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Tuesday, April 29, 1997

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  • "We do not yet know how many lives have been lost through exhaustion, war or outright killing,"

    -- Sadako Ogata, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

    Today's events

  • The official campaign period begins for Indonesian general elections.

  • The European Union foreign ministers are scheduled to meet in Luxembourg.

  • Arab ministers are scheduled to discuss water use and conservation in Cairo.

  • Pete Peterson, the new ambassador to Vietnam, is scheduled to be sworn in.

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    On the horizon

  • On Wednesday, April 30, French Foreign Minister Herve de Charette visits Washington.

  • On Thursday, May 1, British general elections are held, as well as English local elections.

  • On Friday, May 2, the National Rifle Association opens its annual convention in Seattle.

  • On Saturday, May 3, Ireland is scheduled to host its 1997 Eurovision Song Contest.

  • On Sunday, May 4, U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is scheduled to visit a guerrilla demobilization camp in Guatemala City as part of the ongoing peace process there.

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    On this day

  • In 1429, Joan of Arc entered Orleans with supplies seven months into the siege of the city in the Hundred Years War; the siege was lifted a week later.

  • In 1913, the improved version of the zipper was patented by Swedish engineer Gideon Sundback as a "separable fastener."

  • In 1942, the Japanese army captured the town of Lashio, cutting off the Burma Road between China and India.

  • In 1945, the terms of surrender of the German armies in Italy were signed; Venice and Mestre were captured by the Allies; in Berlin, Adolf Hitler married Eva Braun, but also made his will naming Admiral Doenitz as his successor; American forces liberated the Dachau concentration camp.

  • In 1965, the Australian government announced it had decided to send troops to Vietnam.

  • In 1965, Malta became the 18th member of the Council of Europe.

  • In 1972, in Burundi, the deposed King Ntare V was killed in an abortive coup.

  • In 1979, Jaime Roldos of the Concentration of Popular Forces party was elected president of Ecuador.

  • In 1981, in England, Peter Sutcliffe admitted he was the Yorkshire Ripper, murderer of 13 women.

  • In 1981, in a whites-only election, the National Party was returned to power in South Africa but with a reduced majority.

  • In 1989, 14 Liverpool football supporters were sentenced to jail terms for their part in the 1985 Heysel stadium tragedy in Belgium.

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    Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is 43 today! Whether you're a rabid fan or an occasional watcher of his hit TV show, try out your knowledge of Seinfeld trivia by clicking here.


    Holidays and more

  • Today is Cyprus in Easter Tuesday.

  • It's Greenery Day in Japan.

  • Today is the Birthday of the Sultan in Malaysia.

  • It's Carnival in the Netherlands Antilles.

  • Tennis player Andre Agassi is 27.

  • Actor Daniel Day-Lewis is 40.

  • Editor Robert Gottlieb is 66.

  • Actress Celeste Holm is 78.

  • Actress Kate Mulgrew is 42.

  • Actress Michelle Pfeiffer is 39.

  • Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is 43.

  • Actress Uma Thurman is 27.

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