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Monday, July 14, 1997

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  • "I've had nights that I've walked around and gotten melancholy and got teary eyed and think about things that Nicole and I did..."

    -- O.J. Simpson

    Today's events

  • A U.N. war crimes tribunal is scheduled to sentence Bosnian Serb Dusan Tadic; he was convicted of war crimes in May.

  • South African President Nelson Mandela is scheduled to visit Jakarta.

  • An election by federal and state legislators is scheduled in New Delhi to choose India's 11th president.

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    On the horizon

  • On Tuesday, July 15, Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh are scheduled to host a golden wedding anniversary garden party at Buckingham Palace for 4,000 couples who were also married in 1947.

  • On Wednesday, July 16, Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski visits Slovakia.

  • On Thursday, July 17, the announcement of the Akutagawa and Naoki novel prizes takes place in Tokyo.

  • On Friday, July 18, the European Commission and South Africa hold talks in Brussels on a future bilateral agreement.

  • On Saturday, July 19, Liberia is scheduled to hold presidential and parliamentary elections to end seven years of civil war.

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    On this day

  • In 1789 in Paris, the Bastille, a grim prison and symbol of the monarchy, was seized by the people at the start of the French Revolution.

  • In 1865, British climber Edward Whymper led the first team of climbers to reach the summit of the Matterhorn in the Alps at a height of 14,690 feet.

  • In 1867, explosives manufacturer Alfred Nobel first demonstrated his invention, dynamite, at Merstham Quarry in Redhill, Surrey.

  • In 1887, German industrialist and arms manufacturer Alfred Krupp, who became a dominating force in the development of the Ruhr territories, died.

  • In 1918, the French troop carrying liner Djemnah was sunk by a German submarine in the Mediterranean; 442 people were killed.

  • In 1933, in Germany, the Nazi Party under Adolf Hitler banned all opposition parties.

  • In 1958, King Faisal of Iraq was assassinated along with his entire household and his prime minister in a coup by army officers which resulted in Iraq's becoming a republic.

  • In 1959, the first atomic powered cruiser, the USS Long Beach, was launched at Quincy, Massachusetts. The ship had two nuclear reactors and could reach 30 knots.

  • In 1965, the satellite Mariner 4, launched in 1964, became the first to send photographs from Mars and transmitted for over eight hours.

  • In 1976, the Chinese-built Tanzam railway was completed ahead of schedule linking Zambia with Dar-es-Salaam.

  • In 1978, Russian dissident Anatoly Shcharansky, a founder member of the Helsinki Group set up to monitor Soviet observance of human rights, was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

  • In 1984, in New Zealand, David Lange and his leftist Labor Party swept to a landslide electoral victory defeating the ruling national Party led by Sir Robert Muldoon.

  • In 1996, a bomb exploded in a hotel at Enniskillen in Northern Ireland in which 40 people were injured. It was the first bomb in the province for two years. IRA guerrillas denied responsibility for the explosion.

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    Today is Bastille Day, the holiday commemorating the fall of the Bastille at the beginning of the French Revolution on July 14, 1789. To lean more about its history and impending celebration, click here.


    Holidays and more

  • Today is Bastille Day in France, French Guiana and New Caledonia.

  • It's a National Day in St. Pierre, Miquelon and Tahiti.

  • Today is Orangeman's Day in the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

  • Actress Polly Bergen is 67.

  • Filmmaker Ingmar Bergman is 79.

  • Former U.S. President Gerald Ford is 84.

  • Actress Missy Gold is 27.

  • Actor Harry Dean Stanton is 71.

  • Actor Robert Stephens is 66.

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