americans obviously believe everything said to them, being led by a false media, so go figure.
For many years, the Waqf (Muslim administrative body responsible for the Haram al-Sharif, as the Temple Mount is called by Moslems) has permitted excavation within the Temple Mount. Arab attempts to obliterate Jewish traces from the Temple Mount, the continue unabated. The Moslem Waqf�s willingness to desecrate the Temple Mount has no limits.
When Israel attempts to build and fortify a ramp which lead to the Mount (used primarily by tourist and Arabs), the Arabs are once again ready to spill blood. One can only imagine the Arab outcry if the old ramp were to collapse resulting the the death of these same Arabs.
Perhaps CNN should dig deeper.
I agree with the first comment.... CNN's coverage of this is more fitting of a tabloid. Especially with a headline like "Israeli Police Storm Muslim Holy Site" I don't believe you could be anymore sensationalist. How outrageous is the claim that Israel would try to demolish the Al-Aqsa mosque with a bulldozer?! Whats the real story here? Whats really going on??
I like when a reproter says the truth like Ben Wendeman. Story that are told from reporters they need to speak about both sides of the story and not one side benifiting the other side.
To the Bolger from Tampa, FL. (Wailing Wall)

The American Heritage Dictionary, lists the word "Wailing Wall" and defines it as;...A wall in the old city of Jerusalem believed to be a remnant of the temple of Solomon and referred by Jews as a place of pilgrimage, lamentation (express grief or sorrow about something) and prayer.

And according to Encarta's Encyclopedia; The name �Wailing Wall� refers to the prayers offered at the site in lamentation for the destruction of the temples and the persecution of Jews.

So, there you have it....What is so "offensive" using the word "Wailing Wall" when it seems it is commonly used!!!....Wedeman's blog says, "adjacent to the Western or Wailing Wall"....

The degree of blatancy and blasphemy displayed in your blog is outrages..... Ahhh !!!... maybe some of that sweet Floridian Key-Lime-Pie would calm an angry soul!!!

And Finally, Thank You Ben Wedeman for giving viewers around the world a clear and undistorted view of what is going on in the Middle East!!...

K.Payne Lancaster Ca.
There are elements in Israeli society that want to storm the Temple Mount and and destroy al Aqsa and in it's place create a Jewish Temple these view are very public and well known. Al Aqsa is not just a religious building. It is an iconic symbol of Palestinian nationhood, the embodyment of all the hopes and dreams of the Palestinians. The Israelis cannot treat al Aqsa as any other part of the city and just began building, or demoslishing at will, any action they take around al Aqsa will be very closely scruntized not only by the Palestinains but also by the entire Islamic world.
why there is nothing in the news about stonnng Canadian tourist bus by Palestinian teenagers?
Wederman, In all politeness, I ask that maybe for once write from the Israeli perspective versus the arab one.
Statements like "But for Palestinians caught in the middle..." seem very bias and lack proof. What about the Israelis caught in the middle?
Also, it seems to me that you quoted an arab but what about the Israeli point of view? Did you "just happen to forget to quote an Israeli"?
I truly hope for people reading that they see through your seemingly one sided blog entery.
I truly hope for you that you start to either start to report "just the facts" as reporters are asked to do or report both sides of the situation.
Ask around, find out if people are "really" interested in arab point of view after all.
Wishing you much success in becoming a real reporter versus a creative writer.
A holy hill with a holy rock sitting on top, surrounded by the third most holy mosque built from holy bricks, barely a stone's throw from another pile of holy boulders forming the Western Wall, in the same town where there is a church with a holy hole into which a holy execution device was once inserted. If people managed to advance beyond declaring stones and holes holy, these irrational wars would soon come to an end. But alas, religion is on the rise all over the world, and reason is retreating. Not that numbers make the difference, really. 500 billion flies eating faeces still does not make it a fancy dish
Why should they even bother to touch something that is not theirs. Israel systamatically took over palestanian land. At least should keep their hands of this place. Coz nobody would believe they doing it for good of the mosque..They should also rember in history only muslim protected jews from being slaugtering by christian and even built this city.. well past is past. but even this mosque breaks down israeli should leave it to the palestanian to look after.. it belongs to the muslim not the jews..
"Accursed" city?? I beg your pardon. This story is made-up and biased. There is essentially no issue here, and you allow yourself to report on the building of a new ramp as if it is a story becasue Arab propagandists are crassly using it as such?? You are helping to make the news, and push agendas, wittingly or not. Very dangerous ground for an entertainment and pop-culture "scandal sheet" which is hardly known as a serious hard news network. Stick to what you know--Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson.
Historical facts apparently don't seem to concern CNN. The Jewish people bought this Holy site for cash some three thousand years ago. If anyone care to actualy read the Bible in Genesis, Abraham purchased this land.
Abraham as the father of the Jewish People, this land has been pasted down thru the generations. When King Solomon Built the Holy Temple, Hence the Name Temple Mount.
The arabs are afraid of the truth, all archialogical digs in this area only proves the facts on the ground that the Jewish claim to this land is true and Just. Any arab claims are false and lies. Arabs built a mosque claiming to be the rock used for the altar where Abraham sacrafice Issac.

I guess the fact that the rocks sits on top of the ruins of Solomon's Temple and the historical time line is that the sacarifice of Issace was a thousand years earlier before the temple was built is just another annoying fact for the arabs
Arabs have no claim to any part of Jerusalem or Israel for that matter and are throwing temper tantrums because they are being caught in the lies that they have professed for years. We use archialogy to prove Roman and Greek existance let the world see that what realy lies under the Temple mount is only the RUINS OF SOLOMONS TEMPLE.
Come one now. It's reported Israel is repairing a ramp damaged from an earthquake and snowfall, and some Islamic Movements claim they are igniting a regional religious war. These people are delusional at best.
Imagine anywhere else, their government goes to repair a road, and a delusioal paranoid group of people see it as inciting a holy war? With such ignorant capriciousnous it's no wonder many of these people have remained poor and in the dark ages.
Mr. Wedeman, Do you live in Jerusalem? No need for Israeli parents to explain to their children. It is a given that the Arabs do not recognise or wish to concede an iota that the Temple Mount was some 2000 years ago the site of "The Temple" before the Romans destroyed it. The fact that the Muslims built their own "temple" some 1000 years later on the same site has created a "problem" which is now being faced. Only a few years ago the Arabs did some of their own "excavating" which in the process destroyed much archeological material from 2nd temple times.
This bridge is nothing more than that - a bridge - adjacent to the Western Wall and BELOW the Temple Mount, in a fully Israeli controlled area reserved for archeological exploration.
A few basic facts here and there do not go astray....then again some prefer that facts do not get in the way as is the case with this contrived "dispute". Let's not prepetuate these types of disputes. There are enough "real" ones to tend to already.
Mr Wederman - you do a disservice to your professiona by reporting this story "on the one hand the Israelis claim...on the other hand the Palestinians say..." as though there are no objective facts. Get out of your car, and go take a look, sir (as if you haven't already...) and you'll see clear as daylight that the excavations are a substantial distance from the Al Aksa Mosque, and any claim by anyone otherwise is not an alternative viewpoint, but a straight-assed lie. Or are you more interested in the story, than in the truth Mr Wederman?
Such venom in these comments. Recognize that both sides make mistakes. And those that say the Koran preaches violence, should look at what books of the bible (Judges) says about treatment of people of other faiths. No ones hands are clean here.

The problem I have is that Israel as the group in control right now is not acting like a power should. There war with Lebanon (Hezbollah) has made Hezbollah much more popular and powerful than they were before. I understand these are very difficult times for Israel, but it does not mean that every decision they make is correct (or vice versa)
Excuse me Brandon B but it seems like you dont care about other peoples religion except yours. Al -Aqsa is a sacred place for Muslims and it is their right to protect it. And Now the Israelis are killing people while they are PRAYING in the holy place. Each gunshot to their head. HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THAT? How would people feel if Palestinians shot the Jews with each bullet in to their head? People would actually care and this would be spread through the news the people would say Palestinians are bad people. But since its vice versa nobody cares they are just a bunch of muslim/arab people. And yet the Israelis wont let the people who got shot reach the hospital so they are just going to let innocent people die for no reason. I TELL YOU THE PEOPLE THAT ARE IN NEED ARE THE PALESTINIANS NOT THE ISRAELIS!So stop feeling sorry for the few Israelis that die not even close to each day, but the people that are really suffering, the Palestinians.
Posted By Raisa ,Palm Harbor, Florida : 1:13 PM ET ......
Listen to her! Shes right. Care about Palestinians and I'm not just saying that because shes my good friends in real life. Before I met her at school I could give a flying pickle about this war. She showed me what is happening and I proably will never know all about it but I do listen. Yes theres a lot of fighting and [Brandon B] seems to think that all Palestinians are violent. People judge too much. People can't say that all muslims are terrorists becuase their not and people judge. I know their not all terrorists becuase I have one friend whos not and shes Palestinian.
I just found your story on the Haram and 54 comments. Thank-you for the story. The Haram/Temple Mt. is the center of the world today. What happens there affects the world. Like it or not, religious claims are absolute. They motivate conflict because trespass on sacred sites is a sacrilege, more serious than ordinary offenses. Religious conflict is more savage and longlasting. Until Jews and Arabs can share this site with Christians, we will be locked in a deadly struggle over our respective claims.
You don't get it. The Muslims are not worried about the destruction of the Al Aqsa mosque. If they were, they wouldn't have been digging under it to remove Jewish artifacts, which is putting the Al Aqsa mosque in danger of collapsing. In addition, as a Jew, I am offended that you make Har Habayit out to be some object of childs play for the Jews. It is not mentioned once in the quaran as a holy site, yet it is mentioned over 800 times in the Jewish bible as being holy. get your facts straight. quit stealing our holy sites and land.
to Raisa of Palm Harbor, Florida:
Exactly which Palestinians were shot in the head while praying? give me numbers. You lie. many Jews have been hurt and killed by Palestinians while praying, going to the store, just being in Israel, and doing other non-threatening things. I don't know where you get your information from, but it is inaccurate.
I was just there, and the Israel police and military are doing a fantastic job of keeping a safe environment for those who wish to make a pilgramage and not be caught up in political statements.
this war will probably never end...its a sad but true reality. When each party decides that (this might be shocking to some of you)God is God no matter how you pray to Him, or ask Him for guidance, or look to Him for forgivenss. There is more than enough room here for all of us, jews, arabs, and christians alike. Man is too proud to see that God created us all, therfore we are all brothers and sisters. This may sound corny but it is more truthful than most news sources. So the next time a jew feels the need to criticize an arab, or vice versa, remember God created him to. Tolerance...its whats gonna save us all, when everyone has more tolerance and can accept that WE ARE ALL THE SAME.
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