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Tuesday, July 22, 1997

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  • "We believe that for many people smoking cigarettes is very addictive."

    -- Bennett LeBow, chairman of Brooke Group Ltd., owner of cigarette-maker Liggett Group

    Today's events

  • The annual UNICEF report is scheduled to be issued in London.

  • A festival honoring Lord Murugan, a god shared by both Buddhists and Hindus, is scheduled to take place in Kataragama, Sri Lanka.

  • The 51st Avignon Festival for performing arts continues in Avignon, France.

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    On the horizon

  • On Wednesday, July 23, Laos and Burma are admitted to ASEAN during a special ceremony held by the Asian trade group in Kuala Lumpur.

  • On Thursday, July 24, the ASEAN foreign ministers' annual ministerial meeting takes place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  • On Friday, July 25, the Gilroy Garlic Festival opens in Gilroy, California, the "Garlic Capital of the World."

  • On Saturday, July 26, Syrian Prime Minister Mahmoud Zu'bi is scheduled to visit Jakarta.

  • On Sunday, July 27, Japan's Democratic Party, led by Yukio Hatomana and Naoto Kan, is scheduled to visit the U.S. for talks with U.S. government officials and legislators on defense issues.

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    On this day

  • In 1456, Hungarian Gen. Janos Hunyadi defeated the Turks besieging Belgrade.

  • In 1515, the Congress of Vienna settled points at issue between Poland and the Holy Roman Empire and the succession to the Hungarian throne.

  • In 1691, the Anglo-Dutch army defeated the French at Aghrim, India.

  • In 1739, the Turks defeated troops of the Holy Roman Empire at Crocyka, Yugoslavia, and threatened Belgrade.

  • In 1812, the Duke of Wellington defeated the French under Marshal Marmont at the battle of Salamanca.

  • In 1917, Alexander Kerensky became prime minister of Russia, taking over from Prince Lvov.

  • In 1933, Wiley Post, U.S. pioneer aviator, became the first person to fly solo around the world, in seven days, 18 hours and 49 minutes.

  • In 1934, U.S. bank robber and public enemy No. 1 John Dillinger was shot dead by FBI agents outside Chicago's Biograph Theater after 13 months on the run.

  • In 1943, U.S. forces liberated Palermo, Sicily.

  • In 1950, William Lyon Mackenzie King, Canadian Liberal statesman and three times prime minister, died.

  • In 1950, King Leopold III returned to Belgium after six years in exile.

  • In 1972, the European Economic Community and European Free Trade Area agreed on a new free trade area linking the two organizations, effective January 1, 1973.

  • In 1974, two days after invading Cyprus, Turkey accepted a U.N. resolution on a cease-fire.

  • In 1981, Mehmet Ali Agca was jailed for life for the attempted murder of Pope John Paul II.

  • In 1993, Japanese Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa resigned as president of the Liberal Democratic Party, taking the blame for party's worst-ever election performance.

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    Holidays and more

  • Today is the Martyrdom of the Hazrat in Afghanistan.

  • It's a Public Holiday in Botswana.

  • Today is Liberation Day in Gambia.

  • It's Somhlolo Day in Swaziland.

  • Actor Orson Bean is 69.

  • Actress Irene Bedard is 30.

  • Comedian Albert Brooks is 50.

  • Actor Willem Dafoe is 42.

  • Fashion designer Oscar De La Renta is 65.

  • Former U.S. Sen. Robert Dole is 74.

  • Actor Danny Glover is 50.

  • Musician Don Henley is 50.

  • Actor John Leguizamo is 32.

  • Singer Bobby Sherman is 52.

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    Chase's Calendar of Events 1997, J.P. Morgan

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