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L. Christian Balling
Saint Martin's Press, $24.95

Review by Jim Argendeli

April 23, 1998
Web posted at: 2:47 p.m. EST (1947 GMT)

I have a suggestion for the people considering reading "Revelation", the new novel by L. Christian Balling.

Wait for the movie.

This predictable book reads more like a novelization of the bound-to-happen Bruce Willis/Steven Seagal movie extravaganza, rather than the page turning thriller it should have been.

"Revelation" opens with the burglary at a university research lab and the theft of a mummified artifact. During the robbery, the daughter of Bruce Willis -- excuse me -- I mean the daughter of ex-Green Beret/Vietnam Vet John Reese is seriously injured.

Meanwhile, beautiful assistant professor of Molecular Biology Lara Brooks, coming off a rough and tumble marriage, is trying to console her Jesuit priest brother. Father Roger Wilson is feeling guilty after sending the artifact to the lab for analysis.

John and Lara are recruited by a non-conventional religious order to retrieve the artifact from a private lab on Miracle Island which is owned by televangelist Bobby Jordan. It seems that Reverend Jordan is responsible for the pilfering of this artifact to ... but no, why ruin what readers can figure out for themselves very easily.

Will John and Lara find love? Will they recover the artifact? Will John, using his Green Beret skills, save the day? Will the Titanic sink after hitting an iceberg? Sorry, wrong movie.

Throw in an ego driven reverend's son, a slutty wife, the Japanese mafia and a hurricane and you get the picture ... and so probably will Hollywood.

Jim Argendeli is an avid reader and book collector who lives with his wife in Georgia.

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