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Thursday, August 14, 1997

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  • "The situation here is unquestionably dire. What makes this famine unique is that the entire country is being affected, the entire populace."

    -- CNN's Eason Jordan

    Today's events

  • The parliaments of India and Pakistan meet in their respective capitals to mark the 50th anniversary of independence from British colonial rule.

  • Timothy McVeigh, convicted in June for the Oklahoma City bombing, is scheduled to be formally sentenced in Denver.

  • Russian Cosmonauts Vasily Tsibliyev and Alexander Lazutkin are scheduled to head back to Earth after six months of mishaps aboard the space station Mir.

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    On the horizon

  • On Friday, August 15, the Japanese government holds a memorial service to mark the 52nd anniversary of the end of World War II.

  • On Saturday, August 16, President Suharto is scheduled to give the state-of-the-nation Independence Day address in Jakarta, Indonesia.

  • On Sunday, August 17, the "first-ever Elvis Conference cruise" of the Caribbean leaves port, hosted by the International Conference on Elvis Presley.

  • On Monday, August 18, the first female cadets are scheduled to arrive at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Virginia.

  • On Tuesday, August 19, U.S. President Bill Clinton celebrates his 51st birthday. Second Lady Tipper Gore celebrates her 49th birthday.

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    On this day

  • In 1040, King Duncan of Scotland was murdered by Macbeth, who then became king and ruled for 17 years.

  • In 1385, Portuguese forces thwarted an attempted invasion by John I of Castille at the battle of Aljubarrota, securing independence for the Portuguese.

  • In 1551, Turkish forces captured Tripoli, Libya.

  • In 1678, William of Orange attacked the French army near Mons. The French, caught by surprise, rallied and repulsed William who lost several thousand men.

  • In 1893, France became the first country to introduce motor vehicle registration plates.

  • In 1900, the Boxer Rebellion, a peasant uprising aimed at forcing all foreigners from China, was finally defeated when an international force captured Beijing.

  • In 1908, the world's first international beauty contest was held at the Pier Hippodrome at Folkestone, England.

  • In 1912, U.S. Marines landed in Nicaragua to protect American economic interests there.

  • In 1920, King Albert of Belgium opened the seventh Olympic Games in Antwerp.

  • In 1935, the Social Security Act, establishing old age benefits and unemployment insurance, was passed by the U.S. Congress.

  • In 1941, the Atlantic Charter was signed by U.S. President Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Churchill. The charter was later included in the United Nations Declaration.

  • In 1945, Japan accepted the Allies' terms of unconditional surrender, ending World War II.

  • In 1949, Konrad Adenauer was appointed first chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany.

  • In 1962, after three and a half years of digging, Italian and French workers completed the road tunnel under Mont Blanc, when the last nine feet separating the two sides was dynamited.

  • In 1970, Yugoslavia and the Vatican announced the resumption of full diplomatic relations after an 18-year break.

  • In 1971, Bahrain declared itself a fully independent and sovereign state.

  • In 1974, fighting resumed in Cyprus after peace talks in Geneva broke down over a Turkish demand for autonomous regions on the island.

  • In 1986, riots broke out across Pakistan against the government of President Zia ul-Haq; three people were shot dead and opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was arrested.

  • In 1987, a Sri Lankan soldier in a guard of honor for visiting Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi broke ranks and struck him with his rifle butt.

  • In 1989, P.W. Botha resigned as South African president.

  • In 1996, the National Party, the architects of South African apartheid, moved to the opposition benches for the first time in 48 years.

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    Holidays and more

  • Today is Assumption Eve in Italy.

  • It's Oued-Ed-Dahab Day in Morocco.

  • Today is Independence Day in Pakistan.

  • Chef Julia Child is 85.

  • Singer David Crosby is 56.

  • Actor Antonio Fargas is 51.

  • Actress Alice Ghostly is 71.

  • Singer Buddy Greco is 71.

  • Former basketball player Magic Johnson is 38.

  • Cartoonist Gary Larson is 47.

  • Comedian Steve Martin is 52.

  • Actress Susan Saint James is 51.

  • Author Danielle Steel is 50.

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