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Michele Bachmann
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Special Notes
  • The column labeled "Total" shows CNN's current delegate estimate for each candidate, including all delegates allocated to a candidate as a result of the primary or caucus results as well as unpledged RNC member delegates in states which have them. Three members of the Republican National Committee are elected from each state and are automatically delegates to the national convention unless the RNC has penalized that state for any reason. In some states, the votes of those three RNC members are determined by the outcome of the primary or caucus process. Numbers in the column labeled "Pledged" in those states show all delegates that CNN has allocated to each candidate as a result of the primary or caucus results, including both regular delegates and RNC members. In other states, the three RNC members are allowed to vote for whomever they want. For those other states, the column labeled "UNPL. RNC" shows the number of unpledged RNC member delegates who have endorsed each candidate. The column labeled "Pledged" in those other states only shows the regular delegates allocated by CNN based on the primary or caucus results.
  • Once CNN projects a winner in each state contest, the "Status" for that contest changes to reflect the candidate's position. If the candidate is the projected winner, the Status will read "Projected winner." If not, the Status will read "2nd place," "3rd place," etc. The placement reflects the vote or state delegate totals being provided at the time, and not a candidate's pledged delegate estimate or CNN's projection of the candidate's final placement in the contest. Also, a candidate may be tied for a position, but ties are not reflected on this page.
  • Unpledged delegates in the Republican Party do not have to indicate a candidate preference, but a majority are elected just like pledged delegates. There are 123 unpledged RNC members that become delegates automatically.
  • Arizona, Florida, Michigan, South Carolina and New Hampshire lost half of their Republican delegates for allocating delegates outside of the Republican National Committee-approved timeframe.