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'Without a Guide'

"Without a Guide" is a collection of essays about travel written by contemporary women. Few of the stories in this collection, which was published by Hungry Mind Press, have been published before. Most of them were written just for this anthology.

The 17 authors are primarily novelists and poets -- writers who share the details of their most memorable worldly adventures.

Susan Toth, author of "My Love Affair with England" and "England as You Like It", said the tales read like "fiction short stories artfully constructed from strong characters." Anna Bancroft, the first woman to trek across the ice to the North and South Pole, called the book "a fresh and exciting collection of essays that pulls you from the armchair into real adventures, awakening the spirit of travel."

The 234-page book sells for $16.

'Mental Wellness for Women'

"Mental Wellness for Women" is a guide to the latest information for maintaining lifelong emotional health. Author Rita Baron-Faust, an award-winning medical journalist, draws on the experience of the New York University Medical Center Women's Health Service to reveal important elements of a woman's mental health, and explain how each stage of a woman's life may affect mind and emotions.

Published by William Morrow and Co., "Mental Wellness for Women" is an exploration of the current medical knowledge of psychiatric disorders. It is based on two empowering assumptions: first, that every woman should know this information in order to maintain her mental well-being; and second, that every woman can come to know about these ideas in much greater depth than has traditionally been presumed by the keeper's of medical knowledge.

The book discusses different issues such as mood disorders, anxiety and panic, and personality disorders, to name a few of the topics.

'Women in the Material World'

"Women in the Material World" is a new book by the photojournalistic team that created the internationally acclaimed bestseller "Material World: A Global Family Portrait". The new book tells of the hopes, joys, and sorrows of women in 20 disparate lands. The women share their feelings about family, children, money, love, sex, and marriage.

The book provides insight on the status of women in each country, with 375 color photographs to accompany the descriptions. The book gives insight into how women from different parts of the world see things. For example, when Fatoumata Toure from Mali was asked to compare herself to the other women in the book, she said that all women were the same. Other the other hand, when Mishri Yadav from India was asked the same question she said her life was so different from the other women that there was no way of comparing.

"Women in the Material World" describes how women see themselves and the world around them. The book discusses each woman's daily routine, their thoughts about their children and their husbands, their hopes and dreams and their proudest accomplishments.

The book authors, Faith D'Aluisio and Peter Menzel, used women photojournalists, interviewers, and translators to make communication with the women from other countries easier. "Women in the Material World" portrays the startling differences and striking similarities in women's lives on the eve of the 21st century. Published by Sierra Club Books, the book sells for $35.

'Our Bodies, Ourselves'

"The New York Times" said "Our Bodies, Ourselves" revolutionized the way women's health care is discussed and delivered.

Originally published 28 years ago by the Boston Women's Health Book Collective, "Our Bodies for the New Century" has been updated and expanded. But its focus is still the issues that affect women -- from body image to sexuality to growing older. The revision also includes many new photos that accompany text about common medical issues and situations facing women today.

The book, called an essential resource by publisher Simon and Schuster, includes testimony from women of all backgrounds about eating patterns, and alcohol and tobacco use. The book also addresses controversial issues such as abortion and women's sexuality.

The 780-page book has sold more than 4 million copies since its original publication, and has been translated into 17 languages. The price is $24.

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