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Thursday, May 22, 1997

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  • "I was thrown against the floor in kind of a tornado-like rush. When I was able to stand up, all the girls that were in my office with me had totally disappeared with the six floors above us on top of them. I never saw them again."

    -- Florence Rogers, Oklahoma City bombing survivor

    Today's events

  • The International Coffee Organization holds a two-day council meeting in London.

  • An estimated 5,000 athletes are expected to begin participating in the Senior Olympics in Tucson, Arizona.

  • The World Economic Forum is scheduled to hold a Southern African Summit in Zimbabwe.

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    On the horizon

  • On Friday, May 23, presidential elections are to be held in Iran to elect a successor to President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani.

  • On Saturday, May 24, Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori is scheduled to visit Dhaka.

  • On Sunday, May 25, the first round of French elections are scheduled to begin.

  • On Monday, May 26, a preliminary hearing begins at the U.N. Tribunal for former Yugoslavia of the appeal by Drazen Erdemovic against a 10-year jail sentence for crimes against humanity.

  • On Tuesday, May 27, the 9th annual National Geography Bee is scheduled to begin in Washington.

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    On this day

  • In 1455, the opening battle in England's 30-year War of the Roses took place at St. Albans, when the Lancastrians defeated the Yorkists.

  • In 1629, the Peace of Luebeck was signed, ending hostilities between the Holy Roman Empire and Denmark.

  • In 1897, the Blackwall Tunnel under the River Thames was opened by the Prince and Princess of Wales.

  • In 1908, in the U.S. the Wright Brothers patented their flying machine.

  • In 1915, the worst train disaster in Britain took place when a troop train collided with a passenger train at Gretna Green, Scotland, killing 227.

  • In 1943, the Third Communist International, known as COMINTERM, was dissolved by the Soviet Union in a gesture to the West.

  • In 1945, U.S. troops captured Yonabaro on Okinawa island, Japan.

  • In 1967, fire at the Brussels department store "L'Innovation" killed more than 320 people.

  • In 1969, the Apollo 10 lunar module Snoopy came within 9.4 miles of the Moon's surface.

  • In 1972, President Nixon arrived in Moscow on a week's visit - the first U.S. president to visit the Soviet Union.

  • In 1972, Ceylon became a republic within the Commonwealth under the name of Sri Lanka.

  • In 1979, in Canada, the 11-year premiership of Pierre Trudeau ended when the Liberal Party were defeated in a general election by the Progressive Conservative Party led by Joe Clark.

  • In 1981, in Britain, Peter Sutcliffe (the Yorkshire Ripper) was jailed for life after being convicted of 13 counts of murder.

  • In 1989, Soviet authorities announced curbs on the number of staff at the British embassy and other institutions in Moscow, from 375 to 205.

  • In 1990, former Marxist South Yemen and conservative North Yemen merged into one state.

  • In 1994, Rwandan rebels seized the key government army barracks in Kigali, removing the biggest obstacle in their drive to capture the capital.

  • In 1996, Japan settled lawsuits which bought to an end the mercury poisoning case called Minamata, named after the village where hundreds died between 1953-60 by eating mercury-tainted seafood.

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    The NCAA Women's College Softball World Series starts today at the Oklahoma City Amateur Softball Hall of Fame stadium. To keep up with all the action, click here.


    Holidays and more

  • Today is Waisak Day in Indonesia.

  • Today is Immigrant's Day in Canada.

  • It's a National Day in Yemen.

  • Actor Richard Benjamin is 59.

  • Actor Frank Converse is 59.

  • Actress Barbara Parkins is 54.

  • Actor Michael Sarrazin is 57,

  • Actress Susan Strasberg is 59.

  • Actor Paul Winfield is 57.

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