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Message board help page

  • Message Board Help

  • Emotions on the web (or, What do all those letters and symbols mean?)


    How to join a message board

    When news breaks on CNN, head straight to the message boards to post your opinion on the topic. Click on your message board of choice listed on our main Discussion page.

    Click on any topic heading (such as 'World' or 'U.S.') or a message board title (found directly below each topic heading) on the Discussion main page. Please note that these lists are not complete, merely samples of current message boards.

    2)You are now allowed to read messages, but you cannot post messages, without registering or signing-in.

    To register or sign-in

    1) Once you have accessed a message board, click on "Sign-in" or "Register" links at the top of the message board. These will take you directly to the Sign-in/Registration page. New users need to Register. Users who have already registered need to Sign-in. (CNN Interactive does not make this information available to any third-party marketers or commercial list-servs).

    Once you have either signed-in or registered you will be able to post your message.

    Posting your message:

    Scroll down tho the end of the messages and enter the text of your message in the text window. Then click the 'Post' button. Your message will appear at the end of the message list.

    If your message contains text or HTML coding that violates CNN Interactive's discussion standards it will be held in the system filter until a moderator can review the message. Please remember that all messages are subject to deletion upon review by our moderators.

    Also, the filter is not perfect - some posts are occasionally blocked by the filter due to the system's inability to recognize subtle differences in language and usage. If this occurs, the message will post after a moderator has reviewed the text.

    A few words about Cookies:

    CNN Interactive's Discussion system uses 'cookies' to track user login.

    A cookie is a small piece of code, placed in your browser cache (on your hard drive) which enables the system to 'recognize' a given user.

    The purpose behind this is simply to allow you to access the message boards without having to re-sign-in every fifteen minutes. Most users find this extremely helpful while accessing their favorite discussions, since they can move between CNN Interactive story pages and the message boards without having to sign-in every time they access another page.

    If you do not wish to accept cookies you do not have to do so. Simply disable cookies in your browser's 'preferences' or 'options' window.

    Or, once you have registered or signed-in to the message boards, you can click on the 'Set your Preferences' button (located at the bottom of each discussion and topic page).

    You will then be able to make a variety of changes to your preferences, including the use of cookies. Just scroll down to the appropriate location on the page and 'deselect' the cookies option. This will allow you to accept cookies from other sites without accepting them from ours.


    Emotions on the Web: How to send the very best!

    When communicating via cyberspace, conveying emotion can be a real challenge. But as the saying goes, 'nature finds a way.' In this case, denizens of the web have developed a language all their own.

    There are symbols, letters and character strings designed specifically to convey those all important emotions - after all, mere words are always open to interpretation. With this in mind, CNN Interactive provides the following short list of such items as you might encounter in a normal chat session or on our message boards.

    A brief 'Emoticon' Primer:

    :) is a smile. Also: ;) wink :-) another smile :0 suprise.
    LOL stands for 'Laugh out loud.'
    IMHO is 'In my humble opinion.' also - IMO, 'In my Opinion.'
    ROFL means the writer is 'Rolling on the floor laughing.'

    By registering you acknowledge that you agree to abide by our discussion standards.

    If you have trouble registering, please contact us at Community Feedback!

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