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Saturday, September 27, 1997

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  • "Netanyahu, in speaking on settlements, was signaling to the Israeli right that he's still in their camp, he's still someone they can trust."

    -- political analyst Leslie Susser

    Today's events

  • An island-wide protest against government removal of the base limit of education, science and cultural affairs budgets is held in Taiwan.

  • Asian and European economy ministers meet under Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) framework in Tokyo.

  • The 33rd annual Geneva Area Grape Jamboree, in Geneva, Ohio, is expected to draw about 250,000 people to celebrate the grape harvest and its resulting products.

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    On the horizon

  • On Sunday, September 28, the International Open Air Theater Festival '97 is scheduled to end in Kwachon, South Korea.

  • On Monday, September 29, Quebec's Prime Minister Lucien Bouchard is scheduled to visit Paris for an annual bilateral meeting and is expected to meet with President Jacques Chirac.

  • On Tuesday, September 30, the opening of sixth annual Iberoamerican Theater festival takes place in Bogota, Colombia.

  • On Wednesday, October 1, Nigeria marks 37 years of independence, with military ruler General Sani Abacha expected to a make address the nation by television.

  • On Thursday, October 2, French President Jacques Chirac and Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi meet for the two nation's regular bilateral summit.

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    On this day

  • In 1540, Pope Paul III approved the first outline of the Jesuit Order's organization.

  • In 1825, the world's first public railway to use steam locomotives was inaugurated when the George Stephenson-built "Active" pulled a train along the track on the Stockton and Darlington Railway in northeast England

  • In 1922, King Constantine I of Greece abdicated. He was king from 1913-17 and from 1920-22. He proclaimed Greece neutral at the outbreak of World War I which led the Western allies and his Greek opponents to overthrow him in 1917. A military revolt after Greece failed to defeat Turkey after the war cost him his throne for the second time.

  • In 1938, the British ocean liner "Queen Elizabeth," then the largest passenger liner ever built, was launched at Clydebank in Scotland.

  • In 1939, Warsaw surrendered to the invading German army after enduring three days and nights of constant bombardment.

  • In 1940, the Tripartite Pact between Germany, Italy and Japan was signed in Berlin, a 10-year military and economic agreement strengthening the Axis alliance.

  • In 1961, Sierra Leone was admitted to the United Nations.

  • In 1962, Imam Mohammed of Yemen was overthrown in an army coup a week after succeeding his father and the Yemen Arab Republic was declared by coup leader Colonel Abdullah al-Sallal.

  • In 1964, after a 10-month investigation, the Warren Commission issued its report concluding that Lee Harvey Oswald alone had been responsible for the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy.

  • In 1968, Antonio Salazar retired as prime minister of Portugal after suffering a stroke. He had been in office for 36 years. In 1932 he drafted a new constitution that established Portugal as an authoritarian state.

  • In 1970, Jordan's King Hussein and Yasser Arafat, leader of the Palestine Liberation Movement, signed an agreement in Cairo to end Jordan's civil war.

  • In 1990, Britain and Iran resumed diplomatic relations, broken by Tehran in March 1989 over the issue of British author Salman Rushdie's novel "The Satanic Verses."

  • In 1993, veteran politician Ange-Felix Patasse was elected president of the Central African Republic after years of periodic exile.

  • In 1995, the Israeli cabinet overwhelmingly agreed to hand over to Palestinians control of much of the West Bank occupied by Israel for 28 years.

  • In 1996, Afghanistan's Taliban rebels captured the capital Kabul and hanged the former president Najibullah.

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    Holidays and more

  • Ethiopia celebrates the Feast of the Finding of the True Cross.

  • Actor Wilford Brimley is 63.

  • Singer Shaun Cassidy is 38.

  • Actor Claude Jarman Jr. is 63.

  • Basketball player Steve Kerr is 32.

  • Singer Meat Loaf is 50.

  • Actor Greg Morris is 63.

  • Baseball Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt is 48.

  • Actress Delores Taylor is 58.

  • Actress Sada Thompson is 68.

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