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Sunday, May 18, 1997

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  • "I am happy, very happy to succeed."

    -- --Zaire's Laurent Kabila

    Today's events

  • The Hong Kong pro-democracy and pro-dissident movement stages a kite-flying event in remembrance of the crushed Chinese pro-democracy movement.

  • South Korea's Foreign Minister Yoo Chong-ha it tentatively scheduled to visit China.

  • Yemen's newly-elected parliament, elected April 27 in the first general elections since the 1994 civil war, holds its first session.

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    On the horizon

  • On Monday, May 19, Attorney General Janet Reno is scheduled to deliver the commencement address at Boston College.

  • On Tuesday, May 20, the auction house Christie's holds its Spring jewelry auction in Geneva.

  • On Wednesday, May 21, Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber sells his wine collection of 18,000 bottles at auction in London. Said by Sotheby's to be "undoubtedly the greatest single wine collection ever to appear at auction," the sale is expected to fetch more than $3.3 million.

  • On Thursday, May 22, the International Coffee Organization (ICO) holds a two-day council meeting in London.

  • On Friday, May 23, presidential elections are to be held in Iran to elect a successor to President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani.

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    On this day

  • In 1152, Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine, two months after her divorce from King Louis VII of France, married Henry Plantagenet (later Henry II of England) at Poitiers in France.

  • In 1291, the Sultan of Egypt and his son Ashraf took the last Christian stronghold of Acre which broke the hold of Christians in the Holy Land.

  • In 1412, by the treaty of Eltham, Henry IV of England allied himself with the Armagnacs with the help of the Duke of Orleans and thus abandoned the Duke of Burgundy.

  • In 1803, Britain declared war on France after Napoleon Bonaparte continued his interference in Italy and Switzerland.

  • In 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte was proclaimed emperor of France. He was crowned on December 2.

  • In 1944, Allied troops, led by the Polish army, finally won the battle to evict German troops from Monte Cassino, Italy.

  • In 1954, the European Convention on Human Rights came into force.

  • In 1969, the U.S spacecraft Apollo 10 was launched on a mission to rehearse for a moon landing.

  • In 1974, India became a nuclear power when its first bomb was successfully exploded in the Rajasthan Desert.

  • In 1980, the eruption of Mount St Helens volcano in Washington state, began. A cloud of ash 2,500 miles long and 1,000 miles wide was created.

  • In 1990, the two Germanys signed a monetary union treaty, the first step on the road to unification.

  • In 1993, the Danish people voted in favor of ratifying the Maastricht Treaty in a referendum. They had rejected it in a previous vote in June 1992.

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    Reggie Jackson turns 51 today, a time to reflect on Mr. October's Hall of Fame achievements. Not everyone, however, can remember the legendary Yankee clearly. For those sad few, there is the National Baseball Hall of Fame home page.


    Holidays and more

  • Estonia observes Whit Sunday.

  • Haiti celebrates Flag Day.

  • Uruguay remembers the Las Piedras Battle.

  • Singer Perry Como is 85.

  • Baseball Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson is 51.

  • Actor Robert Morse is 66.

  • Tennis player Yannick Noah is 37.

  • Pope John Paul II is 77.

  • Actor Pernell Roberts is 69.

  • Actor James Stephens is 46.

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