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When I hear the term “contempt of court,” I right away imagine one of those courtroom dramas on TV, where some guy is yelling at a judge, the judge gets mad, and screams out from behind the bench, “I find you in contempt of court!” The belligerent person screams some kind of obscenity back, and is then handcuffed and hauled away by a bailiff. On TV, he’s let out of jail a day or two later when tempers have calmed down and egos have been set aside. But that’s TV. It’s a much different scenario for Richard Fine who has been held in contempt of court for 14 months now.


Fine is not a criminal – he’s a 70-year-old former Beverly Hills attorney, once known for his bow-tie.
I met him at the L.A. County Jail. He was wearing an orange jumpsuit and was handcuffed.

He considers himself a “political prisoner.” He’s been held in solitary confinement for more than one year (jail officials say that’s because other inmates could harm him), and he says he’s only been outside for about nine hours since he’s been locked up.

According to court documents, Fine is in jail because he refused to produce financial documents and answer questions when ordered to pay the other side’s attorney’s fees. That’s when Judge Yaffe put Fine in contempt of court, until Fine decided he wanted to give the court what it requested.

Well, so far, Fine is not in the mood to cooperate. Fine believes he is being held in contempt for a very different reason. He says Judge Yaffe, and other L.A. County Superior Court judges, have accepted what he calls “bribes” from the county. Fine argues the “bribes” create a conflict of interest for judges in cases where the county is a party to the lawsuit. He feels the judges should be disqualified from those cases.

L.A. County judges really do receive extra benefits from the county on top of their six-figure state salary. It’s a practice common in California that was retroactively made legal, after a 2008 case against L.A. County found the payments unconstitutional.

The county says the extra cash is a type of “supplemental benefit” that helps to attract and retain quality judges in a high-cost city. Fine doesn’t buy that argument, so for the past decade, he’s been going after judges and has tried to expose what he considers a “corrupt judicial system.”

But for the purpose of this blog, let’s put the details of his history aside for a moment, and just focus on why court officials say he’s in jail. It’s because he doesn’t want to hand over his financial records or answer questions. He is being held in what is called “coercive confinement.”

That means, unless he does what the judge wants him to do, he will remain in jail – in his case, indefinitely. It’s like the world’s longest timeout. Fine does not want to cooperate because he says he will lose his chance to appeal his case against Judge Yaffe, if he ever gets out of jail. But when does this stop being productive and start becoming a waste of everyone’s time?

Of course, we tried contacting Judge Yaffe. And of course, he said he did not want to talk to us about this case since it’s ongoing.

What will happen if Fine refuses to cooperate, and Judge Yaffe doesn’t put an end to this? Could this go on for another year, or maybe even more? At what point does “coercive confinement” become nothing more than an indefinite jail sentence.

Oh, and one more thing. In the last couple of months, L.A. County Jail released about 200 inmates before their terms were up because of budget shortages. A spokesman for the jail told me they sure could use Fine’s cell for real criminals.
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Dan   May 24th, 2010 8:23 am ET

This case sounds eerily familiar. Martin Armstrong had been held prisoner for 7 years for contempt of court. Still in prison today with a very interesting (albeit sad) story. Look him up.

cyberidme   May 24th, 2010 8:25 am ET

CNN's coverage is balanced and accurate. Thank you.
Three points.
1. Turning over the documents would acknowledge the judicial power of a person not entitled to hold that position–the very injustice Fine is fighting.
2. The legislature cannot pass a law to change the constitution–only a constitutional amendment can do that. The Sturgeon victory proved the bribes were unconstitutional, "Sturgeon II" will stop the payments and overturn that part of SBX2 11.
3. The same law, SBX2 11, that attempted to make the payments constitutional also gave all parties retroactive immunity. They know what they did is illegal.

Mac   May 24th, 2010 8:30 am ET

I guess Mr Fine really pissed Yaffe off; and there must be an element of truth to his accusations. This kind of vindictive and hateful treatment by those within by US legal system hierarchy is generally reserved for those without money, and whose complexions are darker than Mr Fines.

j   May 24th, 2010 9:03 am ET

sic semper tyrannis.

Richard   May 24th, 2010 9:18 am ET

Hope the Supreme Court hears this. LA and CA are clearly in bed with Yaffe and his like...

Tom   May 24th, 2010 10:36 am ET

I though this kind of abuse of authority only happening in China, North Korea,Vietnam etc. but is happening in this country. How can we trust the system.

Randy   May 24th, 2010 10:45 am ET

This piece is journalistic BS. You've got a case of he said, it's political imprisonment, she said, it's not following a valid judicial order and CNN "Special Investigations" saying, yup, it's he said, she said. Great work, now how about trying to find out where truth is. Dig into the corruption charges, is this substance or some old goat. I know, it's work, try it some time, it will do you good!

Bernard J Zitek   May 24th, 2010 10:57 am ET

This again is just another example of how our government has circumvented our constitution. The day is coming when the true American people will fight back for rights that we continually have been strpped of. I myself would not want to be wearing a black robe when that day comes!

Jim   May 24th, 2010 11:10 am ET

Judges and others (as law enf refusal to investigate/benefit law) who use force of authority to prevent, hinder or delay the execution of U.S. Law are guilty of Seditious conspiracy as per 18U.S.C. section 2384- US Code is US Law Prima Facie as per 1 USC sec 204- I am in two cases -one illegally seized family land for public use with no documentation-in Warrick County, IN court Byers Estate where the Judge refused to obey law for more than one year to recuse himself, while denying investigaiton and benefit of law where attacks to kill party in court matter-then assumed judge refuses all court filings since that recuse in 2008/2009- FBI/DOJ- all gone deaf, dumb and stupid-which is against law-same party had other wrongful acts against him in other states and in VA care (dsabled Veteran) instead of gaining protection and benefit of law- had Patriot act abused against him- which he proved to DOJ in 2007 (when P. Bush stopped saying Pat Act abuse could not be proven andfired 7 US attorneys) now in 11th U.S. DIstrict Court- where pendency of law, investigation- execution of law denied while ignoring US attorney/court fault and accepting forged documents from US Attorney into public record without comment/benefit of law- Veteran on his own is trying to have gain of lawful judicial system case # 3.09-cv-01032-HLA-MCR, where is all that bravery and integrity of FBI, DOJ and etc? Possibly refused because same Veteran protected frmr 1st Lady L Bush when she was in possible set-up in morrocco in 1990 before 1st gulf war- where is the publicity and outcry for justice? Veteran even refused basic health care for his active duty disabilities that "happenned" after that 1990 date. Is this honorableAmerican Justice? It will make every other person who may be in the moment to protect another American think twice to know they may suffer domestic terrorism for many years because of political benefits and public money grants/benefits to oppress you...even to benefit news agencies by multiple avenues so that they will...ignore the news, to have other gain...don't worry though, when the example is made of allowable conduct by one, it is rapidly repeated by ever lesser restrained persons and copy cats for their own benefit, so it won't be long before many of you know someone who is so oppressed and tormented by the services of our valient nation. Good Luck, you might survive the first few months of character assasination, but with unlimited resources and years, the toll will be known on you, while your fellow americans care not or have no clue to what is being exampled as what can or will be done to them. Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no will find you all the quicker when you do not confront it. Quick thought, can you imagine the horror some of those truly honorable persons came to when they realized they had been used and misinformed to be the enactors of the wrongful acts? Knowing, thier silence just makes the anomoly common practice.

Judicially Abused!   May 24th, 2010 11:22 am ET

Our court system is corrupt. When someone from the court system has the nerve to step forward and point this out they are punished with judicial retaliation. Richard Fine has become a martyr for all of those who have become victims of JV (Judicial Violence). View the stories of Judge Dean Salcido, a San Diego Judge who has stepped forward to speak of the deep corruption in San Diego Family Court where she had been coerced to make judgements against protective parents. Now she is black balled by the judges and maligned in the press where just a year ago she was the "sweetheart" of the system. Now she refuses to play the game and she is being punished. Thank you Richard Fine for being a man of bravery and character. Thank you Judge Dean Salcido for shining a light on San Diego Family Court corruption.

Concerned Citizen   May 24th, 2010 11:31 am ET

The LA Judge is a modern day Nazi Judge abusing the power of his position.

Concerned Citizen   May 24th, 2010 11:38 am ET

The Judge is clearly abusing the power of his position.

Art   May 24th, 2010 12:53 pm ET

This is almost as scarey as the Miami-Dade police department. The details are sketchy at best, but, just why Fine won't give up the documents isn't clear. Also not clear is why the judge needs them. What is the basis for each side? Can CNN EVER do a storey COMPLETELY? know... that is part of that word... let's see: It's called accuracy in reporting!

Michael   May 24th, 2010 1:31 pm ET

Nothing is perfect, and most people would like to use the loopholes to play games. Yes, the situations in China and other one party dominated countries are much worse, but that doesn't mean the judicial systems in the western countries are flawless. People have to fight by gathering public attentions and support to the dark side of the society, as always. And nice job for bring our attention, Abbie

chris   May 24th, 2010 1:41 pm ET

holy crap , do we have ourselves a jesus story here? the temple is falling over. i can see it, an it wasn't this story! government sucks , people suck, the system sucks, we would kill jesus over an over again! when will people stop taking from others for power an control , sometimes gain. the media tells us all the time the government is bad, just look at every presidential speech from the last hundred years . they all say the same thing. we are not heard at all , we are just herded. but as long as we are comfortable screw it , RIGHT , this man although he maybe hiding something from judges also, is right . free the man an stop being douche bag ego worshipers.

Judge David Yaffe is a criminal   May 24th, 2010 1:46 pm ET

The ongoing torture of American hero, Richard I. Fine, is just the latest example of the downfall of the United States of America: a nation that was formerly known for protecting the human rights and liberties of those who expose governmental corruption. What is frightening is the Los Angeles County routinely denies the Constitutional and Human Rights of thousands of innocent people everyday – with the blessings of an equally corrupt court system that enables them to do so.

God only knows how many other innocent people have been locked away in prison by the Los Angeles County Nazis for doing the right thing. I can say from first-hand personal experience that Los Angeles County works ceaselessly to steal millions of dollars in child support payments and fails to give it to the children (Richard Fine once sued and prevailed against Los Angeles County when he caught them stealing $14 million dollars and not turning it over to the children) and they routinely try and convict innocent people on false charges of child abuse and deny their Constitutional Rights to Due Process under the 14th Amendment. The US Supreme Court has agreed to hear the Humphries vs. County of Los Angeles case because LA County doesn’t want to pay the Humphries for legal and other fees after the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that even though the Humphries are completely innocent of false charges of child abuse (LA County literally accused them of “terrorism”, they and hundreds of thousands of others have been denied their right to due process for being falsely accused without any way to defend themselves. While the LA County Nazis are not appealing the ruling they routinely violated the Constitutional Rights of their victims to the Supreme Court, they don’t want to pay for their crimes and are only appealing the fact that they have to pay the Humphries for the Hell they’ve been subjected to.

This country will soon collapse if outrageous violations of human rights, as is well documented by both the Fine and Humphries cases, don’t cease immediately.

Don Lofgren jr   May 24th, 2010 4:17 pm ET

I live in the Midwest and have no sentimental attchment to California or L.A. even though I lived in L.A. county for a brief time in the early 90's. While I was there those few months the L.A. South Central riots occured. Then, after I left, the O.J. trial happened. It seems every few years some form of corruption and social injustice rears it's ugly head out of L.A. county. I am planning a trip to California and as a courtesy to this dignified patriot, Mr. Richard Fine' I will NOT be spending any of my toursist dollars in L.A. County.
Mrs. Boudreau, thank you for bringing this to all of our attentions. It's disgusting and exposes the lack of moral leadership and rightness in the leadership of the L.A..

Mad as hell   May 24th, 2010 5:09 pm ET

The rest of this story must be told. (the corruption from the beginning of the case) Those responsible must be tossed out and prosecuted. The silence on the part of the Supreme Court is intolerable. Is justice in this country dead? To allow the corruption to go on is the real crime here. The L.A. County Supervisors should be ashamed of themselves for what they have done here. They broke the law when they took the money. Vote them all out!

LaFarge   May 24th, 2010 5:32 pm ET

Intuitively, one would think of the utility of a co-opted judge favoring the county despite the fact that it negates the premise of “fair and honest services” which was the mantra our judicial system, would be a barrier against frivolous lawsuits. This isn’t the case at all. The County supervisors use these co-opted judges to protect their crooked cronies like Epstein who continues to give them(the supervisors) illegal political contributions in return for favoritism within the courts and the county government itself. Mr. Fine is in jail because he kept fighting for people at Marina del Rey who were being bullied by Epstein and the county supervisors. How? The county falsified an Environment Impact Report on Epstein’s development. The county leased the land to Epstein at something like thirty cents on the dollar because Epstein continues to feed the corrupt engine that has defecated all over honest citizens in Los Angeles County. Nice deal huh? Bet none of you folks could get all this favoritism without a whole lot of pieces of silver like what crooked developers come up with.
Antonovich’s hogwash about the payments being necessary for retention is baseless. The judges already make well over $200,000.00. But by doing this, Antonovich gets his own bribe because his compensation is tied directly to the judges. You could get a street walker from Hollywood and Vine to do the job for a lot less and do it better. The street walker probably wouldn’t do it because the profession is filthier than the one where they get their employment.
With all of CNN’s resources, I would have thought they would have done a better job looking into the background of this story and provide a little more information than to pander to the corrupt judiciary. This is very serious business losing the integrity of the courts. We have no rights so long as they continue with their illegal acts with the impunity they have so far enjoyed.
By the way, my understanding is that the part of SBX-211 that provided for the immunity of these corrupt individuals was never entered into law. As the gentleman above pointed out, they would have to change the constitution anyway. Vote ‘em out folks – all of them! That’s our only chance. Vote out Brad Sherman and Adam Schiff for being useless congressional representatives. Get rid of that embarrassment Pelosi.
David P. Yaffe reminds me of Roland Freisler, the WWII Nazi judge.

Jim   May 24th, 2010 9:14 pm ET

If Consitutional law is worth spit anymore- the demand for speedy jury trial is law in any matter valued over $20.00; with minimum wage that basis has long since been passed-the Judicial canons whereby each Judge is charged with knowledge and specific conduct are routinely broken and the higher courts by which you must address such grievances are councils of judges who do not want ill light shed on any of their actions unless it be a great PR benefit- addressing the judicila nominating commission (etc) often is rebuffed by childish remarks as "not clear" Not definitive" duplicative, etc. yet you can spell the law word for word and these who are charged to know each word of law suddenly cannot understand their profession when its authority is commanded upon their own-the Department of Justice- Criminal Division and Civil Rights Division are supposed to be a fail safe to stop this abuse, however in my case as above- it came out in a simple denial of any wrong, while I was dodging swat teams and having "co-operating witnesses" released from thier jail sentences if they performed certain acts against witnesses and victims of the abusive authority of the once powerful people. Follow the demand of law and you will find other court cases, as this, those I am in and others, where any act including attempted murders are ignored while instead the judges focus on court dancing to divert attention to their aiding and abetting as per 18USC section 2 & notes, 18 USC section 3 which details that all acts including counsel to aid, abet, divert law, deny execution of US law make each person charged with the principle act or acts, whatever they may be, even capital crimes and fleeing justice to which there is no statutory time limitations, if you look at 6 USC section 101 homeland defense definitions you will find terrorism defined as acts in violation with the criminal laws ( criminal law is in 18 usc) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population and/or to influence the policy of government (remember the consitution is suppossed to be the supreme law of the land) and if these civil servants are by act or omission allowing such criminal acts to go without immediate execution of us law they are defined as Seditious conpsirators as in 18 USC sect 2384, and keep in mind the FBI MUST investigate all allegations of government employees wrongs as per 28 USC section 535 and that no tampering with a witness, victim or informant or to prevent or hinder communication to law enforcement/judge is against us law as in 18USC sect 1512, 18 USC sect 1513 demonstrates there shall be no retaliation against a witness, victim or informant and in 18 USC sect 3771 Crime Victim rights are explicitly laid out- jail is not one of those options, while 28 USC sec 453 details the oath of us judges "under the laws nad consitution of the united states" and ifLA county states they have jurisdiction, in 28 USC section 1331 US district courts shall have original jurisdiction of all civilaction arising under constitution/laws and this attorney is suppossed to have his rights defended for him by the US Attorney as per 42 USC sec 1985, 42 USc sec 1986, 42 USC section 1987-prosecution of violation of certain laws ant the Attorney General of the US, now Eric Holder, is to personally institue actions for that person if they are unable to maintain appropriate legal proceedings for the publlic good, you mayalso use court command to compel a person to perform their duty as in 28 USC section 1361, but as evidenced in my current court cases- the court will likely mock you from their bench of our authority and deny any demand of law to be welcome to the civil service war of sedition upon American Citizens, where the US civil servants by act or omission defy/seek to influence government policy and us law while protecting their retirements, and do note also that it is difficult to demonstrate the justice system of america can function as designed if the employees thereof deny you that equal opportunity they demand for themselves. You can go look up all the US law you want here is one link that is the findlaw site- perhaps we may yet find reason and sanity to enable the corrections that we need, but we need the cooperation of the civil servants to do their jobs to do that...odd that we demand that, eh? AN as to the note about ACLU, I sought their help years ago, I was denied, they receive gvt, funding and good insider info can help open doors they could not otherwise budge, but what of the citizen?...?...? When I delivered evidence of judicial wrongdoing to editors? Guess who gets thier own local PBS show and refuses to address the issues? Welcome to the Colonists seeking just law and rights from Royal Britain who jested the colonists petitions and writings to be "Yankee Doodles" and made up a PR song called Yankee Doodle Dandy to play Hanoi Jane to downtros the colonists spirits who intead made it their rally cry.

Joseph Zernik   May 25th, 2010 12:38 am ET


The CNN report provide false information:
"Superior Court Judge David Yaffe found Fine in contempt after he refused to turn over financial documents and answer questions when ordered to pay an opposing party's attorney's fees, according to court documents."

There are no honest, valid, and effectual court documents in the case of Richard Fine. That is the hallmark of the corruption in his case and in the cases of thousands of others who are falsely held in Los Angeles County, California.

Please notice on UTBUE clip documenting the filing of Motion to Intervene in Fine v Sheriff (09-A827) at the US Supreme Court, Washington DC. [1]

The Motion to Intervene did not address the various arguments brought up by Richard Fine himself in the application to US Associate Justice Ruth Ginsburg. Instead, it argued that Richard Fine must be immediately released for the simple reason that there were no records, conforming with the fundamentals of the law, to provide the legal basis for his confinement.

Therefore, the filing provided detailed evidence of the alleged fraud in respective records of the various agencies of the justice system:
(a) The Los Angeles Superior Court – which refuses to this date to allow access to the Register of Actions (California civil docket) in the case;
(b) The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department – which insists to this date on fraudulently claiming that Richard Fine was arrested and booked at an by the authority of the non-existent "Municipal Court of San Pedro";
(c) The US District Court, Los Angeles – which purported to conduct a petition for a writ of habeas corpus, but served minutes, orders, judgment, and mandate with no valid authentication at all;
(d) The US Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit – which likewise served orders, judgments, and a mandate unsigned, and with no authentication at all.

The US Supreme Court handled such filing the same way the other courts did – the papers simply vanished.
A declaration posted at SCRIBD detailed what took place: The exhibits to the declaration provided the conformed copies that were received from the US Supreme Court as evidence of the filing. It also recorded the phone call with the US Supreme Court the next day: Supreme Court Counsel Danny Bickell initially tried to deny that the papers were filed and were held in his possession. Later he stated that he had not yet made the decision whether the papers would or would not appear in the Supreme Court docket of Fine v Sheriff (09-A827). When asked whether he was the Clerk of the Court or whether he was authorized as Deputy Clerk, he admitted he was neither.

Regardless, Mr Bickell stated that he would made the decision... And indeed he apparently did – the papers simply vanished with no Due Process at all...

No discrepancy notice or any other notation ever appeared in the docket to document the filing... Forget about the First Amendment right to to "petition the Government for a redress of grievances..." The US Supreme Court disregarded it, just like the lower courts...

The reason that the US Supreme Court refused to hear the case as presented by Fine is likely to be of the same nature – there was no judgment or mandate in the case to take the application of Richard Fine from, and therefore, the US Supreme Court had no jurisdiction in the matters that Richard Fine brought before that court.

For such reasons, the case and the filings of Richard Fine, futile as they may be, are of historic significance. Richard Fine, in his filings, documented in great detail the alleged fraud in the US justice system from top to bottom. [2]

[1] UTube clip – filing at the US Supreme Court in Fine v Sheriff (09-A827)

[2] Human Rights Alert submission to the United Nations:
10-05-19 Human Rights Alert: PowerPoint presentation, as forwarded to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder, as part of the 2010 UPR
10-04-19 Press Release: Human Rights Alert (NGO) Filed UPR Report with the United Nations
10-04-18 Human Rights Alert: Final submission to the United Nations for the 2010 Universal Periodic Review of the US
10-04-19 Human Rights Alert: Final Appendix for Submission to the United Nations for the 2010 UPR of the United States
10-05-10 Human Rights Alert: Human Rights in the Digital Era – A Call for Publicly Accountable Validation of the justice system case management and online public access systems

Steve Lamb   May 25th, 2010 10:30 am ET

First question:

Since when does a lawyer representing parties have to pay for legal fees of the other side? This violates every single law and procedure one can think of, and the higher courts should have released Fine on just that portion of the illegality of the order.

Second question:

Where is the ACLU? The violation of Richard I. Fine's rights strikes at the heart of all civil liberties for all Americans.

Third Question:

Since when does a judge with a clear conflict of interest not recuse himself as soon as there is evidence of that conflict? How is it that the Board of Judicial Review (the Cal Supreme Court) not only did not force him to recuse himslef but went out and got legislation passed forgiving his CRIMINAL conflict of interest.

Fourth Question:

How do we get a ballot inititive to remove every judge who got the money from office? It is clear they have engaged in an ongoing criminal conspiracy to illegally take money.

Cheryl M.   May 25th, 2010 4:38 pm ET

When California implodes, let's hope the judges will be laid off en masse and others remaining have their salaries cut considerably.

Judges have become far too powerful in our country. When they violate the law, the simply get politicians to write new legislation to make their bribes legal.

I just had an experience with two judges in a case in San Diego. I was plaintiff in pro per and the judges demonstrated they don't necessarily follow the law or constitution. They do whatever they want to do such as in Fine's case. They aided and abetted a cyberstalker!!. They issue restraining orders based on fraud!!

They need to be stopped.

skydive   May 25th, 2010 6:16 pm ET

I am firmly in the camp of all those who are appalled by the confinement of Richard Fine. I admire his stance for truth and justice. The position he is taking should cause people to rise up and speak out against his unjustified imprisonment. Why am I of this mindset? It's because I, a pro-se litigant, who can be shown to be as innocent and harmless as Richard Fine, am presently taking on civil court judicial corruption and the good-old-boy legal system. To this end, I am presently involved in two appeals cases. In the process, I too have been jailed on contempt (though only a short period), but I would not be surprised if such happens again and for a longer period to squash truth as well. Maybe when the courts fill our jails with innocent people and the press continues to do stories about how this is occurring, maybe then changes can occur in the judicial system. Richard Fine is correct. When someone raises an issue of judicial corruption, they become targeted by the court. In support of truth, I would stand alongside Richard Fine in the adjoining cell. I commend him for his standing on principle and not caving-in due to pressure applied by a corrupt court. If CNN is interested in learning more about court corruption happening to average US citizens, I would freely discuss the wealth of information that illustrates this fact. At present, the checks and balances of attorney behaviors (ARDC) and judicial behaviors (JIB) seem to be respectively biased and nonexistent.

Anthony Peterson   May 25th, 2010 8:14 pm ET

W/ regard to the justice system in NY, i've always believed that a court that protects itself, protects no one. CA has to find another way to fund the court systems. Even if these payments to the judges is by law, acts of Congress hav been deemed unconstitutional. The bigger problem is when little people like me suffer the wrath of a bias juriest.

Old Corps Ed   May 25th, 2010 11:26 pm ET

"Judge" Yaffe needs to be thrown in prison to be the lovebutt of every prisoner who is inclined.

Then go after the rest of the judges with Fine's arguments.

The Watcher   May 26th, 2010 2:35 pm ET

This is very sad. There are two sides to this case, and each may have equal merit, but this is no way to resolve it. Mr. Fine probably went too far with his complaint, but so too has Justice Yaffe in his ruling. Richard Fine must be released immediately. A credible, impartial third party must intervene and act as mediator to resolve this crisis. The administration of justice has been brought into disrepute and the court's image tarnished. That is too high a price, no matter which side is right. Please, end this.

Mar   May 26th, 2010 4:26 pm ET

I simply moved out of L.A. county. I pay my taxes to Ventura. I don't trust L.A.P.D., either.

I admire Fine for his deternination. Approx. 15 yrs ago, a friend of mine was in court in L.A. to protect her physical custody of her son. Her ex husband, at his mother's (the grandmother) advice, was suing for full physical custody of their child, because my friend had moved out of state as she owned land in another state, Oregon, and couldn't afford to live here. The court never considered that this child was also under Oregon juristiction, not just California, because both parents lived there at one time and the wife was the only one that actually owned property (in Oregon) at the time this child came into the world, and both had attempted to relocate to that state, at which time the marriage broke up. At one point, the ex fired his attorney and hired a circuit court judge, from the same circuit court, Los Angeles, as the judge hearing and deciding the case, both of whom attended religious meeting at the same place that the grandfather lead the religious service. My friend, the mother, was not of that faith. Of course they blasted my friend while ignoring what I knew and said about him in court and she lost joint physical custody but retained joint legal, forced to give him her wedding ring that she purchased herself and forced to pay him child support.

Now the child is 20 years old, owes 20+ k for a year at a college that cost more than it was worth, was told to get ready to move out because his father was tired of fighting with his second wife, who had another child. The grandmother passed away many years ago. I am unsure about my feelings on this case. I know the child was unconfrontational and hard working. The child may or may not continue with college at this point due to cost and lack of interest by his father. We moved this boy out in March, to (you guessed it) Oregon, with his mother. She doesn't charge him rent, like his father did. I suggested that he continue at community college. I do feel that if this case had been tried in Oregon, the mother would have retained custody. It was a matter of who cares and why. Not justice, but then there is the old saying that justic is blind.

In Mr. Fine's case, we all seem to be that way. Perhapes this will change when Yaffe retires? Or will we all just turn a blind eye, keep paying taxes and driving cars we accired with credit and throw away the keys?

John Galt   May 26th, 2010 9:11 pm ET

No due process, judges are referees that can determine who can coach, run what plays, & penalize to influence the outcome of the case!
A judge that receives Stimulus money bribes authorized by Arnold, & approved retro-actively by the Ca. politicians cannot be anymore honest than Ga. Supreme Court approving the injustice of no paper trail with the electronic voting fraud cases!

John Galt   May 26th, 2010 9:13 pm ET

ANOTHER GREAT EXAMPLE of a need to require mandatory taping of court room sessions, as well as chamber meetings!

David Schied   May 27th, 2010 4:29 pm ET

Subject: Response to "Ex-lawyer jailed 14 months but not charged with a crime. My story supports his. Drew Griffin knows my credibility as a crime victims' advocate and founding board member alongside the late Doris Tate with the Coalition On Victims' Equal Rights.

TO: Abbie Boudreau,Emily Probst and Dana Rosenblatt

Take me seriously. Drew Griffin did a story on "Hollywood's Biggest Con" that I told him about in 1998.

Be advised that I have a story that's been going on in State AND Federal courts (and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals) in Michigan for 7 years. Like Fine I have been accusing top govn't officials of crimes while being denied by both prosecutors and judges requests for help as a crime victim, and the judges and prosecutors continually meet my reports of criminal government corruption by denying me access or notification of my sworn crimes reports to a Grand Jury. (There's been no State grand juries here in Michigan for over a decade because it's been overshadowed by the "Investigative Subpoena Statute" that makes the prosecutor the "gatekeeper" for exposing and prosecuting crimes, even crimes where the prosecutors themselves are aiding in the coverup of government crimes.)

I'm not in jail yet; but my accusations are the same as Fine's. My docs are solid. Please contact me.

a witness   June 19th, 2010 12:01 pm ET

If you want to see a much less nebulous case of corruption- look at case 8CA10541 -01 in the Clara Foltz Courthouse in Downtown L.A.

It involves Richard Fine in a very bizarre way, as well.

It's a mindblowing case of vindictive prosecution - at a time when Los Angeles was going broke. The defendant in that case is a true American hero.

hal   July 7th, 2010 3:28 pm ET

What the judges did to Alisa Spitzberg is one of the worst cases of judicial corruption I've ever seen. So many witnesses too and so much fear in the L.A courts.

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