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April 11, 2010
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Manchester City teaching soccer in Abu Dhabi. CNN's Tracey Holmes.

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John A   April 12th, 2010 3:15 pm ET

Well if CNN think football and Paris Hilton type issues are news worthy, then it is the responsibility of bloggers to include real news.

Israel has passed another extreme law. So extreme that in principle they can now empty Palestine of all Palestinians. BBC article below.

Israel fails to recognize Palestine as a state and fails to issue Palestinians ID paper. Then Palestinians who cant get ID papers are deemed illegal by Israel. Isreal then imprisons them for up to 7 years. Most commonly they will just evict them from their houses and hand Palestinian belongings to the Jewish immigrants. This is an absolute copy of Nazi tactics to empty Jews from Germany. Only this time the Jews are the Nazis. Its time for the terror state of Israel to experience a forced regime change, before their Nazi like ways bring us to the brink of regional war.

Or would CNN and their Jewish pay masters prefer the masses concentrate on football while the middle east bleads??

Israel is set to impose a military order which rights groups say could see tens of thousands of Palestinians deported from the occupied West Bank.

The order, which comes into force on Tuesday, could have "severe ramifications" for people in the West Bank, human rights groups say.

It classifies people without the right Israeli paperwork as "infiltrators".

Many people in the West Bank have ID cards from neighbouring countries, or papers that list Gaza as their home.

Many others are married to other Palestinians who at one time lived in refugee camps in neighbouring Jordan, Egypt, Syria or Lebanon, and may not have Israeli-approved ID cards.

The Israeli military says that existing orders already allow for the deportation of West Bank Palestinians deemed by Israel to be there illegally, and the new order adds a layer of judicial oversight over deportation procedures.


The wording of the order, known as the Order Regarding Prevention of Infiltration, has been amended from when it was originally drawn up in 1969.

The definition of "infiltrator" was then: "A person who entered the area knowingly and unlawfully after having been present in the east bank of the Jordan, Syria, Egypt or Lebanon following the effective date (of the order being given)."

These military orders belong in an apartheid state. Extensive in scope, they make it infinitely easier for Israel to imprison and expel Palestinians from the West Bank
Saeb Erekat
Chief Palestinian negotiator

Under the new order this would be changed to: "Infiltrator – a person who entered the area unlawfully following the effective date, or a person who is present in the area and does not lawfully hold a permit".

"The orders are worded so broadly such as theoretically allowing the military to empty the West Bank of almost all its Palestinian inhabitants," a letter written by human rights organisation HaMoked and signed by 10 other groups to Defence Minister Ehud Barak said.

72 Hours

But the IDF said Israel was within its rights to restrict people entering the West Bank illegally, and the order was being amended to allow what it called "judicial oversight" in cases of accused "illegal sojourners".

Under the military order, deportations from the West Bank can be carried out within 72 hours.

Suspected "infiltrators" could also be jailed for up to seven years under the new orders. Anyone being removed might also have to pay for the cost of their own deportation, the order says.

This is a pre-existing order which was corrected to assure judicial oversight of the extradition process
IDF statement

The group of 10 Human rights groups in Israel who condemned the new orders included HaMoked – who uncovered the amendments to the order – Betselem, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, and Rabbis for Human rights.

Many Palestinians in the West Bank hold ID cards from neighbouring countries that Israel classifies as its enemies, because they have returned from refugee camps there over the last few years. Some have no identity cards and are technically "stateless persons".

The order could also apply to people from foreign countries friendly to Israel, like the US, UK and Europe.

Sarit Michaeli, director of Betselem, says the order would also undermine the Palestinian Authority, led by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

"That such a sweeping order, such a draconian order, was allowed to pass without any amount of public debate or proper advertisement, an order which could effect every Palestinian, we intend to fight it in the courts," she told the BBC.

Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said the new measures "belong in an apartheid state".

"Extensive in scope, they make it infinitely easier for Israel to imprison and expel Palestinians from the West Bank," he said in a statement.

'Pre-existing order'

The IDF said said in a statement that all the requisite notices of the change to the orders had been given.

"The IDF is ready to implement the order, which is not intended to apply to Israelis, but to illegal sojourners in Judea and Samaria [the West Bank]. This is a pre-existing order which was corrected to assure judicial oversight of the extradition process," a statement from the IDF said.

Correspondents say there is great uncertainty among Palestinians about what the new military order means and to what extent it will be enforced.

Confusion about what is meant by a "permit" has lead human rights groups to fear the order could leave many more people vulnerable to deportation than in the past, but it seems their main concern is over two groups who were already at risk.

The first are those whose identity cards show them as Gazans, but who have been living in the West Bank, and children they have had while living there. Israel does not allow them to change their status from Gaza to the West Bank, despite the fact that under the Oslo Accords, Gaza and the West Bank were to be considered a single entity.

The second group are spouses of Palestinians, who entered on limited-time visas and have stayed, but not been granted official status.

Both groups could previously have been deported if discovered – for example while passing through a checkpoint in the West Bank – but the possible jail sentences are now tougher.

Human rights groups say Israel has frozen changes to ID cards for many people in both these groups since 2000, leading to the situation where tens of thousands of people are living in the West Bank without the necessary official permission to stay.

Close to 500,000 Jews live in more than 100 settlements built since Israel's 1967 occupation of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. The settlements are illegal under international law, though Israel disputes this.

There are around 2.5 million Palestinians living in the West Bank.

michelle   April 12th, 2010 5:48 pm ET

are we getting the 250 stimulus check for social security 2010 and when. when are we getting it.

miriam   April 15th, 2010 2:11 pm ET

John A,

You and your sources are so quick to condemn any Israeli policy, you fail to even understand what it's about.

The same political rhetoric accompanies every issue, backed up with some twisted, false,nad obscene, anti-semitic comment comparing Israel to Nazi Germany.( Previously banned by Hala on this blog).

Most countries have laws covering immigration and length of stay and as long as the PA and Hamas prefer to delay any creation of a Palestinian state, Israel legally monitors immigration into the WB.

The policy clarification you refer, to recommended by the independent Israeli judiciary, is designed to ease the process of appeal for those considered illegal residents in the WB and has nothing to do with ethnic cleansing, stealing property or suppressing public debate. It is an improvement not some new "draconian" measure.

Despite all the coverage claiming that the WB living conditions are so awful, there are many Arabs who are desperate to move there rather than stay in Gaza under Hamas or in many other Arab states under their corrupt, autocratic and authoritarian leaders. Similarly, the left-wing trouble-makers who largely are responsible for the anti-Israel Palestinian demonstrations and violence believe that they can break immigration laws and take up residence (also defined as "settle") in the WB.

Israel is a democracy based on law and order, and if visitors to Israel outstay their visas, they suffer the consequences, a matter of great debate currently WRT foreign workers and their children. The same would go for Jews visiting the WB Jewish communities.

Soccer has proven to be a game of "peace" with matches between Israeli and Palestinians, Jews and Arabs and mixed tournaments. Coaching for these kids is more beneficial than UAE-sponsored coaching for the rich kids of Abu-Dhabi.

John A   April 17th, 2010 10:16 am ET

Miriam, most people are too well informed to even bother reading your Israeli lies. You will have to do better than your last effort i.e. "Most countries have laws covering immigration and length of stay and as long as the PA and Hamas prefer to delay any creation of a Palestinian state, Israel legally monitors immigration into the WB".

You sound like the Russians who kindly administered Eastern Europe after world war two. Israels political policy of death to Arabs is a stink you can no longer hide!

Samantha   April 17th, 2010 10:24 am ET

Dear Michelle, No US citizen who works hard and tries to save will receive any help from the US government. All US taxes must be handed over to Israel and pay for fighting Israels wars.

Michelle you don't count as you are not Zionist. But be thankful you are not Muslim. The US banksters who support Israel, will take Muslims homes and lives through their unwavering support for Israel. Just ask Henry Kissinger where US priorities are AND you will realize their priorities are not with the USA.

miriam   April 20th, 2010 3:10 pm ET

John A,

Being deceived by the myths and rhetoric of anti-Israeli activists is not being "informed".

There is a habit of taking the ideology of those who preach death to Israel and the Jews, reversing it and transfering it as if it was Israel's ideology.
Israel has no such policy.

The WB has always been subject to the laws of those in control and was never ruled or controlled by the Arabs who lived there until the post-Oslo agreements between Israel and the PA which gave the PA control over large areas. There is no comparisen with Communist Europe.

miriam   April 20th, 2010 3:27 pm ET


Oh dear!
You've been fooled.

American taxes provide an annual $150 bn in military and economic aid to Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.

Where does that come from?

Your claims are old and disproven, and part of a typical, traditional anti-Zionist slogan.

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