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Sunday, August 3, 1997

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  • "Everywhere you looked there's Che (Guevara) and Fidel (Castro) and my grandfather."

    -- Actress Mariel Hemingway

    Today's events

  • The annual induction ceremony at Baseball's Hall of Fame is takes place in Cooperstown, New York.

  • Mohammad Khatami is to be sworn in as president of Iran.

  • The second round rerun of Mali's chaotic April parliamentary elections take place; the original elections were annulled by the constitutional court.

  • Israel's Agriculture and Environment Minister Rafael Eitan begins a visit to Vietnam.

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    On the horizon

  • On Monday, August 4, Los Angeles is scheduled to play San Diego in the annual Baseball Hall of Fame game in Cooperstown, New York.

  • On Tuesday, August 5, Franjo Tudjman is scheduled to be sworn in as Croatian President for another five-year term.

  • On Wednesday, August 6, the Solomon Islands hold national elections.

  • On Thursday, August 7, "Achievements and perspectives of the Venezuelan Agenda," a conference, opens in Caracas.

  • On Friday, August 8, Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong delivers his National Day address to the people of Singapore.

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    On this day

  • In 1492, Christopher Columbus set sail for "Cathay," but found the New World, from Palos, Spain.

  • In 1861, the pay of Army nurses was raised from $8 per month, plus one ration per day, to $12 per month; it had been $8 per month since 1777.

  • In 1900, Ernie Pyle was born; Pyle worked as a reporter and syndicated columnist, winning the Pulitzer Prize for his war reporting in 1944.

  • In 1902, Bourguiba Harib was born; Harib was Tunisia's first elected president.

  • In 1905, Maggie Kuhn was born; Kuhn founded the Gray Panthers organization to fight age discrimination.

  • In 1911, Charles I.D. Looff delivered what is now considered the classic carousel ride to the Santa Cruz Beach boardwalk.

  • In 1989, the ABC news magazine "Primetime Live" debuted.

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    Today, America inducts the newest members into its baseball Hall of Fame. But did you know that Canada, too, has a baseball Hall of Fame? Visit the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum for a look at the history of America's national pasttime, north of the border.


    Holidays and more

  • Equatorial Guinea celebrates Armed Forces Day.

  • Guinea-Bissau celebrates Martyrs of Colonialism Day.

  • Niger celebrates Independence Day.

  • Singer Tony Bennett is 71.

  • Actor Steven Berkoff is 60.

  • Actor John McGinley is 38.

  • Actor Martin Sheen is 57.

  • Author Leon Uris is 73.

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