August 11, 2008

Journey for Change Notebook: August 9, 2008

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15 year old Jeremy Baker shows off his moves at a school in Soweto, South Africa.

Editor’s Note: Thirty kids, ages 12 to 16, from Bushwick, Brooklyn, were chosen to participate in “Journey for Change,” a youth empowerment program created by Malaak Compton-Rock. We’ve asked them to share their experiences by blogging about the changes they expect to bring about in others and hope to see in themselves.

Today was a very fun day, because first we went to an amusement park. Then, we went to the Apartheid Museum. After, we went to Constitution Hill were we learned about different things that happened in the prison cells. After that we went to this beautiful court house were we learned about the difference between the South African Bill of Rights and the U.S. Bill of Rights. After we came from the court house, we saw Nelson Mandela’s jail cell. There were a lot of interesting facts inside. Then we had a nice barbeque. The food was delicious. I can’t wait until tomorrow for another exciting day. We are going shopping tomorrow!
- Vandesha Walker, 12

Today was very fun because we went to Gold Reef City and the Apartheid Museum, and we went to a place called Constitution Hill. We had a fabulous South African barbecue at Constitution Hill.
- Tasheema Walker, 13

Today we went to a place called Gold Reef City. It was an amusement park and I got on this ride called the Tower of Terror. After, we went to the Apartheid Museum to learn about my history and my ancestors. After we went to a prison called Constitution Hill. There we saw Nelson Mandela’s jail cell and other people’s jail cells who I really don’t know. After that we went to have a barbecue at the entrance of Constitution Hill that was fun. Now I’m leaving and I’m having fun back at Heron Bridge (the place we’re staying).
- Benjamin Goode, 11

Today we experienced many things. We saw one of Nelson Mandela’s cells. It’s located in a prison called Constitution Hill. It was a very unique moment. At the prison we also met a lady who was imprisoned there. She gave us a tour. She was very detailed and she showed us her cell also. As we walked around we noticed how cruel things were in the prisons back then and how they have changed for today. When the tour was over, we had a barbeque. At the site we were able to look around and see the whole prison. As we left we noticed how the prison was in the shape of a fort.
The day before, we went to an African village and we had a tour guide. We went around to different parts of the village and we greeted them and experienced how they lived. They love to eat fried caterpillars. My opinion was that they tasted like salty shrimp. When we finished the tour of the village, they put on a show for us. And then we ate. And that ended a full day.
- Albert Brunn III, 12

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Shaheerah Baker Blank   August 12th, 2008 6:18 pm ET

I am so happy that these children were given the chance to see another part of the world. I am so proud of my nephew, Jeremy. I am ever so greatful to the Rock family. Thank You so much for giving them this experience.

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