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Contestant George Boswell banished from ‘Big Brother’

September 25, 2000
5 p.m. EDT

(CNN) –George Boswell is the most recent contestant banished from the "Big Brother" (CBS) reality television show. Dismissed on Day 78, he left four "house guests" remaining out of the original ten -- plus the dog and the chickens! The contestants nominate the next guest to be banished; then the audience votes to decide who will be kicked out of the house. The guest left at the end wins $500,000.

At age 42, Boswell was the oldest male on the show. He owns his own roofing company in his hometown of Rockford, Illinois and is married with three children.

Chat Moderator: Thank you for joining us today, George Boswell, and welcome.

George Boswell: Hello, everybody out there! Thanks for listening!

Chat Moderator: What made you want to be on "Big Brother"?

George Boswell: This was more or less just starting out like a joke. I really didn't know what I was getting into. I did some research on it, but not much. The only information I had was that the Saturday night before I left to come to Los Angeles, I happened to catch part of a little TV Guide thing about the previous house. All I really knew was that I was going to be on a television show.

Question from Caren: Do you think Big Brother letting Brittany speak with Josh changed the show?

George Boswell: Big Brother did not really know what Brittany was going to say. That was up to Brittany. Those were her words, not from Big Brother. They did not have no control over her words.

Chat Moderator: Why did they call you the "Chicken Man?"

George Boswell: Because I had such a good time with the chickens, you guys! That was something in the house that could occupy my time. One day I was feeding them bread and they wouldn't eat the big pieces, so I started cutting it up. I made a "chicken buffet" for them. I liked taking care of them, and it occupied my time.

They were an important part of the house! We lived on their eggs, and I enjoyed them! That's why they called me Chicken Man, and because I could talk like a chicken!

Question from Rach2518: How have your kids reacted to your being back home? And, furthermore, have you even been back home to Rockford yet?

George Boswell: My kids have taken this terrifically. I was wondering when I first got out of the house if my kids would be embarrassed, but they took it very, very well. They're glad I'm their dad and I couldn't ask for much more. I haven't been able to get back to Rockford, Illinois yet, because of interviews and such. I'm glad to be a father and glad to have those kids.

Question from Sly: Why did the Chicken Man wear a toga on his last day?

George Boswell: All the rest of my clothes were a mess! They had varnish or they were cut up or they had glue on them! The toga was the most comfortable thing I could think of to wear that day, and I've always wanted to wear one! That's about it! I really tried to have fun with this. That was my main goal, to have a good time.

If you don't have humor or laughter in your life, it's so extremely miserable. In my life, I've tried to be a happy and upbeat person. That's so important to me, to be able to laugh, and to laugh at myself and to just have a good time. I really, really tried.

Question from Jiggybeatty: Would you ever do this again and, if so, what would you do differently?

George Boswell: Not for a long time. You guys, I'm enjoying my freedom SO MUCH, it's unbelievable. To just walk around with no one controlling my life, I'm enjoying it. If I had to do it again, you guys, you know what, I'd do the same things. I did the best I could with what I had to work with.

Question from MeanMrMustard: George, do you still think they buried the money in the backyard?

George Boswell: I figured out there was no cash in the backyard. You guys, that was something that I had a hard time dealing with, the boredom. There was just nothing to do, and it was nice to go and work with my hands.

I'm a workingman. To get a shovel or rake in my hands, that was something to do to occupy my time. That's what I was really doing, just wanting to occupy my time. And no, there's no money buried in the backyard!

Question from Myme: If you don't do roofing, what will you do?

George Boswell: At this point, I have absolutely no idea! Everyone out there: The Chicken Man is looking for a job! I'm not going back to roofing because I physically can't take it!

Chicken Man is looking for work! All offers considered!

Question from Becky: What was your favorite infomercial that you and Jamie did?

George Boswell: Hmmm, my most favorite: If you would consider my blast-off from the shower my best one -- that was like a commercial -- and that was my most favorite. That was towards the last. That's when things were really getting tough in there, as far as keeping a sense of humor. That was a fun one for me.

Question from Grimwit: Have you spoken with any of the other banished house guests?

George Boswell: No, I haven't. I've been out of touch, not in contact with them. I've spoken to the families of the ones still in the house, the ones I could get hold of.

Question from Mix: Do you hold any grudges against the American viewing audience for voting you off of the show?

George Boswell: Oh, no way! No way whatsoever! Keep in mind, you guys, this is just a contest.

Once I got out, and when I explained that my wife and myself did not have no plan, I think everyone understood that Teresa and the Chicken Man didn't have a plan to win the money. We're just everyday people who did a show. Things fell into place, and we did it. I was glad to get out and explain that there was no plan. Maybe people thought that, but you can see now that there was no plan.

And no, I have no hard feelings against the American people. They're absolutely fantastic people. In the cities I've been in, and the people I've met, everyone is great.

Question from Caren: Would you have preferred no flying banners? What influence did they have on the show?

George Boswell: They had a big influence on the show. They were the only piece of information we had. Whether good or bad, it's all we had to work with. Big Brother didn't supply you with any info whatsoever. But when the planes started flying, it was information, true or false. We had to figure out what to do with it.

When you're in the house over a long period of time, you're not as sharp as usual. The airplanes did play an important part in the show. And I can tell you this now, as I sit in the chair, because I went to the airport. CBS had nothing to do with the airplanes. They didn't know what to do with them, either. They can't control the airspace. It’s a reality show, and they didn't know what to do.

I met the guy who flew the banners. He told me they had nothing to do with it, that someone thought it up and that's what happened.

Question from Becky: What's the coolest thing that has happened since you've been out of the house?

George Boswell: The coolest thing is that I get to meet so many people that found me exciting, and I made them laugh in the house. That's been neat, to meet people that have seen me and I've been part of their life. That's so neat. Whenever anyone stops me and says, "George, I would gladly shake your hand," I'll take a picture with them, say hello, whatever have you.

People have been kind to my wife and family. You wouldn't believe what all has happened. We hear so many negative things about people in the world, but I look at the kindness that was expressed to my family while I was doing this. I can't express the joy I feel in my heart for people out there. People in general are kind. That's the way I look at it.

Question from Sandra: Who gets Pugita?

George Boswell: One of the producers of the show gets Chiquita.

Question from Cgifford: Hello, George. I was rooting for you the entire way and hope life gets better and better for you and your family. You were real and I really enjoyed watching you each week.

George Boswell: I thank you very, very much! Everyone has been great to me and my family. I really do mean this; it's not just words coming from my mouth. I know what it's like to be on the other side, and I just appreciate you all so much.

Question from Jules: Are you amazed by the joy that you brought to the people that watched you? And do you enjoy being in the spotlight?

George Boswell: In the spotlight? I don't know what that's like. I'm just a normal guy who did a TV show. I've never been in the spotlight before. I'd never been in a high school play, never talked in a public address system. I'm just George.

If I made you laugh, or brought humor into your life for an evening, that's fantastic. I was just myself. Keep that in mind, you guys. What you saw on television is exactly what I am.

Question from Verm: If you had the choice to make again, would you have pushed harder to get the group to walk off the show? You had the strength and people were ready to follow, but you seemed to waver at the end and the alliance fell apart.

George Boswell: That is correct. As you know, if you're going to do something and you make a decision, it's best to do it immediately. Once you look at it harder, you think, "Am I doing the right thing?" That's what happened. We started thinking too much and we ended up staying.

Especially for the people who do win the money, I'm glad we stayed, for their benefit. Everybody that's left in the house, I know could use the money. It would go to a good cause.

Question from Flora: What were the things you missed most -- besides your family -- while you were in the house?

George Boswell: This is the one thing I missed the most, okay? We only had hot water for a short period of time in the morning. Cold showers are no fun! No fun whatsoever! The cold shower thing was bad.

You guys don't realize when things are taken away, what it's like when you get them back. The cold shower thing was the ultimate bummer. That was the worst thing for me.

Question from VeryTeri: Are you going back to your natural hair color?

George Boswell: Not for a while! The Chicken Man is kinda enjoying his multi-colors! I'm kinda really getting into it! It's different. In my life, I've never changed much; I'm a very structured person. I've had the same color hair, although it's turned gray a few times and we've colored it. I've never done anything like this and I'm kinda liking being different. I'm gonna stick with it for a while!

Question from Robogeek: George, what would your dream job be? I could see you taking the Bob Vila route.

George Boswell: My dream job, seriously, I have not even been able to comprehend or think about it. At this point, I'm open to all options and will research them and find out what's best.

You know what, you guys, I enjoyed entertaining people and making them laugh. That was great, just to see a smile on someone's face or to make them laugh or make their day better, that's an awesome experience. I don't know where I'll end up, but if I can make people laugh, I'd really like to do something like that.

Question from Annie: Is Eddie going to get the dog with the three legs?

George Boswell: No, I do not believe so. When I left there, Eddie didn't mention that. But the dog was really cool! It meant a lot to Eddie that the dog could walk around and stuff like that. Eddie is an awesome individual.

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Question from Javauser: Since you've been out, have you found out where the pool jet control is?

George Boswell: I still don't have any idea where that's at! We still don't have no idea. Or if it even exists. We still don't know!

Question from MainerBJ: What do you think about Jamie’s obvious attitude change the past few weeks? Do you think it has to do with the stresses of the house and being away from family? She seems very different.

George Boswell: Yes, I do. Keep in mind, you guys, going down the backstretch here, it gets so hard. Even with my upbeat attitude, it was hard. It's a long contest. Just the confinement issue alone, it's hard.

The problem in the house is that you have so much time to think, you think about things you don't even need to think about. You make stuff up in your mind. It's the confinement issue.

Jamie has issues with the Miss Washington thing, the college thing. She's a very good person and I just wish her the best. Just remember how hard it is to be in that house so long. The confinement issue is so hard to deal with, especially going down the backstretch.

Question from Flora: Were you surprised to learn that there is a whole Texas town that loves you? Any plans to visit there?

George Boswell: When I found out that Teresa was in a Texas town, I was shocked! Totally shocked! I did not know I made that much of a connection to people! That's such a great feeling!

Yes! When the Chicken Man gets out of here, he plans on going to that Texas town and thank them for taking care of my family. I'm just an average person. I'm no better and no different from no one else. Those people took time to help us!

People are great! They're so fantastic; they open their hearts to complete strangers, take people in. I love life so much more now. Life is great. There is so much out there for us. Just to get up in the morning, walk around, just to be here is utterly fantastic.

Question from RockHopperSF: How excited is your daughter -- and you -- about her scholarship? Was that a total surprise?

George Boswell: That was an absolute, total surprise. I had no idea she was getting that. I just wanna tell you guys, I spent 79 days and had the experience of a lifetime, and my daughter got a college education.

I won in so many ways. I'm the biggest winner you can ever get. I had a college education. If I had a choice between the $500,000 and a college scholarship, I'd take the scholarship. That was done out of kindness, and that's what makes life so important. And yes, I'm the most gratefullest man today that I could ever be.

Chat Moderator: Do you have any final thoughts for us?

George Boswell: Yes, I do. I just want to tell everyone on the Internet: Thank you so much for being fans of myself and the show. The people inside really do appreciate everything you guys have done, just taking the time out and watching. Once again, I just wanna say thank you so much, and the world is such a great place to live, especially here in the USA.

Watch out for the Chicken Man! You don't know where he'll appear next!

Chat Moderator: Thank you for joining us, George Boswell.

George Boswell: Thanks so much! You've been great! I've enjoyed every minute!

George Boswell joined the Showbiz Chat via telephone from CNN’s bureau in New York City. CNN provided a typist for Boswell. The above is an edited transcript of the chat, which took place on Monday, September 25, 2000.

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