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Friday, July 11, 1997

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  • "At that time my crimes were labor racketeering, I had some clubs, gambling clubs, loan sharking, murders, that type of thing."

    -- Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano

    Today's events

  • President Bill Clinton is scheduled to make the first U.S. presidential visit to Romania in 20 years.

  • Hillary Clinton addresses the final day of the international women's conference "Vital Voices: Women in Democracy," in Vienna.

  • Amnesty International holds a news conference in London on the situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

  • South African President Nelson Mandela addresses Oxford University during private visit to Britain.

  • The Second International Congress Against Forced Disappearances and Human Rights opens in Bogota, Colombia.

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    On the horizon

  • On Saturday, July 12, the Orange Order is scheduled to march across Northern Ireland to commemorate the victory of the Battle of the Boyne in 1690.

  • On Sunday, July 13, the Great Circus Parade is scheduled to be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

  • On Monday, July 14, a U.N. war crimes tribunal sentences Bosnian Serb Dusan Tadic; he was convicted of war crimes in May.

  • On Tuesday, July 15, Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh are scheduled to host a Golden wedding anniversary garden party at Buckingham Palace for 4,000 couples who were also married in 1947.

  • On Wednesday, July 16, Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski visits Slovakia.

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    On this day

  • In 1533, Pope Clement VII threatened English King Henry VIII with ex-communication if he did not resume his marriage to Catherine of Aragon. It was annulled in May 1533 by Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Cranmer.

  • In 1708, forces under England's Duke of Marlborough beat the French under Louis Vendome at the battle of Oudenarde in the war of Spanish Succession.

  • In 1804, Aaron Burr, a former vice-president of the United States, killed former treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton in a duel over political rivalry and accusations.

  • In 1921, Mongolia declared its independence as a People's Republic.

  • In 1934, Franklin Delano Roosevelt became the first president to sail through the Panama Canal. He was on board the cruiser USS Houston and was met at Balboa by President Harmodio Arias.

  • In 1940, Marshal Henri Petain was declared Chief of the French State in the wake of defeat by Nazi Germany and the resignation of President Lebrun.

  • In 1978, a liquid gas tanker exploded in the middle of a camp site at San Carlos de la Rapita in Spain killing almost 200 people.

  • In 1979, the U.S. spaceship Skylab re-entered the Earth's atmosphere and broke up after orbiting the Earth since 1973.

  • In 1995, Bosnian Serb forces shrugged off NATO air strikes to overrun Srebrenica, a U.N.-declared "safe area," sending tens of thousands of Muslims fleeing for their lives.

  • In 1996, the U.N. criminal tribunal for former Yugoslavia issued international arrest warrants against Bosnian Serb leaders Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic on charges of genocide and war crimes.

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    Amnesty International is one of the world's most widely recognized human rights organizations. The London-based international watchdog is set to release a report today on the conditions in Bosnia. Visit the Amnesty International On-Line page to take in their views at leisure.


    Holidays and more

  • Kiribati celebrates Independence Day.

  • Literary critic Harold Bloom is 67.

  • Opera singer Nicolai Gedda is 72.

  • Pop singer Debbie Harry is 52.

  • Actor Tab Hunter is 66.

  • Actor Stephen Lang is 45.

  • Actor Mark Lester is 39.

  • Physicist Theodore Maiman is 70.

  • Singer Bonnie Pointer is 46.

  • Former boxer Leon Spinks is 44.

  • Actress Beverly Todd is 51.

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