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  Daily Almanac
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Wednesday, November 18, 1998


We are looking forward to a professional and productive relationship with the Iraqi authorities over the next few days ... and time will tell.

-- senior UNSCOM spokeswoman Caroline Cross


today's events

  • The Republican Governors Association holds its 1998 annual conference in New Orleans

  • House Republicans are scheduled to meet in Washington to choose leadership for the 106th Congress, including a replacement for outgoing Speaker Newt Gingrich.

on the horizon

  • On Thursday, November 19, a preliminary hearing is rescheduled in Laramie, Wyoming, for Aaron James McKinney, charged in the murder of gay college student Matthew Shepard.

  • On Friday, November 20, the target launch of the Zarya Control Module, the first component of the International Space Station, is scheduled in Baikonur, Kazakhstan.

  • On Saturday, November 21, The Magnificent Mile Lights Festival is scheduled to take place in Chicago.

  • On Sunday, November 22, ambassadors and representatives from Egypt, Jordan, Israel, and the Palestinian Authority are scheduled to convene at a special symposium on the Mideast peace process. The U.S. State Department's Middle East coordinator is also scheduled to speak.

  • On Monday, November 23, the OPEC meeting convenes in Vienna, Austria.


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  • Author Margaret Atwood is 59.
  • Baseball player Dante Bichette is 35.
  • Actress Linda Evans is 56.
  • Actress Andrea Marcovici is 50.
  • Football player Warren Moon is 42.
  • Actor Kevin Nealon is 45.
  • Actress Elizabeth Perkins is 37.
  • Actress Katey Sagal is 42.
  • Sen. Ted Stevens is 75.
  • Actress Brenda Vaccaro is 59.

on this day

  • In 1189, William II, the last Norman king of Sicily, died and was succeeded by Tancred the Bastard.

  • In 1477, William Caxton produced the first printed book in the English language, "The Dictes and Sayengis of the Phylosophers."

  • In 1860, the Polish pianist Ignacy Jan Paderewski was born. Noted for his interpretations of Schubert and Chopin, he became prime minister of Poland in 1919 and president in 1940.

  • In 1883, the United States adopted standard time.

  • In 1903, Panama and the United States signed a treaty on the proposed Panama Canal.

  • In 1905, Prince Charles of Denmark was elected first king of Norway after the restoration of its independence. He took the old Norse name of Haakon VII.

  • In 1918, the Belgian army reoccupied Brussels after four years of German occupation.

  • In 1935, economic sanctions imposed on Italy by the League of Nations for its invasion of Abyssinia (Ethiopia) took effect.

  • In 1936, Germany under Adolf Hitler and Italy under Benito Mussolini both recognized Gen. Francisco Franco's provisional government in Spain.

  • In 1945, the communist-led Fatherland Front won the Bulgarian general election after opposition parties abstained.

  • In 1978, the Rev. Jim Jones led 914 followers to their deaths at Jonestown, Guyana, by drinking a cyanide-laced fruit drink. Cult members who refused to swallow the liquid were shot.

  • In 1991, British peace envoy Terry Waite and U.S. academic Thomas Sutherland were released by the Islamic Jihad after five years of captivity.

  • In 1993, black and white leaders in South Africa approved the new democracy constitution that gave blacks the vote and ended white minority rule.

  • In 1995, the Vatican said the Roman Catholic ban on the ordination of women as priests was a definitive, infallible and unquestionable part of the church's doctrine.

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