Inside the Middle East
January 31, 2010
Posted: 1153 GMT

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - Mourners buried a senior Hamas militant Friday after his recent death in Dubai - a death Hamas calls an "assassination."

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh as seen on a poster on a wall in the Gaza Strip town of Jabalia.
Mahmoud al-Mabhouh as seen on a poster on a wall in the Gaza Strip town of Jabalia.

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh died in Dubai on January 20, said Izzat al Rishq, a Hamas member based in Syria.

Al-Mabhouh was a founding member of the military wing of Hamas, which blamed Israel for his death.

"We hold the enemy responsible for the assassination of Mahmoud Mabhouh," the militant wing said in an online statement. "The enemy will not escape punishment."

It said Al-Mabhouh was responsible for capturing two Israeli soldiers during the first intifada and named the pair: Sgt. Avi Sasportas and Cpl. Ilan Saadon

The Israeli Foreign Ministry said Sasportas was kidnapped on Feb. 16, 1989 and shot to death. His body was found in May 1989.

The ministry said the same Hamas terror cell that kidnapped Sasportas abducted Saadon on May 3, 1989. Saadon's body was discovered in 1996.

Government officials in Israel declined to comment on the militant wing's statement.
One official in Dubai told CNN that al-Mabhouh died of natural causes.

But the Emirates News Agency said authorities determined that the man was killed and were working with Interpol to hunt down alleged perpetrators thought to be part of a "criminal gang," some of whom have European passports.

Hamas said it is investigating the death and that it would publish details "in a timely manner."

Al-Mabhouh's brother, Fayek al-Mabhouh, said that preliminary results of Hamas' investigation show he was killed by electrocution and strangulation with a piece of cloth. Fayek said his brother had survived other assassination attempts. The Emirates News Agency report quoted a security source saying the gang had been tracking the victim.
Al-Mabhouh had lived in Syria for about 20 years. He traveled from Syria to Dubai on January 19 and died the next day, Hamas officials in Gaza said.

It's not clear why he traveled to Dubai, but Fayek al-Mabhouh said his brother arrived at a Dubai hotel in charge of the Hamas mission.

His body was returned to Damascus on Thursday night and was buried after Friday prayers, Hamas officials in Gaza said.

CNN's Kevin Flower, Saad Abedine, Caroline Faraj, and Talal Abu Rahma contributed to this report

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Filipe   January 31st, 2010 8:18 pm ET

Another one bites the dust. See what happens when you leave the safety of your own cave if you are a fugitive from justice !!!

Who's next ??? Meshaal ?? Hanieya ???

Liliana   February 1st, 2010 5:35 am ET

In our effort of "settling the Arab Israeli conflict", at least 6 main points have to be clarified:

A The Arabs who call themselves as 'Palestinians' since the 1960s are children or grandchildren of Arab immigrants (from surrounding countries, mainly in the late 1800s-early 1900s) into Israel "palestine" the historic land of the Jews.
[Any land that Israel gave/gives to the Arabs should be seen as a GIFT for a chance of peace].

B The "conflict" dates back mainly since the 1920s when the Arab Muslim Mufti (who later on met with Hitler & established Muslim Bosnian SS squads to commit crimes on Christians in Yugoslavia) who (like the radical Islamic leaders today) called to 'KILL ALL JEWS', Period – it was always about anti Jewish genocide.

C The motivation of the anti Israel (anti Jewish) war is intolerance, stemming from 2 forms of bigotry:
1 Arab racism that rejects any non-Arab present in the neighborhood (related victims to Arabism's racism are: Kurds, Berbers (indigenous of Morocco/Algeria), indigenous Egyptian Nubians, Sudanese (Darfur genocide), Persians, Assyrians, Copts, Asians in Arab countries, etc.
2 Islamism, the rejection of any non-Muslim entity, especially in the region.
Israel as a multi-racial democracy is neither Arab nor Islamic, the 'stranger among us'.

D Unlike in Arab countries, an Arab inside democratic Israel has full rights and can even be voted in into high office, albeit Israeli courts often FAVOR Israeli Arabs over Israeli Jews, especially in 'land' issues.
Whereas a Jew doesn't even have a "right" (according to Islamic-apartheid-Palestine) to reside in the "Palestinian" territories.

E The media-bias' dehumanization of Israelis as "tanks" & as "fighter planes" must be stopped, they are human beings and under constant threat, in fact their children are the primary target, the fact that they have less casualties by Arab assaults (than what the Arabs have) is not thanks to the "less evilness" of the Arab-Muslim 'fighters'.

F With all the extra careful measures humanitarian Israeli army takes to prevent/minimize Arab civilian deaths in its anti-terror operations (including using low impact precision weapons, notifying area residents to evacuate prior to an operation, thus risking the escape of terrorists), there's just no way out of not having a result of 'dead Arabs then propagated on TV', since radical Arab-Muslims (with much of their mainstream's assistance) have a high interest in causing its civilians to die and make sure that this happens by using their own women & children, since a graphic image of dead/injured kid is essential for their increasing self perpetuated – self made victimhood, so they can continue their genocide campaign with more "rationalization" & and backed by a even more boosted Arab-public-opinion.

Fred Brun   February 1st, 2010 3:56 pm ET

To Filipe
From your posts it is clear that you are a right wing extremist! You contribute only hatred!

Your post above reflects a litany of Zionist propaganda. You seem to be able quite casually explain and accept a kill ratio of 20 to 1. Now thats what I call being enlightened and civilized. The central fact of the conflict in the Middle East is, that Zionists sought sovereignty in Palestine. From this, all else follows:
1. the Arab response and all that came after.
2. Israel is the illegitimate child of ethnic nationalism." These are the two points that best summarize "Zionism and the Birth of Israel. From the inception of the Zionist project in the late 19th century, Zionism was not about a safe haven. The "saving Jews" advocacy line would come much later, in the ashes of the Holocaust, and is not even convincing, or having a "homeland," or redeeming “ancestors' territories” - all contentions that keep being rehashed to this day. It was about taking sovereignty over a foreign land, a land inhabited by a people who had no interest or reason to be dominated in matters of life and death by Jews. From Theodore Herzl to David Ben Gurion, Zionists were about creating a state in Palestine - a state, with its monopoly on power, of the Jews, by the Jews, and for the Jews. It matters not whether the Zionists were enlightened socialists, or idealists, or racists. What matters is that a group of people, foreign to the land, wanted to impose their sovereignty through expropriation - and we now know, through expulsion too - on another group of people that inhabited that land. This was the first mortal threat to the Palestinians - a threat they could not but oppose and resist through violent or non-violent means. It surely began in non-violence with the pleas from Palestinian notables to the European powers to stop the influx of Jews in Palestine, but the pleas were not heeded and blood began to flow as early as the 1920s. It went downhill from then on.
The Zionists established a sovereign Jewish state in 1948 and had they been content with that, peace might have followed the 1967 war, when Israel could have backed the creation of a Palestinian state in the occupied territories. Instead, Zionists pushed to extend Jewish sovereignty, this time through the settler movement. The settlements were a renewed mortal threat to the Palestinians, and once again necessitated a violent response. The only solution is for Israel to withdraw, unilaterally, to its 1948 borders.

A. Smith, Oregon   February 1st, 2010 8:08 pm ET

It seems the Mosad are living up to the motto 'Eye for an Eye'. I imagine they have a rather large list of names to go after.

Poison, bobby trapped cell phones, hell fire missiles, sub-sonic 22 ammo and now electro-shock designed to stop the heart of the victim. The Mosad appear to be very ingenious in carrying out their missions!

I wonder if they call up these Muslim wack oh's to let them twist on the hook for a few weeks before killing them?

I'm surprised the Mosad doesn't target all of the firebrand Muslim Ayatolla's, Mullahs, Imans and Clerics who are the real enemy's of Israel. The Mosad should target each of those with every opportunity.

miriam   February 2nd, 2010 9:20 am ET


So you have joined the group of cut and pasters on this blog.

You have regurgitated the opinions of a controversial author whose sole concern is to help the Palestinians even if it requires ignoring truth and justice in order to serve their cause and encouraging anti-semitism and even Israel's destruction if it will help.

You follow with a regurgitated book review that is written with obvious ignorant innaccuracies.

There are many anti-semites, including self-hating Jews many of whom are living in the shadow of their ancestors' suffering, who will revise history, distort facts and use any other method to attack Israel and the Jewish people.
And there are many people who are gullible anough to believe their arguments if it satisfies their nascent, innate bigotry.

miriam   February 2nd, 2010 9:30 am ET

A Smith,

Hamas seems to change its tune with each new day, whether it's the cause of death, the numerous illegal activities al-Mabhouh or who they hold responsible.
He has now gone from being an arms smuggler with no enemies except Israel to having had issues with almost everyone he had dealings with. They even claim Arabs were his assasins, not Israel.

The end result is no different.
Hamas have lost one of their chief terrorists but that does not prevent them from continuing their radical incitement and terrorism against Israel, the Jews and the innocent Palestinian people.

Fred Brun   February 2nd, 2010 1:33 pm ET


Rather than going on a self righteous rant, please answer the issues. Non Jews have become accustomed to being labelled anti Semitic as have Jews being labelled self hating should they dare expose criminal acts the state of Israel has or is committing. Please explain what is revisionist history or distortion of fact in what I have previously explained.
You seem to have no problem in having Palestinians society treated as sub human and turned back to the Stone Age.

University rector   February 2nd, 2010 1:44 pm ET

to all of you Israel bashers, eat this:

Hamas Representative in Lebanon Osama Hamdan insinuated Tuesday that it was possible that the Palestinian Authority had been involved in the assassination of Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh.

"Several of the PA's intelligence apparatuses may have been involved in the assassination," he told the al-Manar network.


miriam   February 3rd, 2010 6:58 am ET


You haven't explained anything.
Reproducing the extreme views of a marginalized philosopher, who, as I said, prefers to see the anihilation of his own people so that the Palestinians will be happy, is plagiarism of a self-hater.

There is no reason for not ever criticizing Israel, however, singling her out for delegitimization, demonization and holding her to double standards is anti-semitism directed towards the collective Jew.

If such people expect Israel to reach moral levels above all other nations, let them emphasize the ways in which Israel does display those characteristics rather than jump at any policy she has that does not fit in with the globalized, universalized utopia that the libertarian anarchists of the world prefer to live in.

If, on the other hand, they prefer to see Israel destroyed in favour of a people who never displayed any nationalist notions until the re-establishment of the Jewish state was becoming a reality, then it is clear that they are denying only the Jews the right to self-determination, ie anti-semitism.

It seems that today, Hamas has gone back to blaming Israel for al-Mabhouh's assassination.

Becket   February 3rd, 2010 9:29 pm ET

The right of the Jews self determination should not include the wholesale slaughter of the indigenous people in the area. The brutality of Israeli actions in the occupied territories is not only lamented by the majority of the world but even in Israel. You seem to be obsessed with name calling rather than factually addressing the points made on blogs you are complaining about. Denying and again denying will not change the facts on the ground. Israel has shown the face of Jekyll & Hyde to the world. As the Germans have found out there is no time limit to war crimes.

A. Smith, Oregon   February 4th, 2010 12:55 am ET

Perhaps some or one of the intelligent bloggers here can tell me who poisoned Yasser Arafat?

Mordechay Ariely   February 4th, 2010 5:28 am ET

Telling lies 1000 times will make people forget that the Arabs are the aggressors determined to "revanshe" by any means?


Ms Fred Brun comment:
"peace might have followed the 1967 war, when Israel could have backed the creation of a Palestinian state in the occupied territories. Instead, Zionists pushed to extend Jewish sovereignty, this time through the settler movement"

Well- Ms Brun- the reality is that:
the Arabs and worldwide records are:

Following the 1967 war Israel goverment expressed its willingness to give up most of the territory it had won in exchange for a guarantee of peace.

The Arab leaders provided their answer from a meeting they held in Khartoum in August 1967, with the famous "three-no's":

Kings and presidents have agreed to unified efforts at international and diplomatic levels to eliminate the consequences war with Israel, but within the limits to which Arab states are committed:
1: NO PEACE with Israel,
2: NO NEGOSIATIONS with Israel,

Fred Brunl   February 4th, 2010 8:44 am ET


The nonsense you regurgitate in your block is unfortunately not the real story. Israel has changed the agreed on negotiated items and rules every time a new administration came in. Even Israel's handlers (the US) are not happy with this fact.
1. There are several Arab states that have a peace treaty with Israel.
2. They (Palestinians) are willing to negotiate but with a partner that does not change the rules at each negotiation session.
3. The Arab League (including Yasser Arafat) has publicly acknowledged the recognition of the State of Israel.
The position of Israel is like shifting sand dunes, never remains the same. In my humble opinion this will not change until the US says enough is enough but don’t bet your savings on that is going to happen soon.

miriam   February 4th, 2010 12:59 pm ET


Fred won't understand what your saying since his comments were cut and pasted from the review of a book by an anti-Israeli, self-hating philosopher.
The reviewer obviously has no idea of the ME conflict's historical background.

miriam   February 4th, 2010 1:22 pm ET


There has been no "wholesale slaughter" by Israel of anyone for the sake of self-determination.
That is pure political rhetoric, full of lies and disinformation coming from those who desire the anihilation of the Jewish state and who deny the undeniable facts of the genocides and massacres committed to the Jews throughout history.

Jews are among the indiginous people of the region, but have suffered from exiles and expulsions resulting in their almost complete, but not total, absence for years at a time. Migration and invasions by Arabs and other groups in the subsequent recent years does not make them indiginous and the forced conversion of some remaining Jews doesn't negate the fact that Jews are the only surviving nation that can trace its roots to the region.

Israel is a democratic and open society that questions every policy decision from every angle. That characteristic contributes to a healthy society which, due to self-scrutiny, would never be able to commit the crimes you suggest.

It is sad that those in the world who "lament" Israel's activities (and most of the world don't actually care), prefer to believe the myths and untruths spread by societies that live under oppression and suppressed expression.

miriam   February 4th, 2010 1:41 pm ET


You display a total lack in understanding of democracy.

Unlike Arab states, as a result of the democratic process, Israeli governments are elected by their people for a limited term after which elections are held again and the people decide whether the government is worth re-electing.

Each government has different policies so that there will be change in points of negotiation.

That has not prevented Israeli governments from the right and the left offering the Palestinians negotiatable deals that have included land, statehood, return of some refugees and parts of Jerusalem, but which have been rejected completely by the Palestinians every time.

BTW, the US is also a democracy so also changes its position every few years.

The Arab league does not fully recognize Israel. For that prize, Israel is required to agree to accept Arab inflexibility and intransience and its "all or nothing" approach.

Mordechay Ariely   February 4th, 2010 1:46 pm ET

Crimes are committed and lows follow later

The Islamist doctrines committing terror crimes embedded in civilian are is a good example.
In order to impose Islamist doctrines or using Quran phrases they are committing endless crimes against Infidels, Christians, Jews and Muslims firing and hiding in civilian areas
The international war lows were made as result of WW1 and WW2 wars.
There are already debates in the defending democracies how to updated their own lows and the international war lows to deal with the new kill civilians and hide between civilians method.

!!! Cain murdered Abel !!!!
The 10 commands forbiting murder followed many years later.

Values are not universally.
In some societies human rights and life are value pillars
In other societies the human rights and life are not considered at all.
What is not considered legal by one society highly price by the other.

Example: Pricing human life versus pricing death
Question: What is legal in war between 2 such different societies?

The world did not find the way to solve this contradiction in one low equal for all
Some organizations pretend to protect human rights and values.
However they are acting only against democratic countries
They never demand actions or boycott regimes harvesting idelogies that are against values they pretend to stand for

university rector   February 5th, 2010 5:43 pm ET

"They (Palestinians) are willing to negotiate but with a partner that does not change the rules at each negotiation session.


what a joke

the pals say: we want top negotiate after israel agrees to return to the 1948 ceasefirelines and agrees to accept 4.5 million " refugees"

tell me oh wise one, what is there to negotiate about?

university rector   February 5th, 2010 5:49 pm ET


But he right of the Palestinanians to self determination include the wholesale slaughter of Jews by suicide bombers, bus bombers, shopping center bombers, Passover feast bombers, Kassam bombers, Grad bombers etc etc etc

thank you for your intelligent comment, Becket, I prefer to wait for Godot than for the peaceful Palestinians

Mordechay Ariely   February 5th, 2010 7:28 pm ET

Ms Fred Brunl

The truth based on facts follows.
For readers non familiar with the Arab lying cult to infidels pls refer to the links:

1; Following the 1948 regression of 5 Arab countries against the nesting Israel the West bank was ruled by Jordan and Gaza by Egypt.
They didn’t act to create an additions 22 Arab state named Palestine.
They created terror organizations named "Fedaiun" and "PLO" that killed Israeli civilians
This was ahead of the 1967 Israel defending war

2: Peace with Palestinians – Israel made real estated compromises and in return get distortion and mass terror-
It is time for Arabs and Palestinians to recognize Israel Jewish state and stop the destortions
2.1 Following the Oslo agreement the Palestinians leaders said their goal remains Israel destruction
The Trojan Horse" demonstrates, through exclusive footage of Palestinian leaders themselves — including Yasser Arafat — that their goal remains the eradication of the Jewish state.
Failure of 2000 Camp David Summit
Clinton blamed Arafat after the failure of the talks, stating, "I regret that in 2000 Arafat missed the opportunity to bring that nation into being and pray for the day when the dreams of the Palestinian people for a state and a better life will be realized in a just and lasting peace
2.3:Wikipedia, Link:
"no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with it."[
The Khartoum Resolution of September 1, 1967 was issued at the conclusion of an Arab League summit. It is famous for what became known as the "Three Noes":

Filipe   February 6th, 2010 12:28 pm ET


You are quite delusional and void knowledge as to who said "NO" to an Arab state in Palestine !!!!

Israel had no voice in the matter !! The unconditional ignorance of the Arabs in 1947 refused to accept and Arab state.

And now-- 60 years later- there are still idiots claiming that it is Israel who refuse to "allow" the Arabs to have a state !!!!

Robert   February 7th, 2010 2:59 pm ET

Red Alert: Intelligence Chiefs “Certain” Their Bosses Will Stage Terror Attack Soon

Dissatisfied with the botched efforts of underwear bomber patsy Umar Abdul Muttalab, military-industrial complex promises to try again

Using information gleaned from the blatantly set-up underwear bomber patsy Umar Abdul Muttalab, intelligence chiefs have assured us that their bosses will stage another terror attack in the U.S. within the next three to six months.

“According to the nation’s intelligence chiefs, a terror attack in the United States will likely be launched within the next six months, reports WLS.

“ABC News has learned some of the intelligence has come from the accused Christmas Day bomber,” states the report.

Despite the fact that the official story behind the Christmas Day bombing has been discredited beyond all recognition, the establishment is still constantly invoking it as yet another reason for Americans to obediently line up for naked body scans in fear of whatever boogeyman is being waved in front of their faces this week.

Since federal and state authorities apparently now consider libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, gun owners and basically anyone with two brain cells left to rub together as potential domestic terrorists, whatever tricks they do decide to pull over the next six months will undoubtedly be used to tighten the screws against American dissidents that they have consistently characterized as extremist threats.

Authorities last week quietly reversed the official story behind the Christmas Day underwear bomber attack and acknowledged that an accomplice was involved, despite weeks of denial and derision of eyewitness Kurt Haskell’s description of a sharp-dressed man who helped Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab board Flight 253 in Amsterdam.

Detroit lawyer Kurt Haskell maintained from the beginning that he saw a well-dressed Indian man aid the accused bomber to board the plane despite the fact that he had no passport and was on a terror watch list.

“While Mutallab was poorly dressed, his friend was dressed in an expensive suit, Haskell said. He says the suited man asked ticket agents whether Mutallab could board without a passport. “The guy said, ‘He’s from Sudan and we do this all the time,’” reported the Michigan Live news website.

FBI agents interviewed Haskell and he told them about the sharp-dressed man but officials refused to admit that a wider conspiracy was at hand, stoically maintaining the official story that Abdulmutallab had acted alone. Authorities claimed that videotapes did not show a second man accompanying Abdulmutallab and yet they refused to release any footage of the alleged bomber.

There seems little doubt that Abdulmutallab had at least one accomplice if not more. Authorities have remained silent on other eyewitness reports which described a man intently filming the alleged terrorist throughout the whole flight, a connection that strongly suggests the attempted bomber was involved in some kind of drill and that his strings were being pulled by people in more senior positions.

The ludicrous spectacle of long-deceased boogeyman Osama bin Laden apparently claiming responsibility for the attempted attack last weekend only confirmed that a fairytale was being contrived which was totally at odds with what eyewitnesses described.

The glaringly obvious truth that Mutallab was at best a patsy and at worst an informant who was duped into believing he was involved in a drill renders fraudulent any supposed information attributed to him, specifically the notion that America faces the threat of another terrorist attack from anyone other than the only entity that always benefits from such attacks – the military-industrial complex itself.

Hundreds of terror suspects (read: patsies and mental deficients) have been convicted in civilian federal courts, including convicted shoe bomber Richard Reid who attended the Finsbury Park Mosque in North London. The Finsbury imam at the time was Abu Hamza al-Masri who began working with British Security Services in 1997. A large number of the supposed terrorists convicted in American courts were entrapped by the FBI in classic COINTELPRO fashion and did not have links to the CIA-created al-Qaeda. The entrapped were often fuzzy on al-Qaeda or what it represents.

In 2009, supposed terrorists in New York were so reluctant to participate in an FBI arranged undercover operation they had to be enticed with piles of cash, gifts, and bags of marijuana.

In the media lauded Miami terror case in 2007, the supposed ringleader Narseal “Prince Marina” Batiste “had heard of Al-Qaeda, but wasn’t sure what it stood for. The FBI instigators made Batiste swear loyalty to al-Qaida; then had him call on his local buddies to form an ‘Islamic army’ in Miami. None had military training. Some could barely read. But Batiste assured the group in the midst of its collective marijuana buzz of greatness ahead,” writes Saul Landau.

During the Senate “terror assessment hearing,” National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair also warned of the growing cyber threat, saying computer-related attacks have become “dynamic and malicious.”

Blair warned the United States faces a “cyber Pearl Harbor” that will have devastating consequences for America’s technological infrastructure. Blair said an increasingly sophisticated group of enemies has “severely threatened” the country’s information systems and he said the recent cyber attacks against Google should be treated as a “wake up call,” reports Channel 4 News.

The Google attacks, according to an American internet security firm, came from China or its proxies, not al-Qaeda.

The government also expects us to believe the sophisticated and coordinated attack occurring on September 11, 2001, was also the work of medieval terrorists located in remote caves. It was never explained how Osama bin Laden made NORAD stand down.

Likewise, Blair does not tell us how al-Qaeda will take down the most advanced and complex computer networks in the world, presumably from the backwaters of Pakistan’s tribal region.

earle,florida   February 7th, 2010 10:29 pm ET

Bravo Fred,...Bravo! Memo: The United States "Warlords" have sold the UAE,Bahrain,Qatar,Kuwait ,and Saudi Arabia $25bn,plus $17bn for a total of $42bn the last couple of years. Currently the countries have agreed upon a deal for over $100bn through the next decade to buy F-16 (87+/+) ,which coincidently doesn't include the cost of newly "Anti-Missle Defense Systems Installations". News Flash!!! President Obama (Sept.17,2009) to "OK" Israel's plans to receive seventy-five (75) US F-35 fighters,indicating a desire to be able to penetrate into Iran,and Syria,a recent report stated. They will buy (get this,yea be given?) another fifty (50) F-35 jets soon after,...for a grand total of one hundred,and twenty-five (125) ! Sadly,...this poor country will get a discount, and only pony-up (pay) $15bn in 2009 US Dollars, (Slam-Dunk or what?) Wow! The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF's),made by American "Warlord" Lockheed Martin is/are expected to be one of the most-advanced fighter jets in the world said the Russian news agency,quoting a passage from a Jerusalem Post article. Last week(9-11-10) ,......(please note the date?) Tel Aviv fowarded an "official request" for the" F-35 Stealth Fighter Jets" (please note-"Stealth Fighter Jets" , me worry ?) to the "US Dept. of Defense (DOF)",hoping to replace some of it's older F-15,and F-16 fighter jets with the new model. {Sidenote: Thankyou Mr Cohen, Mr. Lieberman,along with the Albright Group via Mr Kissenger}! Several days later,there were reports that the two sides had reached an "Understanding" over the purchase after some initial disagreements (Arm's Dealers want their cut,after all the Warlord's can't get all the Pie,...can they?) . PS. Ironically the United States sells the Arab World, nearly antiquated,and old technology. This,...all on top of the $3bn plus annual" Free Foreigh Aid Package" to help the poor Israelite's offset this devastating self-defense expenditure!

Fred Brun   February 8th, 2010 9:15 am ET

You seem to be the only one to understand what Democracy means. Civilized, democratic nations abide by their agreements, regardless of changes in administrations. Israel does not fit into this category. You also have a lock on interpretations of the truth. This seems to be a trait running in Israeli society. Your fellow pro Israeli bloggers reflect this arrogance and inhumanity that flows with that attitude. The Pro Israeli bloggers do not dialogue, only to chastise. Israel is already considered a pariah state by the majority of the world and will cement its place in history as such.

University rector   February 8th, 2010 11:16 am ET


first answer to all of the facts presented which show that you are ignorant of facts, before you chastise others who present facts.

Then talk, not the other way round.

Hope   February 8th, 2010 3:46 pm ET

Our wars are fought for Israel...not America!!

miriam   February 8th, 2010 4:23 pm ET


Israeli governments have an obligation to abide by the agreements of earlier administrations, however there is no obligation to abide by agreements already broken by the other side.

Most of the world does not care less about what Israel does and doesn't do.
Those who consider Israel a pariah state are those who are ignorant about the facts they presume to understand and are convinced are that the propadanda they are spoon-fed is the truth.

Fred Brun   February 8th, 2010 7:34 pm ET

To the Pro-Israel bloggers:

I have said all that I have to say:
I had a teacher who once told me, that you waste your efforts in trying to have a logical dialoque with extremists who have religious and nationalistic views.

Going forward, I hope that Jews and Arabs stop killing each other!
Get out of the Stone Age.

Mordechay Ariely   February 9th, 2010 12:15 pm ET

Different times-- Same propaganda.

Along the war west and east front lines megaphones broadcasted to the ally forces that they are fighting for the Jews and not for their country.

Hope and the Aram/Iran propaganda are not the inventors.

This was done by the German Nazis to the Ango American troops, in the east to the Russian forces and in the Arab world mosks broadcasted from Berlin by Haji Amin el Huseini.

WW2 was against the Nazis ideology.
Today war on terror is against the Islamist ideology.

In both cases the free world defends itself against ideologies dining human rights, claiming for world supremacy and using force to impose their doctrines.
Nothing to do with Jews or Israel

miriam   February 9th, 2010 1:21 pm ET


Great teacher!
What did the teacher recommend?
Acquiescence and loss of identity or violence and terrorism?

university rector   February 9th, 2010 7:49 pm ET


how typical of you jew bashers

when you are found out, you claim you cannot have a logical dialogue

I agree with you, with you and your likes a logical dialogue is absolutely and completely impossible

good riddance

Filipe   February 9th, 2010 9:28 pm ET


Thanks for retiring your continuous flow of mindless drivel !!

No one will miss you !!

Bill   February 10th, 2010 12:45 am ET

The last time Israel belonged to the Jews, it was the stone age. If they forgot the stone age they would remember that Israel has been occupied by Arabs for 1000s of years. So there is no way the Jews will get out of their stone age mind set.

miriam   February 10th, 2010 1:13 pm ET


Strange that so much recorded Jewish history and archaeological finds in Israel, from the early Jewish states, date back to long after the Stone Age in the ME.

The Jews and the region had moved on, unlike other regions of the earth that did not move out of the Stone Age until the middle of the last millenium.

Arabs only migrated from Arabia a little over 1000 years ago to join the already resident Jews and Christians. They subsequently all lived under the rule of various empires, with only Jews having any desire for a national homeland.

Yusil   February 10th, 2010 1:38 pm ET

You must have hit the sweet spot with the Zionists. They are practically frothing at the mouth with the other side of the coin you present.

university rector   February 10th, 2010 6:21 pm ET


why do you bother?

they don't care about facts

university rector   February 10th, 2010 9:34 pm ET

Our wars are fought for Israel...not America!!


cuban war
1st world war
2nd world war

all fought for israel

pearl harbor actually was an israeli ploy!!

Bill   February 12th, 2010 8:26 am ET

University Rector, you could be onto to something.

1st world war – Break the Ottoman empire and put Palestine in the hands of the British

2nd world war – After defeating a dictator in Germany, the Americans and British can set themselves up as the global law makers in the United Nations. Then like dictators themselves, they can completely & non democratically invent the country Israel and hand Palestine over to the Jews.

A question:

If in 1939 Hitler decided to invaded Palestine, wipe out the Muslim inhabitants and hand the land over to the Jews, would pro Israeli supporters have thought Hitler was a cool guy. Perhaps he would have been the first neo con.

If only Hitler bombed the Arabs instead of the Anglo Saxons. Then Hitler would have been remembered as a wonderful man.

Sorry Zionists, your a bunch of sick hypocrites.

Kunigunde Meier   February 13th, 2010 10:16 am ET


my parents were nazis and i am ashamed of them

you think like them

Yusil   February 13th, 2010 2:22 pm ET


The real danger to the state of Israel and her supporters is its self-righteous position. Israel isa state which arrogantly using military power on impoverished civilians. It includes the Zionist agenda of using its economic power and the influence it buys, especially in the US Congress where what passes for democracy is for sale to the highest bidders.

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being se lf-evident.”
Arthur Schopenhauer

You and your ilk can rant on all the blogs about anti-semites and Israel bashers and present the Zionist TRUTH but its time to take a deep breath and wake up from your fantasy world.

university rector   February 13th, 2010 7:45 pm ET


I pity you

miriam   February 14th, 2010 7:17 am ET


You have an uneducated, misunderstanding of 20th century history and history preceding that.

It won't take long for the gullible to assume your nightmarish, ficticious stories to be some real "zionist" agenda.That is how revisionist history has been written, based on myths and disinformation.

miriam   February 14th, 2010 7:46 am ET


It is fortunate that Israel and her supporters are sure and confident in her virtues unlike her detractors who have little basis for their lies and disinformation.

Israel knows the truth.
She does not deliberately target innocent civilians even while her own civilians are under deliberate attack.
If a terrorist is "poor", that is not provide immunity in battle.
There is no "zionist agenda" to use economic influence to buy support.
Quoting Schopenhauer doesn't help in your disclaim of anti-semitism.

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics".

Yusil   February 15th, 2010 4:47 pm ET


It should actually read "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and Zionist lies".

Kunigunde Meier

You have to take a Valium and get off your GUILT TRIP! If its one thing the Germans are good at, it's going from one extreme to the opposite extreme. We all know now that the POPE is German.

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