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June 16, 2009
Posted: 629 GMT

(CNN) - Three women who were seized along with six other foreign workers in Yemen have been killed, Yemeni government officials said Monday.

South Korean officials discuss the kidnappings Monday. A South Korean woman reportedly was killed.
South Korean officials discuss the kidnappings Monday. A South Korean woman reportedly was killed.

"It is with profound sorrow that the Yemeni government reports finding three bodies," according to a statement from Mohammed Albasha, a spokesman for Yemen's Embassy in the United States.

The statement said the dead were identified as a South Korean teacher and two German nurses in training, all in their 20s. They were found in the Noshour Valley in Safrah district in the province of Saada.

The women were abducted Sunday along with five other Germans, including three children, and a Briton, according to Yemen's state-run SABA news agency. Earlier, the Yemen Post said seven of the nine hostages were killed, citing the country's interior ministry.

But SABA reported later Monday the remaining six were believed to be alive, and security forces were searching for them... Read full story

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Gerald Ricketts   June 16th, 2009 10:53 pm ET

I believe this election results were completely fabricated and corrupt. I also believe President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad received his ideas to fix this election from another corrupt foreign leader who is a true dictator.

Are the similar events coincidental?

See for yourself.

Last year an election was held in Venezuela and Hugo Chavez proclaimed huge victory. Following the election, he shut off Internet access, blocked the opposition from demonstrations, threatened his own people with consequences should they demonstrate, as well as forbidding foreign journalists from reporting active events. Months following the election, he attempted to have their constitution changed, allowing him to remain in power an unlimted term.

Now, are these events seeming similar?

Why would Mr Chavez even travel to Iran last year? Trade? Bull!. His country has nothing to offer to Iran. Both countries supply oil.

His advice was a matter of importance to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. But, he underestimated the people of Iran.

They are much stronger than the people of Venezuela.

I hope there is a new election for the country of Iran, and it is an honest election, unlike the present.

Where is President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad now? Gone to visit another corrupt leader.

Chernor Jalloh   June 17th, 2009 1:05 pm ET

Yemen is one of the most dangerous countries on earth,filled with al qaeda operatives and inter clan or religious fighting.It is very sad that those young people who were there to help needy yemenis had to be assassinated in cold blood.

Those that were behind such gruesome acts should soon be aprehended to face justice,then severely be punished and that will serve a good lesson to others who at the back of their minds inorder to achieve their goals is by killing foreigners who are absolutely innocent.

They are there to help because most of the Arab countries are being ruled by dictators that donot care for the people they represent in parliments.What a shame!

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