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February 21, 2001
Web posted at: 10:29 p.m. EST (0329 GMT)

The Showbiz team took your questions and asked them of the Grammy nominees and winners. This is what they said.

Steely Dan

Question from chat room: There is quite an eclectic mix of nominees in the category of Album of the year. What do you think about the other nominees in this category?

Steely Dan: We can relate to Beck. He's actually doing the same sort of things we were doing. In fact, we think he's the illegitimate son of one of us. We just havenít figured out which one. We don't really make music to win awards. We just make it for ourselves.


Question from chat room: As a huge Radiohead fan, they must feel like outsiders on the inside tonight. How are they getting on?

Radiohead: It's a bit arrogant to call anyone or think of anyone as outside or inside. We just feel lucky and happy to be here

Foo Fighters

Question from chat room: For the Foo Fighters: Will there now be a long tradition of "funny" videos from the band?

Foo Fighters: Probably. Because we're too ugly to make sexy ones.

Ricky Skaggs

Question from chat room: Will you be coming to New Zealand anytime soon. If so, when?

Ricky Skaggs: No. But I had a great time when I played there five years ago, and I hopes to go again

Taj Mahal

Question from chat room: You have done everything from Movie and Television scores to blues to Childrenís albums. What is next for you?

Taj Mahal: Something more contemporary. Perhaps in a foreign language, like French.

Toni Braxton

Question from chat room: You had some troubled times there for a while. How does it feel to be back on top?

Toni Braxton: The adversity added to my music. When I first started recording this album, I was angry, but then I used that and feel the music was better for it"

Question from chat room: Why did you choose that dress?

Toni Braxton: I chose the dress because I just got married two months ago, and I wanted to wear something very sexy.

Question from chat room: We loved Chatting with you when you visited the chat room for 2000ís Super Bowl. When will you come back?

Toni Braxton: After I finish my next album!

Question from chat room: Who's performance were you looking forward to the most?

Toni Braxton: I am looking forward to Eminem and Elton John. They haven't gone on yet, have they?

Destiny's Child

Question from chat room: Where do you get the name "Destiny's Child?"

Destiny's Child: Destiny's child came from the bible.

Question from chat room: It has been said that you give a powerful visual performance. Do you prefer performing live or recording?

Destiny's Child: Tonight's performances by some of our favorites, like U2 and Madonna, remind us of how much we love performing.


Question from chat room: How did you decide to perform with the Blue Man Group?

Moby: It was the idea of Ken Ehrlich, the musical director of the Grammy's. He thought it would be a good idea to put us and Jill Scott together.


Question from chat room: How close knit is the Latin Music community?

Shakira: I feel the Latin Music community has been very supportive of me and of the album. It also has been a great thing for the people of my country. It has given them something to cheer and be prooud of in a time of adversity.

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