January 20, 2009

How did they get that seat? They paid.

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This may be a day of change, but one thing never seems to change about Washington: money opens doors, and in this case seats to history.

While millions huddle in the cold for a peek of the swearing in ceremony, those with thousands have paid for the privilege most of us can’t afford.

The inauguration is being financed by private donations. The donations are being limited to $50,000 per contributor.

No lobbyists are allowed to give, per strict rules by the Obam-ites. But like all things DC there is wiggle room, so families of lobbyists can give.

Others, like liberal activist financier George Soros seems to have his whole family giving the limit.

The Center for Responsive Politics collected the data. You can view it right here.

Take a look at who you see on screen and then see just how much they gave to get that spot.

I find it a fun and interactive way right here to see how Washington never really changes. 

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Chernor Jalloh   January 21st, 2009 12:16 pm ET

President Obama has really fuifilled his promises not to allow any lobby group to donate even at his inauguration day.And all the donations were from a foreign aid.That is good.May be the lobbysts are feeling hurt in the collar this time as they are not so successful on their plans to pour much money for a presidential campaign.For those who paid to get a seat,should not be too annoyed as it is part of the systems in the US.I hope they enjoyed the inauguration on Tuesday and we will expect more of what they saw during that colourful and historic event.The first African American president to be elected by the people of the US regardless of colour or creed.I personally thank the American people to bring such a huge change to America.God bless you all for showing us from now on we will remain steadfast evn at this hard times and become united.

Greg Stone   May 5th, 2010 9:58 am ET

I saw it mentioned in an anchor exchange this morning that Drew Griffin had once been on a no fly list. I assume he got off. I have a similar problem and have gone through all governmental steps but am still not off.

I would appreciate any help drew can be in explaining his success in getting off a no fly list.

Greg Stone
Greg Stone Media Consulting

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