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Monday, September 1, 1997

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  • "It's amazing that this woman who finally seemed to have just about found some happiness has now died so tragically."

    -- Student Fiona von Schank

    Today's events

  • A conference on an international treaty for the banning of anti-personnel mines is scheduled to take place in Oslo.

  • The Beijing-Paris Motor Challenge is scheduled to start in Beijing.

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    On the horizon

  • On Tuesday, September 2, Romania is scheduled to host the third international conference on "New and Restored Democracies," which is expected to draw representatives from 75 emerging democracies in Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America.

  • On Wednesday, September 3, South African President Nelson Mandela visits Berne, Switzerland, to discuss bilateral and international issues.

  • On Thursday, September 4, Japan's Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto visits China to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the normalization of bilateral diplomatic relations

  • On Friday, September 5, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announces its decision on the venue for the 2004 Olympic Games from a shortlist of five cities, Athens, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Rome and Stockholm.

  • On Saturday, September 6, the International Open Air Theatre Festival opens in South Korea.

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    On this day

  • In 1159, Pope Adrian IV died. He was originally Nicholas Breakspear and was the only Englishman to be Pope. He was elected Pope in 1154.

  • In 1494, Charles VIII of France invaded Italy in an attempt to claim the throne of Naples.

  • In 1715, King Louis XIV of France died. Known as the "Sun King," he had ruled since the age of five. He was succeeded by his 5-year-old great grandson Louis XV.

  • In 1822, Hiram Rhodes Revels was born. He was a U.S. clergyman, politician and the first black member of congress.

  • In 1858, the East India Company's government of India ended with the British Crown taking over its territories and duties.

  • In 1864, the Charlottetown Conference began on Prince Edward Island, representing the first steps toward Canadian confederation.

  • In 1864, in the American Civil War, the Confederates under Gen. John Hood abandoned the city of Atlanta, which was occupied by Gen. William Sherman the next day.

  • In 1870, in the Franco-Prussian War, the French under Napoleon III were heavily defeated by the Prussians under Moltke at the battle of Sedan. This defeat opened the path to Paris.

  • The 1900, Transvaal Republic was annexed by Britain and a proclamation was issued by Lord Roberts.

  • In 1916, Bulgaria declared war on Romania in World War I.

  • In 1923, an earthquake which measured 7.9 on the Richter scale struck Japan and completely destroyed Yokahama and nearly destroyed Tokyo. At least 142,000 people were killed and 2.5 million made homeless.

  • In 1928, Albania was declared a kingdom, with Zog I as ruler.

  • In 1939, at 5.30 a.m. Germany invaded Poland and heralded the start of World War II.

  • In 1946, Greeks voted to recall their King, George II, to the throne. He had been living in exile in England.

  • In 1960, Julius Nyerere became Tanganyika's prime minister.

  • In 1962, an earthquake struck north-western Iran near Ghazvin resulting in the death of 12,000 people and the destruction of over 300 surrounding villages.

  • In 1967, an Arab summit lifted the oil embargo on Western states imposed during the Six-Day war.

  • In 1969, military officers overthrew the Libyan government and the Libyan Arab Republic was proclaimed under Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

  • In 1974, Anastasio Somoza was elected president of Nicaragua.

  • In 1979, the U.S. unmanned spacecraft Pioneer II, launched in 1973, transmitted data to earth after coming within 12,560 miles of Saturn's clouds.

  • In 1981, a bloodless coup ousted President David Dacko of the Central African Republic.

  • In 1983, a Soviet fighter plane shot down a Korean Air Lines Boeing 747, KAL Flight 007, near Sakhalin island, killing all 269 on board.

  • In 1990, Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union signed the first agreement between Comecon countries to conduct their trade in convertible currencies and use world prices.

  • In 1995, Chief warlord Charles Taylor and other key militia leaders were installed in a new ruling council in Liberia.

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    Learn more about the woman whose shy smile and dedication to good works captivated the world. Visit our Diana: A Remembrance site.


    Holidays and more

  • Today is Labor Day in the United States, Bermuda, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

  • Libya and Malaysia celebrate National Days.

  • It is Constitution Day in the Slovak Republic.

  • Singer Barry Gibb is 51.

  • Actor Ron O'Neal is 60.

  • Former Texas Gov. Ann Richards is 64.

  • Actor Don Straud is 60.

  • Actress Lily Tomlin is 58.

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