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How to join the chat and view the Webcast

CNN Interactive invites you to participate in a live chat with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Hosted by CNN Senior Correspondent Bernard Shaw, this historic chat event will be Webcast live on the internet. U.S. cable viewers may also follow the conversation on CNN.

  • When: Sunday, February 15 at 1:00 p ET, 8 p.m. in Jerusalem (1800 GMT)
  • Where: In our CNN chat room! (details below)

    Chat help:

    To get involved in this groundbreaking chat, we suggest you download an IRC chat client and join our chat room a few days in advance. This will ensure your ability to readily participate in this historic, interactive event!

    CNN uses an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server. In order to chat with us, you'll need to download and install an IRC chat client on your computer. If you don't already have one, feel free to choose a chat client from the list below:

  • IRCLE -- (Mac only)
  • MIRC -- (Windows only)
  • Microsoft Chat (Windows 95 or 3.1)
  • PIRCH (Windows 95)

    Most chat clients are shareware with a free trial period, so you might want to explore one or two to find the one that suits your needs.

    chat help

    To begin chatting with us...

    Launch your chat client application
    Connect to CNN's server located at
    Be sure to specify port 6667.
    Display the room list and join the CNN chat room.

    Connection problems?

    If you are having problems connecting to our CNN Chat room from your company's Internet connection, it is possible you are behind a corporate firewall. Many companies install protection devices known as firewalls to keep employees from accessing certain areas on the Internet. See your client help information for possible ways around your company firewall.

    If you have trouble connecting to our chat, please feel free to contact us for technical assistance.

    How to watch the Webcast

    CNN Interactive viewers may watch Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and CNN Anchor Bernard Shaw as they participate in the chat. To watch or listen to the webcast you will need the VXtreme WebTeater plug-in. VXtreme plug-ins for Windows 95, Windows NT, Power Macintosh, and Solaris are currently available. A helper app for Windows 3.11 is also available.

    Download the plug-in

    Now that you're ready

    On the day of the chat with Netanyahu, connect to the chat room then open your Internet browser and go to From there you can view a live Webcast of the chat, add your views to a message board and read up on Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israeli issues.


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