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Monday, June 16, 1997

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  • "Can we preserve the character of America? Can we continue to work together? Are we going to begin to let the whole American idea unravel, or are we going to redefine it in multiracial terms in a new economy and a new society?"

    -- President Bill Clinton

    Today's events

    • A European Union summit will be held at Dutch central bank.

    • In Bosnia, the trial begins of two French citizens, Carlo Mazzoni and Lionel Dumon, arrested in January this year on charges of killing Bosnian policeman.

    • In South Korea, trial begins of eight politicians indicted for allegedly taking bribes from Hanbo Group founder.

    • In London, senior UNHCR official Dennis McNamara gives a background briefing on latest fact-finding mission to Zaire.


    On the horizon

    • On Tuesday, June 17, Aum Shinri Kyo (Supreme Truth Sect) religious sect leader Shoko Asahara appears at the Tokyo trial of cult official Ikuo Hayashi.

    • On Wednesday, June 18, defense ministers from the Commonwealth of Independent States meet in Tbilisi, Georgia.

    • On Thursday, June 19, new French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin is expected to deliver his keynote policy speech to parliament.

    • On Friday, June 20, the Group of Seven, or G7, summit of leading industrialized countries opens in Denver.

    • On Saturday, June 21, dragon boat competition is held in Beijing.


    On this day

    • In 1883, the New York Giants baseball team admitted all ladies free to the ballpark on this, the first "Ladies Day".

    • In 1922, Henry Berliner accomplished the first helicopter flight at College Park, Maryland.

    • In 1946, Lloyd Mangrum won the U.S. Open golf title after a strange twist of events. Tourney leader, Byron Nelson, was assessed a penalty stroke when his caddie accidentally kicked his ball ... costing the golfing legend the Open title.

    • In 1956, "Be-Bop-A-Lula" by Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps was released on Capitol Records.

    • In 1963, 26-year-old Valentina Tereshkova broke the gender barrier as she blasted off in the Vostok 6 spacecraft for three days in orbit.

    • In 1967, the Monterey Pop Festival got under way at the Monterey Fairgrounds in Northern California. Fifty thousand spectators migrated to the site that featured Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Mamas and the Papas and The Who.

    • In 1968, Lee Trevino became the first golfer in 68 years to play all four rounds of the U.S. Open golf tournament with sub-par totals of 69, 68, 69 and 67, respectively.

    • In 1970, football player, Brian Piccolo, of the Chicago Bears, died this day -- with his best friend, Gayle Sayers, at his side. An incredibly well-received, yet poignant made-for-TV picture, "Brian's Song", with music by Michel Legrand, told Brian's tragic story.

    • In 1978, the film adaptation of "Grease", a huge success on the Broadway stage, premiered in New York City this day. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John starred. Several hit songs came out of the motion picture: "Grease", by Frankie Valli, "You're The One That I Want" and "Summer Nights" (both sung by Travolta and Newton-John). The first two songs were platinum 2,000,000+ sellers, while the third was a million-seller.

    • In 1980, the movie, "The Blues Brothers", opened in Chicago, IL. The movie starred John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd, formerly of NBC's "Saturday Night Live."

    • In 1981, the Chicago Tribune purchased the Chicago Cubs baseball team from the P.K. Wrigley Chewing Gum Company for $20.5 million. The Wrigley family had controlled the team for over 60 years. The sale ended the longest, continuous ownership of a team that stayed put in its original city.

    • In 1985, Willie Banks broke the world record for the triple jump with a leap of 58 feet, 11-1/2 inches in the USA championships in Indianapolis, IN. Banks broke the record that had been set by Brazil's Joao Oliveria in 1975.

    • In 1987, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar signed a two-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers for $5,000,000. The 18-year veteran of the NBA became the highest paid player in any sport.



    On this day in 1967, the Montery Pop Festival opened in Monterey, California, and landed a place in music history. To relive the sights and sounds, check out the Monterey Pop Festival site.


    Holidays and more

    • Former boxer Roberto Duran is 46.

    • Actress Laurie Metcalf is 42.

    • Writer Joyce Carol Oates is 59.

    • Author Erich Segal is 60.

    • Actress Joan Van Ark is 54.


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