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Monday, December 8, 1997

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  • "We ask the president to heed his own advisory council, which has called on him to be bold and express leadership."

    -- -- Elizabeth Birch of the Human Rights Campaign on President Clinton's AIDS leadership.

    Today's events

  • The National Transportation Safety Board opens public hearings on the crash of TWA Flight 800 in Baltimore.

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    On the horizon

    On Monday. December 8, amnesty hearings resume into the death in detention of South African black activist Steve Biko.

    On Tuesday, December 9, the Steering Board of Bosnia's Peace Implementation Council meets in Germany.

    On Wednesday, December 10, the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize is presented in Oslo.

    On Thursday, December 11, European Union foreign ministers meet in Geneva.

    On Friday, December 12, U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is to arrive in Democratic Republic of Congo, formerly known as Zaire, from Rwanda as part of a six-country tour of Africa

    On Saturday, December 13, U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright visits South Africa.


    On this day

    In 1854, Pope Pius IX promulgated the dogma of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    In 1863, Briton Tom King became the world's first heavyweight boxing champion when he beat American John Heenan in Kent, England.

    In 1907, Oscar II, King of Sweden from 1872-1907 and Norway from 1872-1905 died and was succeeded by his son Gustav V.

    In 1914, the Battle of the Falkland Islands between Britain and Germany resulted in a British victory.

    In 1940, a heavy overnight raid by German bombers on London caused the first serious damage to the House of Commons and Tower of London.

    In 1941, Britain and the United States declared war on Japan following the attack on Pearl Harbor the previous day.

    In 1943, Jim Morrison, lead singer with the U.S. rock group "the Doors," born.

    In 1949, Chinese Nationalists flee the Chinese mainland, moving their capital to Formosa (Taiwan).

    In 1949, Jule Styne's musical comedy "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" premiered in New York.

    In 1953, at the U.N., President Eisenhower called on the major powers to contribute from their stockpiles to an international pool for the peaceful development of atomic energy, and proposed that an international atomic energy agency be set up.

    In 1966, 28 countries, including the United States and Soviet Union, agreed to ban nuclear weapons in space.

    In 1974, the Greek people, voting in a referendum, decided by a huge majority against restoring the monarchy.

    In 1978, Golda Meir, the first woman prime minister of Israel from 1969-74 died.

    In 1980, John Lennon, former member of "The Beatles," was shot dead in New York by Mark David Chapman.

    In 1983, the United States ended a five-year ban on arms sales to Argentina.

    In 1987, U.S. President Ronald Reagan and Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev signed a treaty in Washington to eliminate all their intermediate-range and shorter-range nuclear missiles.

    In 1989, East Germany opened corruption investigations against former Communist Party chief Erich Honecker and five other disgraced former leaders.

    In 1991, leaders of Russia, Byelorussia and Ukraine formed the Commonwealth of Independent States.

    In 1993, Winnie Mandela, estranged wife of Nelson Mandela, made a triumphant return to the top level of the African National Congress when the ANC Women's League elected her as its president.

    In 1995, the Baltic state of Lithuania formally applied for membership of the European Union.



    More than 4,000 pages of information gathered by the NTSB in its quest to solve the mysterious crash of TWA Flight 800 was made public Sunday on the Web. Check it out at TWA Flight 800 Public Hearing


    Holidays and more

  • Guam celebrates Our Lady of Camarin Day.

  • Panama marks Mother's Day.

  • Kim Basinger is 44.

  • Musician James Galway is 58.

  • Actress Teri Hatcher is 33.

  • Actor James MacArthur is 60.

  • Singer Sinead O'Connor is 31.

  • Actor Flip Wilson is 64.

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    Chase's Calendar of Events 1997, J.P. Morgan

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