Thursday, December 28, 2006
Young Muslims in America

The path can be tough, growing up Muslim in the U.S., as CNN's Zain Verjee reports
I spoke with a friend in Atlanta about 30 minutes ago and said breathlessly "The Hajj report is on Insight -- please turn your set on." Then I said I have to hang up, need to focus on the report.

A very fine job by Stephen Frazier and ohter reporters -- Paula Zahn, Jonathan Mann -- giving a flavor of American Muslims faith. Especially the Hispanic Muslims.

Reminded me of what a rabbi once asked in an "Introduction to Judaism" course I took at Iona College in New Rochelle: "What do you think when I say 'Jewish cowboy?'" Hispanic Muslim -- of course!

Back to Zain's videos. I hope that as a Christian my observations are taken only in the spirit of the pilgrimage, as that is the important thing for all of us.

Huge swirling masses of people doing their best to touch the Ka'aba. Zain gesturing expansively in an area without anyone in it, a security area. Reminiscent of the swirling masses. Oceans of men in white, faces, people sitting on rocks, Zain taking some notes with the General.

What impresses me most is Zain in black, with the scarf, and the people trying to touch what the sacred Ka'aba is and means, the "Word" in Christian terms, sacred space -- and those of us not Muslims doing our best to take Zain's words and letting the words touch us. Which they do.

Wonderful reports, hope all of you read this, should be hundreds of messages offering our commendations and prayers so that you all can experience the Hajj as you wish.

Best for 2007! Richard Jordan
You ought to do stories about growing up Christian in places like Pakistan too.
As I see this video it reflects the core value of the religion of Islam. I believe it's hard to belive in western world but the fact is Islam DO NOT SUPPORT VIOLANCE. It's about complete surrender to god, love his creation, seek mercy, create a brotherhood among all.
I found the coverage by Zain quite good .By contacting pilgrims and interviewing them added a human touch to the coverage.I hope there is more to come.And yes CNN should do a piece on growing up a christian in Pakistan.I would love to let people know about the schools such as st Peters,St mary's,Convent,cathedral that are some great Christian schools (these are just a few in one city alone)where I have met great christian friends who would rather stay in Pakistan than anywhere else.
great reporting Zain, nice to
see positive reporting on
Islam in the West, rather than
only addressing it from a narrow negative angle, which is usually the case, and which would be like only talking Christianity from the prospective of Alter boys, Cluster bombs, Abu Gharib, and Jim Swaggart, when Christianity is much more good things than that.
Great, positive report on Islam. Finally! Thank you.
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